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Professional Bio

Eddie is our zestful Sales/Service Ninja who’s traded the calm of Eastern Washington for the bustling rhythm of the city. With a background in account management and a knack for creating genuine connections, Eddie's your go-to guy for a flooring experience that feels just right.

His journey from a day laborer company to the multifaceted world of 1UP Floors is fueled by a pursuit for authentic customer service, where every interaction is a step towards redefining industry norms.

His philosophy?

Good customer service is about understanding needs and exceeding expectations. Eddie believes in coming to the table with more than just a sales pitch.

While new to the flooring industry, Eddie’s quick to dive into the nitty-gritty, keen on mastering the ropes to provide tailored solutions.

His authenticity shines through in every engagement, making him not just your flooring consultant, but someone who’s got your back.

Reach out to Eddie for a flooring consultation that breaks the mold, offering a blend of professional expertise, earnest service, and a hearty laugh or two.

Parent Company

Parent: 1UP Floors

PO Box 2044 Sumner, WA 98390

(253) 292-6775 x 1

Photo of Eddie Eccles