Chad Neilson


National VP of Operations/Business Development

One Way Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

Supplier Member

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I have been in working as a carpet cleaning and water restoration supplier in the apartment industry for 30 years; with 27 years in the Puget Sound region, and three years in Las Vegas. I began One Way Carpet Cleaning and Restoration with one van and one employee in September of 2013. Ten short years later, we now have 12 work trucks and 20 employees.

One Way Property Restoration is a nationwide company with the corporate office located on Farmington Hills, MI. Through tons of hard work, on August 1, 2017, I took the position of National VP of Operations at One Way. My responsibility is to oversee all of the corporately owned stores nationwide, as well as sell our company the top notch One Way services all over the country.

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Washington Premier FC - B99 White Team Manager