Day on the Hill

WMFHA's annual Day on the Hill is your chance to speak directly with your elected officials to make your voice heard. Hearing directly from the people that are most affected by their decisions has a real impact on the way many of these officials vote and the time you spend with them can pay enormous dividends down the line. The lawmakers that make policy decisions on your behalf want to meet directly with you, their constituents, and there is no better opportunity than in Olympia where decisions are made.  Not only do we book you individual appointments with your representatives, but we also involve elected officials in a housing decision group discussion during the course of the day to discuss strategy with our members.

Coming to Olympia is your chance to gain an advantage, and take action with the collective goal of improving the quality and quantity of rental housing in Washington state. It's a 100% on-campus experience for you to meet, interact and lobby members of the legislature, without having to leave the Capitol campus. Learn about how laws are made, what laws are being considered by policymakers to change the way you do business, and how you can impact change on these laws. 

Gather. Network. Learn the issues. Lobby. Help rental housing succeed.

Participate and be active and influential in helping shape legislation that impacts our industry locally and nationally!