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5 Star Reviews - LIVE Instructor Led Webinar

5 Star Reviews - LIVE Instructor Led Webinar

Tuesday, August 22, 2023
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (PDT)

Zoom Webinar

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5 Star Reviews—Lia Nichole Smith, Satisfacts

Tuesday, August 22  at 9am

Everyone wants a "perfect" online reputation - but the truth is, renters won't believe it (even if it's true). Consumers require authenticity and transparency because they can spot a manufactured reputation a mile away. In this session, learn how to ignore the distractions and focus on the most important things that will propel your online presence to the next level!

Discussed in this session:

  • The delicate balance between perception and reality.
  • The most trusted sources for renters in search of a new home.
  • The online review practices considered deceptive by the FTC and how to avoid them.
  • A 90-day strategy for generating reviews from prospects, current residents and former residents.

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Jason Loughridge
Jason Loughridge
NAAEI Faculty Career Development Manager Washington Multi-Family Housing Association (253)487-8002


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