Preserving and advancing multi-family housing through political advocacy

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What Is The WMFHA PAC and What Does It Do For WMFHA Members and the Industry?

The Washington Multi-Family Housing Association’s Political Action Committee is an essential arm of WMFHA’s government affairs program. WMFHA members contribute to the PAC, and the PAC in turn contributes to legislative candidates who are open to the apartment industry’s views on political issues crucial to our members, their employees and the multifamily housing industry at large.

The PAC supports pro-apartment state and local candidates who understand the needs and concerns of the multifamily industry and works to educate lawmakers on our issues. Collectively, our members have a stronger voice on legal and legislative matters when we can show that we are a large organization with a consistent, powerful message.

What Does the WMFHA PAC Do and Why Does It Matter?

The WMFHA PAC gives the industry …

  • Access. The WMFHA PAC is our vehicle to support candidates who understand our industry, our member’s needs and have demonstrated that they are willing to learn about our goals and objectives. Access allows us the opportunity to state our case to a lawmaker who is willing to listen to our views before voting on issues that impact our members.
  • Credibility. The WMFHA PAC gives our profession and our members political credibility. Lawmakers are held accountable for their votes and the WMFHA PAC is our way to either support them on election day or support their opponents. We continuously raise money for our Political Action Committee and annually evaluate political candidates to whose campaigns we wish to contribute and lend the endorsement of our membership.
  • Success. Growing our influence in Olympia does not happen easily. It is an ongoing and long term process that only succeeds as more and more WMFHA members participate. Our member’s involvement makes the WMFHA PAC grow in strength.


WMFHA PAC Contributors

Thanks to all of our members who supported the WMFHA PAC in 2017.  Your support matters.  Our industry is stronger because of you!

These are the top 10 WMFHA members who made contributions to the WMFHA PAC in 2017.  

  1. Equity Residential
  2. Greystar Management
  3. Essex Property Trust
  4. Pinnacle Living
  5. Thrive Communities
  6. Avenue5 Residential
  7. Epic Asset Management
  8. Goodman Real Estate
  9. FPI Management
  10. Security Properties Residential

For more information on how you can contribute to the PAC, please call 425-656-9077.