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Piskel Yahne Kovarik PLLC

522 W Riverside Ave Ste 700
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 638-3721
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The Mayo Law Group PLLC has successfully represented many residential and commercial landlords in and out of court related to the following issues: Negotiating residential and commercial lease agreements, including triple-net commercial leases with anchor tenants; Security deposit disputes; Fair housing and discrimination; Reasonable accommodations and modifications; Unlawful detainers (commercial and residential); Any financial or personal injuries arising by virtue of the landlord-tenant relationship or residential lease agreement; and Much more. We routinely represent residential owners and property management companies in the following areas: Negotiating management agreements; Drafting residential and commercial lease agreements; Prosecuting unlawful detainers; Handling internal and external disputes; Top-to-bottom, tactful determinations of reasonableness of modification or accommodation requests; Defending lawsuits in all areas of law, including discrimination claims; Negotiating vendor contracts; Ensuring legal compliance; and Much more.
Mack Mayo Lawyer
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