WMFHA in the Press

Rental laws hurting small landlords (Seattle Medium 5/17/2022)

Rent for 2-bedroom apartments rising quickly in Tacoma (KING 5 5/13/2022)

Seattle rent repayment law could shrink rental market, critics charge (Center Square 4/28/2022)

Seattle rents are through the roof (KUOW 4/28/2022)

Small landlord says he's leaving Seattle over the city's rental laws (KING 5 4/27/2022)

Seattle City Council extends COVID rent payment plan requirement beyond civil emergency (Seattle Times 4/26/2022)

The rental moratorium in Seattle is ending. Now the real problems will begin (Washington Policy Center 4/17/2022)

Seattle takes another shot at renter protections after failed eviction moratorium extension (MyNorthwest 4/15/2022)

Seattle loses nearly 3,000 rental properties in less than a year (MyNorthwest 4/8/2022)

Court ruling balances Seattle eviction protections (Seattle Times 4/5/2022)

Property tax increases present challenge to Washington landlords, tenants (The Center Square 3/31/2022)

Seattle weighs options after court strikes down 'Eviction Defense for Renters' (Capitol Hill Blog 3/23/2022)

There's no place like home (Real Change News 3/23/2022)

Part of Seattle tenant protection law struck down by court (AP 3/22/2022)

Washington State Court of Appeals rules against portions of Seattle's eviction moratorium (KIRO Radio 3/21/2022)

State appeals court strikes down a Seattle pandemic rule on evictions (PSBJ 3/21/2022)

Court strikes down part of Seattle law meant to help tenants avoid eviction in wake of pandemic (Seattle Times 3/21/2022)

Seattle's eviction moratorium ended, but some protections remain (Crosscut 3/2/2022)

Landlords, tenants prepare as eviction moratorium comes to an end (Fox 13 2/27/2022)

Seattle suburbs like Kenmore eye tenant protections as homelessness concern looms (Seattle Times 2/24/2022)

Seattle's eviction moratorium ends Monday (Fox 13 2/24/2022)

Seattle eviction moratorium ends Feb. 28 as tenants, landlords remain behind on payments (2/24/2022)

Seattle site connects renters, landlords to resources as eviction moratorium nears end (Fox 13 2/22/2022)

Seattle City Council votes to block open-ended extension of eviction moratorium (KOMO 2/22/2022)

Lawmakers consider series of proposals that would alter landlord-tenant relationship (PSBJ 2/16/2022)

Bill requiring more notice of rent hikes fails to pass WA legislature (Walla Walla Bulletin 2/15/2022)

Seattle eviction moratorium will expire at the end of February (Seattle Times 2/11/2022)

WA tenants could get 6 months notice of big rent hikes (The Chronicle 2/6/2022)

Renters worry as eviction moratorium bridge expires (KING 5 10/29/2021)

Rep for landlords says Seattle needs to focus on real solutions to fix the housing crisis (KIRO Radio 9/28/2021)

Where's the money? Landlord and tenant groups threaten to sue King County (Seattle Times 9/2/2021)

In Seattle, pandemic recovery brings another reality: The rent is going up (Seattle Times 8/12/2021)

Rent in the Inland Northwest is soaring, and tenants feel powerless to stop it (Inlander 8/12/2021)

Evictions slowed during the pandemic but some Washington renters still faced pressure to move (Seattle Times 7/21/2021)

As CDC eviction deadline looms, more tenants have access to legal help (NPR's Marketplace 7/8/2021)

7,000 Tenants, Waiting for Help, Fear Eviction After June 30  (Everett Herald 6/22/2021)

Seattle Extends COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium Through September (Seattle Times 6/18/2021)

King County has millions for rental assistance, but payments face delays (Puget Sound Business Journal 4/16/2021)

Looming debt crisis for renters & landlords on City Inside/Out (Seattle Channel 3/17/2021)

King County Rental Assistance (KIRO Radio)

Seattle considers a right to free legal counsel for those facing eviction (Seattle Times 3/5/2021)

Landlords Push Legislature for Rental Assistance (The Lense 1/21/21)

Sawant wants to further extend eviction moratoria (Puget Sound Business Journal 12/18/2020)

The Impact: Debating the Eviction Moratorium (TVW 12/16/2020)

Late rent payments during pandemic could put squeeze on market (The Daily News 09/18/2020)

Eviction Moratorium Uncertainty Means Prepare for Anything (Everett Herald 7/12/2020)

Seattle City Council should help rent get paid (Seattle Times 5/26/2020)

With May Rent Looming, Some Seattle Tenants Eye 'Rent Strikes' (Seattle Times 4/27/2020)

City Inside/Out: COVID-19 Housing Help (Seattle Channel 4/10/2020)

Inslee Expands Statewide Eviction Moratorium (The Seattle Times 4/16/2020)

Coronavirus - Why aren't Rents Going Down? (Seattle Times 4/15/2020)

Retired Couple Who Relies on Rental Income Desparate for Relief (Q13 Fox 4/9/2020)

Gov. Inslee Announces Relief for Renters, Businesses (My Northwest 3/18/2020)

Eviction Relief Offered in King County During Outbreak (King5 News 3/18/2020)

Apartment Complexes Restrict Access to Common Areas (Q13 Fox 3/17/2020)


New Winter Eviction Law and Limitations Explained (2/19/2020 Real Change)

Critics Warn "Just Cause" Eviction Bill Will Backfire (1/27/2020)

Landlords with Lawyers, Tenants Without (Crosscut 12/5/2019)

Seattle Considers Bill to Protect Abused Renters from Paying Property Damage (Seattle Times 8/14/2019)

WMFHA Gives Back:

WMFHA Hosts 13th Annual Chili Cook-Off Benefiting DAWN (Kent Reporter 9/23/2019)

Emerald Awards:

Multi Family Housing Pioneer Dean Weidner Honored with Lifetime Acheivement Award (Yahoo Finance 3/10/2020)