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1UP Floors

1UP Floors

PO Box 2044
Sumner, WA 98390
(253) 292-6775 x 1
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Company Overview

1UP Floors is changing what you expect from a flooring company. We find the best flooring products out there, stuff that's built right, marketed honestly and designed to last. We make ordering easy, installation reliable, and billing surprise free. Bottom line, we make the Multi-Family Floor business the way it should, priced fair, done right, and honest.

Special Offers

Free Mega Odor Seal - $280 Value
Offset those WMFHA dues with a free Mega Odor Seal! Just to show you that membership really does have it's privileges, all WMFHA member properties get one free Mega Odor Seal per calendar year from 1UP Floors, It's worth up to $280! What's a Mega Odor Seal? - It's the super-est pet seal available. We use ONLY Killz Original to encapsulate all the yucky stuff trapped in your sub-floor, effectively erasing the sins of the previous resident or their pet. What are the restrictions? -There aren't any...pretty cool huh. Just tell us you want your "WMFHA Free Mega" before we actually do it. How do I get it? -Call 1UP Floors and tell them you want one. (253)292-6775 Ext 1
Kenneth Baff
Kenneth Baff WMFHA Board of Directors, VP of Supplier Council Co-Founder
Andy Nelson
Andy Nelson Service Ninja
Charles Moore
Charles Moore Customer Service Samurai
Katie Phelan
Katie Phelan CAS Super Service Ninja
Ken Schaff Service Ninja
 WMFHA Logo Supplier Member

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