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Member Monday! - October

Member Monday! - October

Welcome aboard and learn how to get involved!

Monday, October 10, 2022
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (PDT)

Zoom Call

Event Details

Welcome to Washington Multi-Family Housing Association. Whether you are a new member, new company team member, or a member wanting to learn about why it is important to be engaged with your association, we are happy you are joining us!

In this video meeting, you'll meet some of your WMFHA team and members. We will cover member engagement, upcoming events, and educational offerings, and tips and tricks to make the most of your membership. 

We look forward to meeting with you!

Alfred Olsen
Alfred Olsen Community Manager Metropolitan
Andria DeBruyne
Andria DeBruyne Community Manager Espanola Collection
Angelica Suarez
Angelica Suarez Community Manager Ellie Passivhaus
Angie Koep
Angie Koep Community Manager Jayne Auld Manor
Benton Wilbur
Benton Wilbur Sales Executive CAMP Construction Services
Cameron Stack
Cameron Stack Community Manager Thornton Place
Christina Dennis
Christina Dennis Regional Manager Sound Residential Investments
Ciara Stinson
Ciara Stinson Property Manager 192nd West Lofts
Cliff Butler
Cliff Butler Community Manager 620 S Arthur
Daniel Johnston
Daniel Johnston Director of Multi-Family National Renovations, LLC - DBA Repipe Specialists, Inc
Darion Huntley
Darion Huntley Community Manager Aspen Heights Pullman
Ejla Subasic
Ejla Subasic Property Manager Lofts at Innovation Center
Emilee Wolf
Emilee Wolf Property Manager East Fork Commons
Gabrielle Dayrit
Gabrielle Dayrit Property Manager The Verge
Greg Joyce
Greg Joyce Senior Business Developement Manager American Technologies, Inc.
Hikmeta Bajramovic
Hikmeta Bajramovic Community Manager Richard Allen
Jamie Beatty
Jamie Beatty Community Manager Spectra at Marymoor
Janette Godwin
Janette Godwin Community Manager Brookstone Apartments
Jeff Schwedel
Jeff Schwedel Revenue Manager LivCor
Jeremy Eckert
Jeremy Eckert Attorney Tharsis Law PS
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith Owner 203 Farrelly St
Jessica Lovegren
Jessica Lovegren Senior Community Manager 134th Street Lofts
Kaleb Fisher
Kaleb Fisher Owner My Pure Environment Inland Empire LLC
Kelli Harr
Kelli Harr Community Manager 2nd Story
Kriste Buck
Kriste Buck Regional Manager MHE Real Estate
MacKenzie Knell
MacKenzie Knell Marketing Specialist Washington Multi-Family Housing Association
Maria Castro
Maria Castro Community Manager Yugo Pullman Hills
Mariah Delamora
Mariah Delamora Leasing Consultant Columbia Riverwalk
Megan Nokes
Megan Nokes Community Manager Lantera
Meriah McMullen
Meriah McMullen Community Manager 10th Avenue Apartments
Molly Watts
Molly Watts Member Services Specialist Washington Multi-Family Housing Association
Myrya Grace
Myrya Grace Portfolio Manager Mynd Management, Inc.
Nicole Caraway
Nicole Caraway Property Manager Bluestone Washington
Oneira Gonzalez
Oneira Gonzalez Projects & Service Coordinator Commercial Fire Protection
Rachel Rasey
Rachel Rasey Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Richard Mead
Richard Mead Service and Sales Spcialist Brimstone Fire Safety Management LLC
Rick Haas
Rick Haas Operational Manager The Plumbing & Drain Company
Shauna McAllister
Shauna McAllister Regional Property Manager Avenue5 Residential
Shauna Miller
Shauna Miller Property Manager Adirondack Lodge
Suzy Rodriguez
Suzy Rodriguez Business Continuity Specialist The Flats at West Richland
Tera-Rose Layton
Tera-Rose Layton Business Development Pacific Northwest Restoration
Teresa Owens
Teresa Owens Community Manager The Dakota
Terri Maisano
Terri Maisano Community Manager 12210-12218 E Lenora Dr
Tom Colon
Tom Colon Community Manager Brooks Square
Tom Lassen
Tom Lassen Williams Investments
Yvonne Duncan
Yvonne Duncan Community Manager Eclipse
Yvonne Hidalgo
Yvonne Hidalgo Executive Admin Pacific Facilities LLC
1 Other Registered Attendees

For More Information:

Molly Watts
Molly Watts
Member Services Specialist Washington Multi-Family Housing Association (425)656-9077x308