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As the founder of Renturis, Jon has worked for over 15 years in insurance and commercial real estate. He formed Renturis to address the many needs of owners and management companies of multifamily properties by bringing together multiple risk and asset management programs under one roof. What separates Renturis from others in our field is all of our services were created from the ground up directly with our program underwriters and partners specifically for the multifamily industry. Through this system we have been able to create unparalleled pricing, coverage, and features unique to our programs which are unmatched in the multifamily field. By creating a platform of these proprietary services under Renturis, we are able to offer customized solutions that no other single risk management firm or insurance broker in the nation has access to. When not in the office Jon enjoys traveling, golf, and spending time at Priest Lake with his wife and three rescue dogs.

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Parent: Renturis

2910 57th Ave E Ste 125 Spokane, WA 99223

(866) 206-6255

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