Fair Housing

It's Good Business!

WMFHA is very committed to providing training and resources all year long to help our members stay current on Fair Housing Laws and practices.  

Property managers demonstrate fair housing by:

  • Gladly receiving inquiries from all.
  • Applying fair and equitable criteria when evaluating applicants.
  • Enforcing rules equally and without discrimination.
  • Setting rents, deposits and fees without discrimination.
  • Responding to repair requests and other tenant concerns equally.
  • Providing reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities.

Stay Informed!

April is National Fair Housing Month!

Visit our Facebook page all month long for trivia, articles, videos and resources to help you and your team engage and learn about Fair Housing in a fun and interactive way. 

Fair Housing and Beyond

This dynamic program address Fair Housing issues for property managers, maintenance teams, vendors and more.  This interactive program really engages the audience with real life situations presented in video format, allowing the students to choose possible outcomes - then check to see what their selection would lead to (a satisfied resident...or...court?!).  There are two ways you can take the Fair Housing and Beyond course:

In Class

July 19 at the Fair Housing Symposium!


CLICK HERE for information on NAAEI's online Fair Housing and Beyond class information.

Fair Housing Symposium - July 19, 2017 Recap


Registration and Continental Breakfast

Morning Session - FAIR HOUSING AND BEYOND - Jason Loughridge, Weidner Apartment Homes and WMFHA Board of Directors


Afternoon Session

  • Service Animals - Brandon Kuykendall, City of Seattle Office of Civil Rights
  • Reasonable Accommodations - Malik Gbenro, City of Tacoma Office of Equity and Human Rights
  • Domestic Violence and Fair Housing - Joe Puckett, Washington Multi-Family Housing Association
  • Q&A


Fair Housing

Protected Classes

Service Animals

Reasonable Accomodations

Domestic Violence