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Organization Overview

Multifamily Elites is a professional multifamily staffing company committed to providing outstanding customer service to our clients and community, unlike others. People are our passion. Service is in our blueprint.

Multifamily Elite Team is about building meaningful relationships with everyone we work with. Our intention and purpose are to elevate real estate management professionals by taking great care of the people around us through training and development, community, collaboration, and customer service.

We are proud to say Multifamily Elites is locally owned and managed.

Why choose Multifamily Elites?

Our team at Multifamily Elites is customer experience obsessed!
We are trained professionals.
We are efficient and knowledgeable.
We are flexible and adaptable.
We want to help our teams and clients build their success stories.
We are dependable and reliable.
We work hard to meet our client's needs and goals.
We put passion behind in every work that we do.
We find the best talents and intentionally match them with clients for a win-win strategy.
We think outside the box.
We are led by an award-winning multifamily leader.
We listen to our customers.
We are connected.
We are dedicated to professional development and training.
We will go the extra mile.
Our commitment to our client's success runs deep.
We are responsive.
We communicate honestly and respectfully.
We have fun because we love what we do.

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Marina Singh

President & Founder

Gracie Ottesen

Business Development Associate PNW

Jay Sharma

Engagement Ambassador

Jenn Maclean

Senior Staffing Coordinator PNW

Michala Quince

Senior Property Management Assistant

Tony Newman

Senior Maintenance Director PNW

Areas of Expertise

Employment and Staffing Services, Training/Consulting Services