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How to ID Fake ID!

Tips for avoiding the risk of processing a fraudulent rental application

Tuesday, October 18, 2022
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM (PDT)

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Knowing the difference between a fake ID and a real ID can stop fraudulent rental application that could also result in theft of property and vandalism. Because of the 9-11 tragedy, the federal government required states to implement more security features on ID's so industries like property management could verify them as real ID's. Yet, not everyone is aware of these security features and how to employ them to protect their interest. This session will cover:

  • Types of crimes using Fraudulent ID
  • Types of fraud control
  • Elements of a Bona Fide ID
  • F.L.A.G. System for checking identification
  • ID Checkbook
  • Tools and Resources
  • Q&A
This session qualifies for 1 Continuting Educaation Credit (CEC)

Meet the Expert

Glen Garrity is a retired 21 year police detective and owner of G2 Safeguards.  G2 Safeguards educates people about various safety topics to help prevent or reduce the risk of being a victim. 

In 2008, Glen was part of a group of Newport Beach Detectives that investigated an identity theft ring.  The theft ring used fake identifications and stolen credit cards to purchase expensive products at an exclusive mall.  It is estimated they fraudulently bought over $1.1 million in products and resold them on eBay.  The case was eventually solved when store employees were trained to recognize a fake identification.  When the next fraudulent purchase was attempted, the suspect was detained.  Investigation led to the search of a car, a house and a business. Eight people were arrested and counterfeiting property was recovered.

Due to the success of this 2008 case, Glen started G2 Safeguards in 2010, to educate others how to protect themselves.  Over the past eight years, Glen has taught thousands of people in various industries (i.e. hotels, property owners, mortgage, escrow, casinos, healthcare, notaries) how to recognize a fake ID. 

Glen continues to do security work and along with his speaking seminars. He lives in Orange County with his wife and has two college graduate daughters. 

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Ililani ('Ula) Kamaka
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