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Member Monday! - September

Member Monday! - September

Welcome aboard and learn how to get involved!

Monday, September 19, 2022
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (PDT)

Zoom Call

Event Details

Welcome to Washington Multi-Family Housing Association. Whether you are a new member, new company team member, or a member wanting to learn about why it is important to be engaged with your association, we are happy you are joining us!

In this video call, we will cover member engagement, upcoming events and educational opportunities, and tips and tricks to make the most of your membership.

We look forward to meeting with you!

Amanda Lamp
Amanda Lamp Community Manager Skyview Heights
Amanda Lanphere
Amanda Lanphere Property Manager Mount Vernon Terrace
Amber Farahani
Amber Farahani CEO Skypointe Real Estate
Andria DeBruyne
Andria DeBruyne Community Manager Espanola Collection
Angie Koep
Angie Koep Community Manager Jayne Auld Manor
Ann Hart
Ann Hart Advisor, Commercial Insurance HUB International Northwest LLC
Brenda Wolf
Brenda Wolf Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Brian Block
Brian Block Community Director Capella at Esterra Park I
Brian Turner
Brian Turner Owner A Clean Streak
Caleb Dempsen
Caleb Dempsen Leasing Agent Rockwood Property Management
Cameron Wilson
Cameron Wilson Community Manager Marina Square
Casey McIntyre
Casey McIntyre Community Manager Yugo Seattle Lothlorien
Christina Dennis
Christina Dennis Regional Manager Sound Residential Investments
Clark Osvog
Clark Osvog Owner Regenesis Property Management
Cristina Kokhanevych
Cristina Kokhanevych Property Manager Sunlight Rentals LLC
Dustin Snell
Dustin Snell Property Manager Muir Apartments
Ejla Subasic
Ejla Subasic Property Manager Lofts at Innovation Center
Elizabeth Ellis
Elizabeth Ellis Property Manager The Warren
Eve Henderson
Eve Henderson Senior Portfolio Manager Affinity Property Management
Gloria Kim
Gloria Kim Asset Manager American Property Management, Inc
Heidi Noonan
Heidi Noonan Vice President, Liv Multifamily Liv Communities
James Ma
James Ma Marketing Director
Janette Goodwin
Janette Goodwin Community Manager Brookstone Apartments
Jeff Casebolt
Jeff Casebolt Community Manager Verve
Jeff Norton
Jeff Norton President Recycle Services Northwest LLC
Jennifer Bryant
Jennifer Bryant Senior National Account Manager Domuso
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith Owner 203 Farrelly St
Jessica Lovegren
Jessica Lovegren Senior Community Manager 134th Street Lofts
Kalli SIxour
Kalli SIxour Community Manager 138th Avenue Townhomes
Kalli Sixour
Kalli Sixour Community Manager Grove on 162nd
Kalli Sixour
Kalli Sixour Community Manager Repass Road Townhomes
Kalli Sixour
Kalli Sixour Community Manager Ridgeline View
Kara Keating
Kara Keating Property & Event Manager Knickerbocker
Kim Wimbush
Kim Wimbush Sales Director Xeal Energy
Kristine Villager
Kristine Villager Owner 27th Ave Townhome
Mack Moore
Mack Moore Community Manager Bayside Collection
MacKenzie Knell
MacKenzie Knell Marketing Specialist Washington Multi-Family Housing Association
Marcy Garrett
Marcy Garrett Trade Show Coordinator KeyTrak
Maria Castro
Maria Castro Community Manager Yugo Pullman Hills
Maria Izquierdo
Maria Izquierdo Property Partnership Manager Housing Connector
Mark McLean
Mark McLean Corporate Account Manager-Residental West Coast AC PPG
Meriah McMullen
Meriah McMullen Community Manager 10th Avenue Apartments
Michael Cross
Michael Cross Field Sales Manager KeyTrak
Michael Diebold
Michael Diebold Community Manager Residences at Indian Trail
Michael Pigg
Michael Pigg Regional Fire Life Safety Manager - PNW Commercial Fire Protection
Mike Sumsky
Mike Sumsky Owner Washington Home Solutions
Molly Watts
Molly Watts Member Services Specialist Washington Multi-Family Housing Association
Myrya Grace
Myrya Grace Portfolio Manager Mynd Management, Inc.
Nataliya Gerasimchuk
Nataliya Gerasimchuk Regional Manager Fairfield Residential
Nicole Crumb
Nicole Crumb Community Manager Hazel
Nicole Pettit
Nicole Pettit Multiple Community Manager The Landing off Pines Apartments
Oneira Gonzalez
Oneira Gonzalez Projects & Service Coordinator Commercial Fire Protection
Patty Gillespie
Patty Gillespie Community Director Autumn Grove
Raven Verbarg
Raven Verbarg Owner Black Bird Management
Ronni Anthony
Ronni Anthony Marketing Department CAMP Construction Services
Ryan Andrus
Ryan Andrus Property Manager Coen North
Samantha Ayon
Samantha Ayon Property Manager Aspenridge
Simone White
Simone White Controller Shore Property Management
Sloane Cerbana
Sloane Cerbana Director of Career Development Washington Multi-Family Housing Association
Stefany Campbell
Stefany Campbell Director of Training edison47
Teresa Owens
Teresa Owens Community Manager The Dakota
Terry Maahs
Terry Maahs Director of Facilities Pacific Facilities LLC
Thomas Lyman
Thomas Lyman Owner/CEO Considerate Contracting and Design, Inc
Tom Lassen
Tom Lassen Williams Investments
Yvonne Duncan
Yvonne Duncan Community Manager Eclipse
Zachary Simms
Zachary Simms General Contractor Transblue Spokane
2 Other Registered Attendees

For More Information:

Molly Watts
Molly Watts
Member Services Specialist Washington Multi-Family Housing Association (425)656-9077x308