2024 Candidate Endorsements

Endorsements are listed by jurisdiction. (i) indicates an incumbent.

Governor - Mark Mullet
Senator Mullett earned the support of the multi-family development and property management industry because of his consistent and unwavering support for our industry, housing development and property management, and his pragmatic approach to finding solutions for Washington’s housing crisis.

As a Washington State Senator, Mullet has led the effort to have a balanced approach between the needs of tenants and the needs of housing providers.  Mark created the Landlord Mitigation Fund in the Department of Commerce, and played a leading role in phasing out the eviction moratorium during the 2022 Legislative session.  Mark has also been the champion in Olympia when it comes to explaining why rent control legislation leads to less housing and is not the solution to our affordability challenge.  

Mark’s candidacy is a real opportunity to impact meaningful change in Olympia for the next decade. New, collaborative leadership in the Governor’s office would mean a reset of industry relationships with Department of Revenue, Department of Commerce, Labor and Industries, etc.“Tenant protections do not get to the root cause of housing insecurity, which is a lack of available housing. We need more housing in our community, and increasing tenant protections, while it may help who are currently in homes for the short term, it will not help the countless people in need of housing. I think our efforts should be focused on creating more housing in our region."

Position 3 - Chris Van Vecten
Chris Van Vechten is the pro-business candidate and the obvious choice for this seat.
“I am concerned that the more regulations that are placed on landlords, the more landlords will get out of this business and those that remain may be less flexible, charitable or understanding. I also believe the more complicated regulations are, the more likely LLs will need to hire guys like me to manage their properties and that will result in more costs being pushed onto the tenant.”
His opponent is working with Tacoma for all and is actively promoting Measure 1 which, if passed, will be devastating for housing providers.
Position 7 - Kristen Wynne
Kristen Wynne is the pro-business candidate and the obvious choice for this seat.
“While I support finding solutions to provide more affordable housing, my concern with mandatory inclusionary zoning policies is that they can have the unintended consequence of preventing the development of desperately needed housing altogether. It is my understanding that there are properties in Tacoma that are sitting undeveloped because of mandatory inclusionary zoning requirements that make it unaffordable to develop the property, given market factors.” 
Her opponent supports Measure 1,which, if passed, will be devastating for housing providers.

 You are encouraged to research these candidates and vote for them by returning your mail in ballot by November 7th.