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Fair Housing Friday  -  Fair Housing and Hoarding

Fair Housing Friday - Fair Housing and Hoarding

Did you know hoarding is considered a mental health disorder?

Friday, March 25, 2022
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM (PDT)

Zoom Webinar

Event Details

Fair Housing and Hoarding 

Key Points:

  • In this Fair Housing Friday, we will explore the delicate nuances of dealing with residents who hoard. While hoarding presents health and safety challenges for the residents and staff, it is recognized as a mental health disorder and must be handled properly.

*Qualifies for 1 Continuing Education Credit (CEC)
for NAAEI Credential Holders (CAM, CAS, CAPS, CALP, AIME)

Alex Findlay
Alex Findlay Area Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Alexander Behar
Alexander Behar Regional Manager Coast Property Management
Alicia Gonzalez
Alicia Gonzalez Property Manager Carvel
Amanda Olsoy
Amanda Olsoy Assistant Manager Carvel
Amy Nation
Amy Nation Community Manager Grand View
Amy Towner
Amy Towner Property Manager Landmark Real Estate Management
Ashley Wik
Ashley Wik Community Manager Leilani on Greenwood
Autumn Mendoza
Autumn Mendoza Area Manager Courtyard 465
Bailey Corsi
Bailey Corsi Community Manager Lock Vista
Caitlin White
Caitlin White Senior Community Manager Central Park East
Cami Lawrence
Cami Lawrence Property Manager Landmark Real Estate Management
Carisa Kemper
Carisa Kemper Community Manager STAZIONE25
Carol Beck
Carol Beck Property Manager Palladium Real Estate Services
Cassandra King
Cassandra King Community Manager Trek
Cassandra Mitchell
Cassandra Mitchell Community Manager Carolina Court
Cindy Anthony
Cindy Anthony Community Manager Meridian Pointe Apartments
Debra Ragland
Debra Ragland Portfolio Manager HNN Communities
Dustin Pohll
Dustin Pohll Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Gil Schoonover
Gil Schoonover Community Manager Overlook at Westridge
Hailey Gorman
Hailey Gorman Executive Assistant Epic Asset Management, Inc
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith Property Manager Bella on Broadway
Issac Clifton
Issac Clifton Property Manager Rivet
Jamie Beatty
Jamie Beatty Community Manager Bell Marymoor Park
Jaymie Barth
Jaymie Barth Senior Community Manager Orion
Jenay Byrd
Jenay Byrd Community Manager Park in Bellevue
Jennifer Hansen
Jennifer Hansen District Manager Avenue5 Residential
Jennifer Phillips
Jennifer Phillips Area Manager Addison on Fourth
Jessica Park
Jessica Park Community Manager LeeAnn
Jose Ibarra
Jose Ibarra Community Manager Novo Apartments
Julianne Figliola
Julianne Figliola Regional Property Manager Avenue5 Residential
Julie Ryan
Julie Ryan Assistant Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Julie Strote
Julie Strote Senior Community Manager Callen
Justin Barta
Justin Barta Multi-Site Community Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Justine Markham
Justine Markham Community Manager Coast Property Management
Kimberly Morgan
Kimberly Morgan Property Manager Olympic Village Apartments
Kriste Buck
Kriste Buck Regional Manager The Edge
Kylie Pierce
Kylie Pierce Community Manager Cottonwood
Laurenna Plourd
Laurenna Plourd Community Manager MOD Apartments
Marc Larson
Marc Larson Asset Manager Palladium Real Estate Services
Megan Livingston
Megan Livingston Property Manager Epic Asset Management
Mel Barnes
Mel Barnes Community Manager Wilderness Village
Melissa Barbre
Melissa Barbre Community Manager Mitchell Place
Rachael Makings
Rachael Makings Community Manager Cove East
Rebecca Diaz
Rebecca Diaz Resident Relations Specialist HNN Communities
Schick Soto
Schick Soto Community Manager Epic Asset Management
Shannon Souza
Shannon Souza Community Manager Bracera Apartments
Shelley Scroggins
Shelley Scroggins Community Manager Madison Park
Sherilyn Butler
Sherilyn Butler Regional Property Manager Lincoln Property Company
Stephanie Mickelson
Stephanie Mickelson Community Manager DABCO Property Management LLC
Stephanie Stahl
Stephanie Stahl Director Of Human Resources Landmark Real Estate Management
Tina Christiansen
Tina Christiansen Principal Palladium Real Estate Services
Tom Colgate
Tom Colgate Property Manager The Blake
Tovah Hammer
Tovah Hammer Property Manager Highland Green
Valerie Hill
Valerie Hill Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Veronica Leinum
Veronica Leinum Property Manager Marquee Apartments
Wendy Espinoza
Wendy Espinoza Community Manager Hokold Development LLC
Wil'Lena Riney
Wil'Lena Riney General Manager Platinum Property Management and Sales
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Presenter: Laura McGuire, First Pointe Management Group