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What the FAQ, Seattle?

What the FAQ, Seattle?

What about the expiration on Seattle's eviction moratorium?

Thursday, February 24, 2022
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM (PST)

Zoom Webinar

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What the FAQ? is a periodic opportunity to ask questions about state and local laws.

Join WMFHA this month to get your answers on how to proceed after Seattle’s eviction moratorium expires. This webinar will include a review of state and local laws relating to proceeding in an unlawful detainer action, communicating with residents, and a review of the forms required.


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Alana Talley
Alana Talley Community Manager Metropolitan Park
Alex Findlay
Alex Findlay Area Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Alexa Humann
Alexa Humann Community Manager Encore
Alexandra Torns
Alexandra Torns Property Manager The Morrow
Alexandria Cheek
Alexandria Cheek General Manager TWELVE at U District
Alyssa Olander
Alyssa Olander Community Manager The Century
Amanda Flores
Amanda Flores Community Manager Pillar Properties
Amanda McBroom
Amanda McBroom Property Manager Odin
Amanda Ponce
Amanda Ponce Director FPI Management
Amber Heim
Amber Heim Community Manager SCG Rollin Street Flats, LLC
Amy Abernathy
Amy Abernathy Regional Property Manager Mack Property Management
Andrea McPherson
Andrea McPherson Community Manager Coast Property Management
Ashley Wik
Ashley Wik Community Manager Leilani on Greenwood
Audrey Riddle
Audrey Riddle IMPACT Program Ambassador GRE Management
Aurora Iadanza
Aurora Iadanza Asset Manager Pacific Crest Real Estate, LLC
Becca Grady
Becca Grady Portfolio Manager Bradford Way Properties
Beti Ginder
Beti Ginder Property Manager Crane
Brad Kotlar
Brad Kotlar Community Manager Bradford Way Properties
Brenda Hardison
Brenda Hardison Regional Operations Manager Community Management Partners LLC
Brittany Hall
Brittany Hall Community Manager Mt Baker Village Apartments
Caleb Barber
Caleb Barber Regional Manager Tarragon Property Services
Cara Munson
Cara Munson Investment Manager Indigo Real Estate
Carisa Kemper
Carisa Kemper Community Manager Stazione 25
Carlotta Parker
Carlotta Parker Community Manager Encore
Cathy Su
Cathy Su Su Development
Catrina West
Catrina West Community Manager Bell Jackson Street
Cedrick Ray
Cedrick Ray Manager The Blake
Chelsea Brannan
Chelsea Brannan Regional Manager Saratoga Capital, Inc
Chemire Williams
Chemire Williams Property Manager The Corydon
Chris Burke
Chris Burke Community Manager Cooper Apartments
Chris Nicholas
Chris Nicholas Property Manager Eleanor
Christina Chisholm
Christina Chisholm Regional Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Christopher Sawyer
Christopher Sawyer Community Manager TraVigne on Eleventh Avenue
Colleen Carr
Colleen Carr Vice President Allied Residential
Colleen English
Colleen English Regional Manager Pillar Properties
Cosmica Ghosh
Cosmica Ghosh Community Manager Sundodger Apartments
Crystal Melendez
Crystal Melendez Community Director FPI Management/Thai Binh
Danny Parkman
Danny Parkman Community Manager Vida Apartments
David Fraga
David Fraga Community Manager La Vie at Queen Anne
DeLane Sidoti
DeLane Sidoti Community Manager Array Apartments
Denise Weems
Denise Weems Community Manager Cyrene
Diana Norbury
Diana Norbury SVP of Multifamily Operations Pillar Properties
Donna Roberts
Donna Roberts VP of Operations Indigo Real Estate Services, Inc.
Editha Langley
Editha Langley Community Manager Stream Dexios
Edna Ortzliza
Edna Ortzliza Tecton Corporation
Elatish Schmidt
Elatish Schmidt Portfolio Manager Northwest Commercial Real Estate Investments
Elese Newman
Elese Newman Community Manager 95 Burnett
Emily Schmitz Dabney
Emily Schmitz Dabney Admin Assistant Holland Residential
Eric Rabon
Eric Rabon Property Manager Union SLU
Erik Dahl
Erik Dahl Senior Community Manager Via6
Erin Long
Erin Long WA District Manager UDR, Inc
Evan Brown
Evan Brown Investment Portfolio Manager GRE Management
Everlyn Animas
Everlyn Animas Property Manager Janus - Security Properties Residential
Gil Schoonover
Gil Schoonover Community Manager Overlook at Westridge
Gracie Eusebio
Gracie Eusebio Regional Manager Su Development
Grant Burton
Grant Burton Assistant Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Hailey Gorman
Hailey Gorman Executive Assistant Epic Asset Management, Inc
Irina Thompson
Irina Thompson Business manager Nine and Pine Apartments
Isabel Carrillo
Isabel Carrillo SUHRCO Residential, LLC
Issac Clifton
Issac Clifton Property Manager Rivet
Jake Spalding
Jake Spalding Community Manager Coast Property Management
Jamie Beatty
Jamie Beatty Community Manager Bell Marymoor Park
Jen Santiago
Jen Santiago Asset Manager Palladium Real Estate Services
Jenna Atchison
Jenna Atchison Senior Community Manager Allied Residential
Jennifer Hansen
Jennifer Hansen District Manager Avenue5 Residential
Jennifer Lacapa
Jennifer Lacapa Community Manager Cedars Apartments
Jennifer Pertzborn
Jennifer Pertzborn Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Jennifer Peters
Jennifer Peters Community Manager Ivy Ridge Apartments
Jennifer Phillips
Jennifer Phillips Area Manager Addison on Fourth
Jennifer Truelove
Jennifer Truelove Property Manager Compass Broadview
Jenny Ramirez
Jenny Ramirez Community Manager Columbia Gardens
Jessica Howes
Jessica Howes Risk Manager CWS Apartment Homes
Jessica Park
Jessica Park Community Manager LeeAnn
Jessica Portch
Jessica Portch Community Manager Origin
John Jones
John Jones Associate Vice President of Operations Avenue5 Residential
John McGuire
John McGuire Asset Manager GreenHouse Apartments
Jon Ross
Jon Ross Leasing Manager Greystar
Jules Nadda
Jules Nadda Regional Property Manager Windermere
Julie Kipper
Julie Kipper Community Manager Dexter Lake Union
Julie Ryan
Julie Ryan Assistant Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Justin Warlick
Justin Warlick Portolio Manager Northwest Commercial Real Estate Investments
Kamly Jubran
Kamly Jubran Community Manager Martinique
Karen Calagna
Karen Calagna Property Manager Hive
Karla Tussing
Karla Tussing Regional Manager Horizon Realty Advisors
Katie Conover
Katie Conover Director of Operations Peak Living Property Services
Kerra Lampman Warnke
Kerra Lampman Warnke Community Director Tressa
Kiel Curtis
Kiel Curtis Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Kim Karas
Kim Karas Resident Manager Northwest Commercial Real Estate Investments
Kiril Urekeanu
Kiril Urekeanu Assistant Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Kriste Buck
Kriste Buck Regional Manager MHE Real Estate
Laura McGuire
Laura McGuire Asset Manager First Pointe Management Group
Laura Zumarraga
Laura Zumarraga Senior Property Manager (7 properties) Coast Property Management
Laurenna Plourd
Laurenna Plourd Community Manager MOD Apartments
Lindsay Jacobs
Lindsay Jacobs Regional Associate Epic Asset Management, Inc
Lindsey Chukueke
Lindsey Chukueke Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Lisa Michael
Lisa Michael Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Lori Gilbert
Lori Gilbert Senior Regional Portfolio Manager SUHRCO Residential, LLC
Mae Macy
Mae Macy Multi Site Property Manager Cedar Park
Makenna Gray
Makenna Gray Community Manager 999 Hiawatha
Marc Larson
Marc Larson Asset Manager Palladium Real Estate Services
Marion Durand
Marion Durand Director of Risk Management Thrive Communities
Mark Hutcheson
Mark Hutcheson Regional Property Manager Allied Residential
Matt Andrews
Matt Andrews Portfolio Manager / Vice President Allied Residential
Matt Tuell
Matt Tuell Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Mayra Mendoza
Mayra Mendoza Community Manager Hidden Creek Village
Megan Nokes
Megan Nokes Community Manager Delridge Crossing
Melanya Fitzgibbon
Melanya Fitzgibbon Asset Manager Olympic Management Co
Melonie Shamley
Melonie Shamley Director, Real Estate Greystar Real Estate Services
Michelle Hall
Michelle Hall General Manager Bozzuto
Michelle Marchello
Michelle Marchello Regional Property Manager GRAN, Inc
Michelle Scearce
Michelle Scearce Community Manager Eastlake 2851
Mindy Hart
Mindy Hart Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Miranda Hekimian
Miranda Hekimian Manager, Operations Greystar Real Estate Services
Miranda Kamakahi
Miranda Kamakahi Regional Manager Bonavista Management, LLC
Morgan Brzycki
Morgan Brzycki Property Manager Hana
Morgan Ludlow
Morgan Ludlow Leasing Professional Rivet
Myrya Grace
Myrya Grace Property Manager Windsor Estates
Naomi Cassidy
Naomi Cassidy Assistant Manager AMLI - Spring District
Natalie Bell
Natalie Bell Director of Operations Maven Properties NW
Natalie Cardenas
Natalie Cardenas Asset Manager Shelter Holdings
Nicole Roberts
Nicole Roberts Community Manager Kinects
Nicole Shrum
Nicole Shrum Community Manager Vesper Apartments
Olga Rabadzhiyska
Olga Rabadzhiyska Community Manager The Dakota
Olivia Erickson
Olivia Erickson Portfolio Manager Peak Living Property Services
Phil Cresswell
Phil Cresswell Regional Director Security Properties Residential
Philip Buerk
Philip Buerk Community Manager Mt Baker Housing
Preston Turner
Preston Turner Community Manager Elan41
Rachel Harmon
Rachel Harmon Operations Support Specialist Griffis Residential
Rachele Potts
Rachele Potts Senior Regional Manager Cushman & Wakefield
RaeAnne Wilson
RaeAnne Wilson Community Manager Courtland Place
Randi Kisskeys-Sanchez
Randi Kisskeys-Sanchez Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Rhonda Farley
Rhonda Farley Executive VP of Asset Management First Pointe Management Group
Robin Howard
Robin Howard Admin Assistant Northwest Commercial Real Estate Investments
Ron Coleman
Ron Coleman Admin Assistant Northwest Commercial Real Estate Investments
RoseMarie Peyton
RoseMarie Peyton Regional Manager edison47
Ryan Roeter
Ryan Roeter Redside Partners LLC
Sam Baxter
Sam Baxter Community Manager Skye at Belltown
Samantha Van Horn
Samantha Van Horn Property Manager Allied Residential
Scott Bauder
Scott Bauder Community Manager Smith & Burns
Shannon Boldizsar
Shannon Boldizsar
Shannon Hilliard
Shannon Hilliard Portfolio Manager Northwest Commercial Real Estate Investments
Shannon Mitchell
Shannon Mitchell Senior Area Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Shaylyn Gudaitis
Shaylyn Gudaitis Portfolio Services Support Manager Avenue5 Residential
Sheena Boone
Sheena Boone Account Specialist Essex Property Trust
Shelly Monahan
Shelly Monahan Regional Property Manager AMC, LLC
Shina Kashino
Shina Kashino TRAINING & COMPLIANCE MANAGER Pacific Crest Real Estate, LLC
Sosena Kifle
Sosena Kifle Regional Portfolio Manager FPI Management
Stefan Ricci
Stefan Ricci Portfolio Manager Gordian Knot Property Solutions
Stephanie Rudnick
Stephanie Rudnick Director of Operations Allied Residential
Steve Hamasaki
Steve Hamasaki Portfolio Manager / Vice President Allied Residential
Susan Clausnitzer
Susan Clausnitzer Regional Director of Education ConAm Management
Susan Good
Susan Good Compliance Manager Thrive Communities
Tamara Hindman
Tamara Hindman Community Manager Woodbrook Apartments
Tanner Ausbun
Tanner Ausbun Property Manager Uptown Queen Anne
Taylore Burgin
Taylore Burgin Property Manager Augusta Apartments - Security Properties Residential
Tila Castillo
Tila Castillo Community Director Tower 12
Tina Christiansen
Tina Christiansen Principal Palladium Real Estate Services
Tracy Habrel
Tracy Habrel Director of Operations Walls Property Management
Tristan Redal
Tristan Redal Area Regional Manager GRE Management
35 Other Registered Attendees
Speaker: Brett Waller