Seattle's Rental Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance

Find out here when your property is required to renew its rental registration

Rental Regristration Renewal

As a part of the 2018 Citybudget, the Seattle City Council passed an ordinance amending the Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance (RRIO) fees and renewal schedule.  Beginning in April 2019, some multifamily properties will need to renew their RRIO license.  You can read more about the proposal and ordinance in our blog here.  

**Note that initial rental registration licenses began in April 2014 and expire after five (5) years.  

Search this database to determine when your RRIO renewal is due.  

How to search this database: 

  1. Click the arrow in the "Property Address" cell.
  2. Choose "Text filters" and choose "Contains" from the drop down list.
  3. Enter the street address of your property and press enter.  
  4. Confirm the address of your property and your property's RRIO renewal date.

If you cannot find your property's renewal date, it is likely your property did not register in 2014, and your renewal will come at a later date.  If your property was built after 2014, the renewal date will occur five years after you the property was built and the property obtained the RRIO registration.  Follow this link and enter your property address and look for "Rental Property Registration" in the list of permits, complaints, etc. To determine your renewal date,  add five (5) years to the date of the "Rental Property Registration."  

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