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Apartment Advantage Staffing

Apartment Advantage Staffing

PO Box 53185
Bellevue, WA 98015
(425) 456-3663
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Company Overview

Apartment Advantage Staffing is the Pacific Northwest's premier full-service temporary apartment staffing resource with offices serving the greater Seattle/Tacoma and Portland/Vancouver areas. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the highest standard of excellence by providing outstanding, well-trained temporary, and permanent staff.

Special Offers

Essential Office, Maintenance, and Janitorial Staffing Available
Apartment Advantage Staffing is an Essential Business based on the support services we provide to our clients and customers regarding shelter, maintenance, and janitorial services. To ensure all employees can confidently return to work and be readily available to cover assignments for clients, we have added COVID-19 specific training courses to their training plans via Grace Hill. We have also put together Personal Protective Equipment Kits, so they are prepared. We know that many of our clients may ask our agents to wear a face mask or will want them to have a hand sanitizer to use. To make sure our agents are ready when these requests come up, each of the PPE Kits will contain the following: Hand Sanitizer, Disposable Face Masks, Reusable/Washable Cloth Face Mask, and Shoe Covers.
Heather Edwards
Heather Edwards CAS Marketing & Training Director
Becki Beusch
Becki Beusch President
Emily Bryant
Emily Bryant Recruiting & Scheduling Manager
Liz Barnes
Liz Barnes Vice President
 WMFHA Logo Supplier Member

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