WasteXperts Inc

4100 Alambra Ave Martinez, CA 94553

(925) 484-4422

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Member Since: 2015

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Organization Overview

Wastexperts was founded as a garbage consulting company by David Lentz in 1992, which focuses on creating programs to increase recycling for commercial and residential properties. Over the past 25 years, Wastexperts has adapted to the changing needs of its clients and the marketplace to become premier waste management provider for landfill diversion. Today our services includes right sizing properties, landfill waste reduction, back of the house sorting, composting programs, bin pulling, bulky item hauling, commercial power washing and trash bill auditing, and service consultation.
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Brie Kuhn

Sales Associate

Alex Olsen

Business Development Manager

Derek Ruckman

Chief Executive Officer

Greg Haslam

Senior Operations Manager

Miyon Lee

Director of Business Development

Areas of Expertise

Waste Control/Disposal and Systems