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6 Feet Apart: Updates on Washington's Eviction Moratorium

6 Feet Apart: Updates on Washington's Eviction Moratorium

Information. Motivation. Connection.

Friday, June 5, 2020
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (PDT)

Zoom Webinar

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WMFHA's new webinar!

These free sessions are designed to keep you informed, motivated and connected - from a safe distance!

Answering your questions about updates to Washington's eviction moratorium. Please submit your questions ahead of time at the link below.

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Thank you for joining us!

Albree Hebert
Albree Hebert Regional Director Pinnacle
Alex Perez
Alex Perez Business Manager Uptown Kirkland Urban
Allison Cafaro
Allison Cafaro Regional Property Manager Pinnacle
Amanda Gunn
Amanda Gunn Regional Manager Rockwood Property Management
Amanda Kolassa
Amanda Kolassa Community Director Montgomery Court
Amber Gordon
Amber Gordon Property Manager Coast Property Management
Amy Brickey
Amy Brickey HR Manager Hokold Development LLC
Amy Curtis
Amy Curtis Investment Manager Indigo Real Estate Services
Andrew Hermer
Andrew Hermer EVP of Operations Epic Asset Management, Inc
Andrew Kiepprien
Andrew Kiepprien Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Anne Rodriguez
Anne Rodriguez Barkley Apartments
April Syria
April Syria Executive Vice President Thrive Communities
Ashley  Olin
Ashley Olin Accounting Manager Premier Residential
Ashley Mackey
Ashley Mackey Community Manager Pinnacle
Audrey Riddle
Audrey Riddle IMPACT Program Ambassador Goodman Real Estate
Barb Schroeder
Barb Schroeder Director of Multifamily Department Kiemle Hagood
Becca Grady
Becca Grady Portfolio Manager Bradford Way Properties
Becki Rabe
Becki Rabe Regional Property Manager GRAN, Inc
Bevin Hays
Bevin Hays Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Brad  Wolf
Brad Wolf Regional Manager Coast Property Management
Brad Kotlar
Brad Kotlar Community Manager Bradford Way Properties
Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas Area Leasing & Marketing Manager Bridges at 11th
Brandy Hinton
Brandy Hinton Area Manager Guardian Management
Brandy Ramsey
Brandy Ramsey Regional Manager Pinnacle
Brenda  Johnson
Brenda Johnson Real Estate Controller Centennial Real Estate Investments
Brenda Hardison
Brenda Hardison Regional Operations Manager Guardian Management
Brendan Byrne
Brendan Byrne Regional Manager Blanton Turner
Brian Theriault
Brian Theriault Community Manager Villages at South Station
Briana Shaeffer
Briana Shaeffer The Sherwin Williams Co.
Bridget Horrigan
Bridget Horrigan Alpine Ridge - Heritage Park
Brittany Fortman
Brittany Fortman Property Manager Regency Apartments
Brooke Araghi
Brooke Araghi Assistant Property Manager Avaya at Town Center
Carrie Wessling
Carrie Wessling Property Manager Silver Oak
Cassandra Haavisto
Cassandra Haavisto Principal Northwest Select Real Estate Services
Chantel Emery
Chantel Emery VP of Operations and Human Resources Insite Property Solutions
Christina  Ingersoll
Christina Ingersoll Regional; Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Christina Adams
Christina Adams Portfolio Manager Coast Property Management
Christina Chisholm
Christina Chisholm Regional Manager Pinnacle
Christina Dobler
Christina Dobler Dobler Management
Christy Broyles
Christy Broyles Regional Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Christyn Castaneda
Christyn Castaneda Asset Manager Ethos Community
Colin Webb
Colin Webb Property Manager CentrePointe Greens
Cory Brewer
Cory Brewer General Manager WPM Lori Gill &Associates
David Ostrer
David Ostrer Regional Property Manager Pinnacle
Dawn Hefley
Dawn Hefley Community Manager Ivy Ridge Apartments
Dayna Lamb
Dayna Lamb Senior Vice President Coast Property Management
Deanna Jones
Deanna Jones Olympia Wilderness
Debbie Green
Debbie Green Property Manager Chandlers Bay
Debra Holeman
Debra Holeman Community Manager Brandenwood
Debra Raglund
Debra Raglund Portfolio Manager HNN Associates, LLC
Demica Linsten
Demica Linsten General Manager Two Lincoln Tower
Dezeri Hillaby
Dezeri Hillaby Community Manager Merrill Creek
Diana Norbury
Diana Norbury SVP of Multifamily Operations Pillar Properties
DJ Henn
DJ Henn CEO/Designated Broker Rent Ready Property Management, LLC
Dora Berger
Dora Berger Regional Property Manager Greystar
Elisha Davis
Elisha Davis Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Emily Foster
Emily Foster Regional Property Manager Avanath Realty
Emily Martens
Emily Martens Community Manager Vasa Creek Woods
Emily Schmitz Dabney
Emily Schmitz Dabney Admin Assistant Holland Residential
Emma Hamilton
Emma Hamilton Regional Manager Peak Living LLC
Eric Brett
Eric Brett Operations Manager - Via6 Greystar
Gabrielle Diaz
Gabrielle Diaz Property Manager The Maverick
Georgina Bockel
Georgina Bockel NAtional Sales Manager Conservice
Gosia Holcomb
Gosia Holcomb Senior Regional Property Manager Pinnacle
Gracie Eusebio
Gracie Eusebio Regional Manager Su Development
Heidi Anderson
Heidi Anderson Dir of Community Engagement and Partnership Mgr HNN Associates, LLC
Jacky Nelson
Jacky Nelson Portfolio Manager edison47
Jamie Beatty
Jamie Beatty Community Manager Bell Marymoor Park
Jamie Toppen
Jamie Toppen Regional Manager Spruce
Jan  La Due
Jan La Due Regional Manager Coast Property Management
Jan Wieder
Jan Wieder Designated Broker Powell Property Management
Janay Johnston
Janay Johnston Community Manager Vue 25
Jason Cott
Jason Cott 4 Degrees
Jason Loughridge
Jason Loughridge Training and Development Specialst GRE Management
Jason Mueller
Jason Mueller Property Manager Lawton Park
Jaymie Barth
Jaymie Barth Community Manager Carriage House Apts
Jeff Carey
Jeff Carey Dobler Management
Jen Santiago
Jen Santiago Asset Manager Palladium Real Estate Services
Jenna Niles
Jenna Niles Serrano Apartment Homes
Jennifer Branham
Jennifer Branham Vice President Coast Property Management
Jessica Hart
Jessica Hart Director of Training Allied Residential
Jessica Skain
Jessica Skain Regional Manager Coast Property Management
Jim Wiard
Jim Wiard Executive Director WMFHA
Joanne Mendenhall
Joanne Mendenhall Director of Employee Engagement edison47
Jodi Stach
Jodi Stach Director of Business Development - Northwest CheckpointID
John McGuire
John McGuire Asset Manager GreenHouse Apartments
John Stoner
John Stoner Principal Pacific Crest Real Estate, LLC
Josh Wilhelm
Josh Wilhelm Development Director Rudeen Management
Joyce Willard
Joyce Willard Morning Run Apts
Kaeli Pugsley
Kaeli Pugsley Community Manager Citizen and Oake
Kandie Fitzpatrick
Kandie Fitzpatrick Community Manager Freedom's Path at Vancouver
Karolina Simons
Karolina Simons Director of Residential Services Blanton Turner
Karyn Grindstaff
Karyn Grindstaff Director, Real Estate Greystar Real Estate Services
Katie Crothers
Katie Crothers Property Manager Windsor Crossing
Katie Neely
Katie Neely Regional Manager Alliance Residential
Kayla Stevens
Kayla Stevens District Manager Hunters Capital
Kayla Wilson
Kayla Wilson Regional Manager Coast Property Management
Keith Ponis
Keith Ponis Community Manager McKenzie
Ken Gattenio
Ken Gattenio Owner Castle Real Estate
Kerry Croston
Kerry Croston Community Manager Deer Creek Apartments
Kiara Deas
Kiara Deas Assistant Community Manager First Pointe Management Group
Kim Huizenga
Kim Huizenga Director of Property Management Landmark Real Estate Management
Kim Sample
Kim Sample President Black Realty Management, Inc.
Kimberly Alsept
Kimberly Alsept Assistant Community Manager Silver Springs
Kimberly Davis
Kimberly Davis Senior Compliance Specialist HNN Associates, LLC
Kimberly Weiss
Kimberly Weiss Regional Director Westdale Asset Management
Kiril Urekeanu
Kiril Urekeanu Assistant Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Kris Buker
Kris Buker Regional Director Bell Partners
Krystle Stover
Krystle Stover Assistant Regional Manager Cobble Court
Kylee Lindsey
Kylee Lindsey Community Manager 4 Degrees
Lacy Devela
Lacy Devela Senior Director FPI Management
LaDon Beck
LaDon Beck Indigo Real Estate Services
Laura McGuire
Laura McGuire Asset Manager First Pointe Management Group
Laura Parada
Laura Parada Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Lesley McCullar
Lesley McCullar Sr. Regional Manager Coast Property Management
Leslie Orcullo
Leslie Orcullo Community Manager Rubix Apartments
Lexi Furnish
Lexi Furnish Community Director Bitterroot Lodge
Lindsey Chukueke
Lindsey Chukueke Regional Property Manager Via6
Lynette Hovland
Lynette Hovland Community Manager Aspira
Maleah Galyon
Maleah Galyon Woodspear Properties
Malli Maurer
Malli Maurer Operations Manager Griffis Lake Washington
Mandi Hansen
Mandi Hansen Community Manager Lodge at Peasley Canyon
Marc Ward
Marc Ward Landlord Liaison Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest
Marcus Tabert
Marcus Tabert Director of Business Development Greystar Real Estate Services
Marcus Thompson
Marcus Thompson Executive Portfolio Manager FPI Management
Maria Maritinez
Maria Maritinez Property Manager Rudeen Management
Marion Durand
Marion Durand Director of Risk Management Security Properties Residential
Marni Pierce
Marni Pierce director Greystar Real Estate Services
Mary Bauder
Mary Bauder Community Manager Ultris Madison
Maryanna Hedge
Maryanna Hedge Business Manager The Grand on Broadway
Melissa Downs
Melissa Downs Director of Special Projects Essex Property Trust
Melissa Meloni
Melissa Meloni Regional Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Melonie Shamley
Melonie Shamley Director, Real Estate Greystar Real Estate Services
Michelle Acton-McArdle
Michelle Acton-McArdle Property Manager DGE Investments
Michelle Saab
Michelle Saab Management The Royce Group, Inc.
Michelle Turc
Michelle Turc Community Manager Circa Green Lake
Naeemah Ward
Naeemah Ward Brookhaven
Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin Asset Manager Olympic Management Co
Nicole Damm
Nicole Damm Asset Manager King County Housing Authority
Nicole Pettit
Nicole Pettit Multiple Community Manager 4 Degrees
Nicole Ziegler
Nicole Ziegler Regional Manager Canyon Bluffs
Noel  Valenzuela-Leon
Noel Valenzuela-Leon Community Manager Rudeen Management
Pam McKenna
Pam McKenna Managing Director Greystar Real Estate Services
Paulette Penhollow
Paulette Penhollow Indigo Real Estate
Peggy Walker
Peggy Walker Vice President Fore Property Company
Pete Chittenden
Pete Chittenden Chief Operating Officer DABCO Property Management LLC
Racha Smith
Racha Smith Sr. Leasing Agent Bitterroot Lodge
Raelyn Hawkins
Raelyn Hawkins Community Manager Stonemeadow Farms
Raylean Colyar
Raylean Colyar Community Manager Ultris Abbey Rowe
Rebecca Diaz
Rebecca Diaz Resident Relations Specialist HNN Associates, LLC
Rebecca Kline
Rebecca Kline Senior Director Greystar Real Estate Services
Renee Neumann
Renee Neumann Area Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Rheanna Hare
Rheanna Hare Assistant Community Manager Griffis Seattle South at Brookside
Robin Johnson
Robin Johnson Regional Manager Coast Property Management
Rocky Jeet
Rocky Jeet Regional Property Manager The Becket
Rosa Almeida
Rosa Almeida Director of Compliance HNN Associates, LLC
Rose Manos
Rose Manos Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
RoseMarie Peyton
RoseMarie Peyton Regional Manager Tarragon Property Services
Sandra Butler
Sandra Butler Community Manager Maple Crossing
Sandra Regmi
Sandra Regmi Community Manager Solara
Saniya Regmi
Saniya Regmi Overlook at Magnolia
Sara Tackett
Sara Tackett Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Sarah Hart
Sarah Hart Regional Manager Sares Regis Group
Sarah Rosenberger
Sarah Rosenberger Senior Community Manager SUHRCO Residential, LLC
Scott Tysseland
Scott Tysseland Senior Regional Manager Independent Living, Inc.
Shannon Hammond
Shannon Hammond Regional Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Shannon Mitchell
Shannon Mitchell Senior Area Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Shauna McAllister
Shauna McAllister Area Supervisor FPI MANAGEMENT
Shelby Sanders
Shelby Sanders Community Director Adagio
Shelly Bruce
Shelly Bruce Assistant Manager Guardian Management
Shelly Gil
Shelly Gil Regional Manager Woodspear Properties
Sheri Druckman
Sheri Druckman Vice President of Business Development Sares Regis Group
Sherilyn Butler
Sherilyn Butler Regional Property Manager Lincoln Property Company
Sherilyn Butler
Sherilyn Butler Regional Property Manager Parkside by Lincoln Property Company
Sidneigh Barks
Sidneigh Barks Assistant Property Manager Pillar Properties
Sonya Clemmen
Sonya Clemmen Community Manager Summit at Madison Park Apts
Stacey Darden
Stacey Darden DIrector, Property Operations New Standard Equities
Stephanie Fromont
Stephanie Fromont Regional Manager Coast Property Management
Stephanie Laeger
Stephanie Laeger Community Manager Park 120
Steven Sieske
Steven Sieske Community Manager Luna Apartments - Greystar
Susan Beech
Susan Beech Leasing Professional Solara
Susan Clausnitzer
Susan Clausnitzer Regional Director of Education ConAm Management
Susan Good
Susan Good Compliance Manager Thrive Communities
Susi Cazares
Susi Cazares Regional Manager Bentley Apartments
Sydney Parmalee
Sydney Parmalee Director FPI Management
Tammy Elder-Tucker
Tammy Elder-Tucker Community Manager Andante Apartments
Tatiana Strench
Tatiana Strench Area Manager The Village at Union Mills
Taylor Colvill
Taylor Colvill Community Manager Apex Apartments
Tena Howell
Tena Howell Community Director Houston House Apartments
Tim Braun
Tim Braun Executive Assistant DABCO Property Management LLC
Tina Christiansen
Tina Christiansen Principal Palladium Real Estate Services
Tina Langdon
Tina Langdon Portfolio Manager PNW FPI Management
Tisha Goodman
Tisha Goodman Regional Manager Rockwood Property Management
Tom Dodson
Tom Dodson edison47
Torri Magee
Torri Magee Director of Client Services Thrive Communities
Tracy Hayes
Tracy Hayes Property Manager Guardian Management
Vera Llorente
Vera Llorente Regional Portfolio Manager Security Properties Residential
Wesley Jones
Wesley Jones Managing Director Coast Property Management
Wini Leung
Wini Leung Senior Director, Property Management Operations LMC, A Lennar Company
26 Other Registered Attendees

Friday, June 5, 2020 Topic:

Updates to Washington's Eviction Moratorium


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