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Organization Overview

Global Verification Network (GVN) provides custom screening solutions which helps organizations mitigate risk. While focused on sound investigative methodologies, GVN is also attuned to the unique business requirements of its customers and strives to achieve cost efficiencies which enable its clients to deploy effective and fully compliant screening programs. Global Verification Network was born at the crossroads where fiscal responsibility and expert due diligence meet sound investigative principles and peerless customer service. Formerly known as RedRidge Verification Services, Global Verification Network represents the next step in our evolution from de novo startup to mature, service focused international business.

In addition to employment and tenant screening, GVN provides expert due diligence for institutions seeking to gain valuable insights on particular individuals or entities. Typically these investigative assignments are digital in nature and are focused on key individuals or influencers within an organization. Global Verification Network is an expert in providing rigorous background screening for companies who are engaged in social commerce, particularly in the peer-to-peer space. Our offerings combine the right products, processes, and people into a scalable, revenue enhancing service offering which protects the bottom line.
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Megan McCormick

Vice President of Marketing

Melissa Serrano


Areas of Expertise

Resident Screening/Employee Screening