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Jodi Stach

Director of Business Development - Northwest CheckpointID

Professional Bio

Jodi has been in the industry for many years, starting out as a Leasing Agent in the Chicagoland area at a 1,1158 unit building, which she refers to the experience as "leasing bootcamp". When she moved back to Seattle, she continued her career on-site and was Leasing & Marketing DIrector for a 856 unit building in Kent (when Chandlers Bay and Jonathan's Landing were one property). From there she ventured into the vendor world, and worked for the start up - Rent.Net - back in the early days of the internet, and helped introduce internet advertising to the Northwest! From there she went to work for to continue her diligent work in internet advertising. She was recruited by the NW Regional President of PInnacle Living to come work on his team as the Regional Training Director, where she worked for about 5 years. From there she rolled back into the vendor industry and went back to work for where she was on the leader board as top salesperson for over 2 consecutive years. Jodi is passionate about this industry and feels that she has a very unique viewpoint of this industry, as she has worked in so many different facets and she says it helps her identify with her clients, no matter what position they may hold. She currently is working for another start-up in the industry with CheckpointID, and is very excited to introduce this new leasing concept and software to the Northwest to help Property Managers and Owners reduce rental fraud and protect their assets!

Parent Company

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(206) 679-3242
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