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Organization Overview

The Plumbing & Drain Company covers an area from Olympia to Everett and specializes in servicing the Property Management industry. Our motto is 'Do the Right Thing' and we really mean it.. We excel at the things that contractors historically are not very good at - especially communication. We teach our employees the importance of things like: Keeping our customer up to date at all times, doing the job right the first time, providing all pricing up front before any work is done, and ensuring the customer is happy before we leave. We also train our technicians on things like: What to say when a tenant asks if that 'black stuff' on the tub is mold (we aren't allowed to say the 'M' word at any time), or what to do when the tenant asks us to fix something, "While we are already there". We understand that we work for you, the Property Manager, and not the tenant. Over 80% of the jobs we do are for property management customers of one type or another. And we are proud to support WMFHA and the multi-family industry.
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Areas of Expertise

Plumbing, Stormwater Management/Maintenance