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PO Box 896 Renton, WA 98057

(206) 579-7696

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Member Since: 2006

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Organization Overview

AFB Floors is a leading supplier of flooring to the multifamily, commercial and developer markets. At AFB we’re dedicated to serving our customers in a way that exceeds their expectations. Our product mix, industry knowledge, sales and customer service are focused on helping our customers be successful. We build our relationships founded on trust and respect. AFB has been rated "best-of-the-best" by FloorExpo, and we've built a thriving business by focusing on qualities and values that put our customers first. Always.
RESPONSIVE we are customer driven.
KNOWLEDGEABLE we continuously grow our expertise.
INNOVATIVE we bring the best products & services to market.
CANDID we speak the difficult truths.
RELIABLE we deliver on our promises.
FOCUSED we are multifamily and commercial specialists.
Photo of AFB Floors

Areas of Expertise

Carpet and Flooring Providers