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Virtual Tapas & Topics

Virtual Tapas & Topics

Connected virtually!

Thursday, April 9, 2020
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (PDT)
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Event Details

Free virtual networking events for WMFHA members!

Join hosts Talisman, Fetch, and Greystar for WMFHA's very first online networking event!

The event will be formatted with an initial introduction from hosts, a lengthier topic, and then attendees will be randomly grouped into smaller break out "rooms." Hosts will circulate between rooms to prompt conversation if needed.

Let's stay connected! We will be randomly giving attendees "door" prize gift certificates from local small businesses. Show up for interactions and surprises!

Alyssa Adams
Alyssa Adams Co-Founder Adamsphere, LLC
Amanda Gunn
Amanda Gunn Regional Manager Rockwood Property Management
Amber Burgess
Amber Burgess Senior Property Manager Rockwood Property Management
Andy Nelson
Andy Nelson Service Ninja 1UP Floors
Ann Hart
Ann Hart Business Development / Project Liaison Cascades Cleanup & Restoration,Inc.
Anna Dotlich
Anna Dotlich Regional Account Manager Fetch
Anne Marie Trantham
Anne Marie Trantham Account Manager Performance Systems Integration LLC
Augustine Um
Augustine Um Sr Regional Portfolio Manager Decron Properties Corp
Austin Bonds
Austin Bonds Regional Account Executive ABODO
Batul Hashmi
Batul Hashmi Property Manager Charter Club
Belinda Zylstra
Belinda Zylstra Office Manager and Executive Assistant Greystar Real Estate Services
Bill Prince
Bill Prince Sr. Director, Real Estate Greystar Real Estate Services
Bobby Rubalcaba
Bobby Rubalcaba Director of Maintenance - PNW Greystar Real Estate Services
Brad Milne
Brad Milne Area Sales Manager HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Camlynne Davis
Camlynne Davis Account Manager HARBRO Emergency Services and Restoration
Cassandra  Mitchell
Cassandra Mitchell Community Manager Epic Asset Management, Inc
Catie Johnson (deleted)
Catie Johnson (deleted) Community Manager Inlet View
Christy Broyles
Christy Broyles Regional Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Cody Adams
Cody Adams Co-Founder Adamsphere, LLC
Cristina Proa
Cristina Proa Assistant Manager Pillar Properties
Dahlia Campbell
Dahlia Campbell Residential Account Executive AFR Furniture Rental
Dan Beary
Dan Beary Regional Sales Manager Fetch
David Grant
David Grant District Manager RentPath
Deborah Deutsch
Deborah Deutsch Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Dora Berger
Dora Berger Regional Property Manager Eagle Rock
Emily Bryant
Emily Bryant Branch Manager Apartment Advantage Staffing
Emma Williamson
Emma Williamson Business Development Manager HARBRO Emergency Services and Restoration
Eric McDougall
Eric McDougall Account Manager Atlas Networks
Erin Heathers
Erin Heathers Regional Manager Epic Asset Management, Inc
Evan Brown
Evan Brown Investment Portfolio Manager Goodman Real Estate
Evan Happel
Evan Happel Director of Marketing - Multifamily Apartment Life
Genevieve Ail
Genevieve Ail Vice President - Client Strategy Group Avenue5 Residential
Heather Blume
Heather Blume Imagination In Charge Behind the Leasing Desk
Heather Edwards
Heather Edwards Marketing & Training Director Apartment Advantage Staffing
Heather Saldana
Heather Saldana Field Account Representative HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Hector Santana
Hector Santana Maintenance Manager Walls Property Management
Jackie James
Jackie James ALN Apartment Data, Inc.
Janee Bussey
Janee Bussey Regional Property Manager Pinnacle
Jared Edwards
Jared Edwards Marketing Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Jason Simpson
Jason Simpson Business Development Manager Stop Bugging Me! Pest Control
Jen Santiago
Jen Santiago Asset Manager Palladium Real Estate Services
Jenille Kromm
Jenille Kromm Project Coordinator: Property Management Great Floors
Jennifer Alongi
Jennifer Alongi Talent Acquisition Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Jennifer Erickson
Jennifer Erickson Operations Specialist Greystar Real Estate Services
Jill Habrich
Jill Habrich Senior Account Executive Yardi Systems
Jill McNiesh
Jill McNiesh Senior Manager, Property Marketing Greystar Real Estate Services
Jim Wiard
Jim Wiard Executive Director WMFHA
Jodi Stach
Jodi Stach Director of Business Development - Northwest CheckpointID
John Ellis
John Ellis Business Developer Brightview Landscape Services
Julia Shebeko
Julia Shebeko Regional Manager AFB Floors
Julia Studebaker
Julia Studebaker Community Account Professional XFINITY Communities
Karen Nelson
Karen Nelson Regional Account Manager ALN Apartment Data, Inc.
Kasie Charles
Kasie Charles Account Manager Conversion Logix
Kathie Cook
Kathie Cook Regional Manager G5
Katie Neely
Katie Neely Regional Manager Alliance Residential
Katie Phelan
Katie Phelan Executive Vice President 1UP Floors
Katie Sheremet
Katie Sheremet Regional Property Manager Avenue5 Residential
Kelli Cousineau
Kelli Cousineau Community Manager The M Apartments
Kelly Stone
Kelly Stone Business Development & Marketing PRECOR Commercial Fitness
Kelly Wakefield
Kelly Wakefield Director of Marketing and Communications Washington Multi-Family Housing Association
Kirk Downey
Kirk Downey Chief Operating Officer Liberty Rent Guarantee
Kris Buker
Kris Buker Regional Director Bell Partners
Laura McGuire
Laura McGuire Asset Manager First Pointe Management Group
Laura Thomassen
Laura Thomassen Community Manager Bell Overlake
Laurel Zacher
Laurel Zacher Vice President, Marketing & Talent Development Security Properties Residential
Lexi Furnish
Lexi Furnish Community Director Bitterroot Lodge
Libby Hollan
Libby Hollan Senior Recruiter Avenue5 Residential
Libby Sill
Libby Sill Financial Analyst, Client Services Greystar Real Estate Services
Liz Barnes
Liz Barnes Regional Manager Apartment Advantage Staffing
Marcus Tabert
Marcus Tabert Director of Business Development Greystar Real Estate Services
Mark Hutcheson
Mark Hutcheson Regional Property Manager Allied Residential
Melonie Shamley
Melonie Shamley Director, Real Estate Greystar Real Estate Services
Natalie Hall
Natalie Hall Director of Training Coast Property Management
Nicole Ziegler
Nicole Ziegler Regional Manager Canyon Bluffs
Niki Rubalcaba
Niki Rubalcaba Talent Development Associate Greystar Real Estate Services
Pam McKenna
Pam McKenna Managing Director Greystar Real Estate Services
Pascal Coufal
Pascal Coufal Property Manager The Century
Paul Marovitch
Paul Marovitch Community Manager Brentwood Apartments
Rachel Bowers
Rachel Bowers Outside Sales Pacific Lamp & Supply Co.
Rachel Dingeldey
Rachel Dingeldey Management Coordinator Greystar Real Estate Services
Rebecca Kline
Rebecca Kline Senior Director Greystar Real Estate Services
Rebecca Reichert
Rebecca Reichert Marketing Conversion Logix
Robert Duke
Robert Duke Business Development Manager Phoenix Protective Corporation
Roslynn Briggs
Roslynn Briggs Associate Vice President/CAPS Coast Property Management
Shae Gamble
Shae Gamble Digital Marketing Specialist Security Properties Residential
Shannon Hammond
Shannon Hammond Regional Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Shannon Mahaffey
Shannon Mahaffey Divisional Area Director- West Coast Open Works
Shaun Hudson
Shaun Hudson Strategic Account Manager AFB Floors
Sherilyn Butler
Sherilyn Butler Regional Property Manager Lincoln Property Company
Staci Grogan
Staci Grogan Community Manager Rockwood Lodge
Stefanie Rice
Stefanie Rice Portfolio Manager HNN Associates, LLC
Stephanie Moss
Stephanie Moss Regional Manager Mercy Housing Management
Stephen Blake
Stephen Blake Manager Pine Bluff Apartments
Tammy Clarke
Tammy Clarke Senior Value Analyst CredHub
Tammy Elder-Tucker
Tammy Elder-Tucker Community Manager Andante Apartments
Tara Long
Tara Long Field Account Rep HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Theresa Augenthaler
Theresa Augenthaler Portfolio Manager PTLA Real Estate Group
Tiffany Mapusaga
Tiffany Mapusaga Business Developement Manager Precision Concrete Cutting
Tim Braun
Tim Braun Executive Assistant DABCO Property Management LLC
Tisha Goodman
Tisha Goodman Regional Manager Rockwood Property Management
Zach Hammond
Zach Hammond Regional Account Executive Parking Boss
9 Other Registered Attendees

Thursday, April 9, 2020 Topic:

Work from Home Wellness with Deborah Enos

Deborah was the health coach for the rock band Metallica!
  • Simple tips to maintain (or improve your health) during quarantine
  • Top three foods that will help to strengthen your immune system
  • Two foods that can weaken your immune system
  • Stress management tips
  • Deep breathing techniques