Ziply Fiber LLC

135 Lake St S Ste 155 Kirkland, WA 98033

(425) 876-4426

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Member Since: 2021

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Organization Overview

Ziply Fiber is an American telecommunications company locally based in Kirkland, Washington. Ziply Fiber Gives You and Your Residents the Best and Fastest Fiber Internet Possible at Fantastic Rates, with NO Data Caps, NO contracts and Amazing Customer Service. Fiber internet availability increases the value of your property between 4% - 7%, and is actively sought out by future residents searching for a new home. We are running new lines into new buildings and activating groundbreaking new technology that upgrades existing copper/DSL lines to fiber speeds. Contact your local account manager for more information!
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Areas of Expertise

Other, Telecommunications/Cable Services, Utility Conservation and Consulting