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6 Feet Apart: Washington's Eviction Moratorium (EaWA)

6 Feet Apart: Washington's Eviction Moratorium (EaWA)

Information. Motivation. Connection.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)

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WMFHA's new webinar!

These free sessions are designed to keep you informed, motivated and connected - from a safe distance!

Answering your questions about Washington's new eviction moratorium. Please submit your questions ahead of time at the link below.

SUbmit questions here

Thank you for joining us!

Amanda Gunn
Amanda Gunn Regional Manager Rockwood Property Management
Amanda Kolassa
Amanda Kolassa Community Director Montgomery Court
Amanda Wolf
Amanda Wolf Regional Director AMC, LLC
Amber Burgess
Amber Burgess Property Manager Rockwood Property Management
Amber Herman
Amber Herman Executive Administrative Assistant Landmark Real Estate Management
Amy Li
Amy Li Leasing Manager Ivy Ridge Apartments
Andrew Matusik
Andrew Matusik Property Manager Adirondack Lodge
Bill Prince
Bill Prince Sr. Director, Real Estate Greystar Real Estate Services
Brad  Wolf
Brad Wolf Regional Manager Coast Property Management
Brenda  Johnson
Brenda Johnson Real Estate Controller Centennial Real Estate Investments
Casie Wohali
Casie Wohali Regional Manager Whitewater Creek Inc
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown Area Maintenance Director Rockwood Lodge
Corey Branting
Corey Branting Maintenance Supervisor DABCO Property Management LLC
Dawn Hefley
Dawn Hefley Community Manager Ivy Ridge Apartments
Dayna Lamb
Dayna Lamb Senior Vice President Coast Property Management
Dorene Bowe
Dorene Bowe Manager Coventry Estates
Ernesto Torres
Ernesto Torres Community Manager Monterra
Evelyn Wilson
Evelyn Wilson Terrace Manor/HNN Communities
Heather Teston
Heather Teston Regional Portfolio Manager Highline at Kendall Yards
Isabelle Dean
Isabelle Dean Assistant Community Manager Montgomery Court
Jacquie Matson
Jacquie Matson Asset Manager Graf Investments
Jan  La Due
Jan La Due Regional Manager Coast Property Management
Jaymie Barth
Jaymie Barth Community Manager Carriage House Apts
Jessica Fowler
Jessica Fowler Multi Site Community Director Riverside 9
Jim Wiard
Jim Wiard Executive Director WMFHA
Jose Ibarra
Jose Ibarra Community Manager Novo Apartments
Josh Wilhelm
Josh Wilhelm Development Director Rudeen Management
Katie Crothers
Katie Crothers Property Manager Windsor Crossing
Kayla Wilson
Kayla Wilson Regional Manager Coast Property Management
Kelli Cousineau
Kelli Cousineau Community Manager The M Apartments
Kim Sample
Kim Sample President Black Realty Management, Inc.
Kris Buker
Kris Buker Regional Director Bell Partners
Kristi Wildung
Kristi Wildung Area Manager DABCO Property Management LLC
Lexi Furnish
Lexi Furnish Community Director Bitterroot Lodge
Maria Maritinez
Maria Maritinez Property Manager Rudeen Management
Maryann Prescott
Maryann Prescott Owner Whitewater Creek Inc
Melissa Gerard
Melissa Gerard Essex Property Trust
Michelle Acton-McArdle
Michelle Acton-McArdle Property Manager The Villages
Misty La Follett
Misty La Follett Area Manager DABCO Property Management LLC
Nicole Ziegler
Nicole Ziegler Regional Manager Canyon Bluffs
Olivia Gutierrez
Olivia Gutierrez Regional Manager Black Realty Management, Inc.
Patrick Markwell
Patrick Markwell Grounds Department Manager DABCO Property Management LLC
Pete Chittenden
Pete Chittenden Chief Operating Officer DABCO Property Management LLC
Rhonda Bunney
Rhonda Bunney Cleaning Department Manager DABCO Property Management LLC
Ryan Drake
Ryan Drake CFO Whitewater Creek Inc
Ryan Yetter
Ryan Yetter Associate Regional Manager Salnave Glen Apartments
Sara Tackett
Sara Tackett Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Stephanie Fromont
Stephanie Fromont Regional Manager Coast Property Management
Susi Cazares
Susi Cazares Regional Manager American Capital Realty Group
Taylor Bruzas
Taylor Bruzas Regional Property Manager Bella Tess
Taylor Reed
Taylor Reed Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Theresa Augenthaler
Theresa Augenthaler Portfolio Manager PTLA Real Estate Group
Theresa Patterson
Theresa Patterson Senior Leasing Consultant Windsor Crossing
Tim Braun
Tim Braun Executive Assistant DABCO Property Management LLC
Tisha Goodman
Tisha Goodman Regional Manager Rockwood Property Management
Wesley Jones
Wesley Jones Managing Director Coast Property Management
4 Other Registered Attendees

Tuesday, April 28, 2020 Topic:

Washington's Eviction Moratorium


Eric Steven, Steven Law Office