National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP)

National credential for leasing professionals!

Earn your credentials and increase your leasing skills! Whether you are a new or an experienced leasing consultant, you can improve your leasing presentation, the ability to overcome objections, closing ratios, and overall resident retention.

Coming in 2021!


Early Bird: Member - $399    Future Member - $450
Regular: Member - $450    Future Member - $500
Late: Member - $495    Future Member - $550

Technical Courses

  • Day 1 -  Bringing in New Residents; Marketing & Maintaining Your Community; and Why Your Competition Matters
  • Day 2 - Relevant Laws and How to Apply Them; The Relationship Sales Process
  • Day 3 - Effectively Meeting the Needs of Current Residents; The Market Survey
  • Day 4 - Market Survey Presentation (1 hour)

See results immediately!

In a recent survey, supervisors who enrolled their employees in NALP indicated that they saw the following performance improvements:

  • 81% improvement in closing ratios
  • 54% improvement in ability to overcome objections
  • 54% improvement in resident retention

To obtain the NALP credential, candidates must complete the following:

  • Minimum of six months of onsite property management experience in a leasing role (This can be obtained while taking the course; you will receive a provisional certificate until this requirement is met.)
  • Successful completion of seven NALP courses including completing the Market Survey presentation (totaling 25 hours)
  • Meet all examination standards within 12 months of declaring candidacy