WMFHA Political Action Committee

What is the WMFHA PAC?

Our Political Action Committee (PAC) is a platform for political fundraising.  WMFHA Members can elect to contribute to the PAC. These funds help create and maintain relationships with elected leaders and candidates who are friendly to multifamily issues. With damaging legislation on the rise, it is more important than ever to stay involved!

By participating in races across the state, WMFHA can continue to be a policy leader with a seat at every table, both locally and statewide. 

Unlike many PACs, we are non-partisan. Which means, we don't support republicans or democrats, we support champions of the industry.


Can't give to a PAC? Give to the Better Government Fund (BGF) 

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For more information about the PAC or the Better Government Fund, please e-mail Carter Nelson, Public Affairs Manager, at carter@wmfha.org.