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It was my first time dying. I've never died before. So everything freaked me out.

In 2018, I battled an autoimmune disease that put me in the hospital and gave me a near-death experience. I am so grateful for the nurses and doctors who listened to what I had to say as I shared my fears, concerns, and doubts.

They shared their compassion and knew how to handle the emotional roller coaster I was on. They knew the process and guided me through it.

It was tough, but that positive experience with my doctors provided focus. As I recovered, I realized I do the same for people selling their businesses.

I gained unique and valuable experiences from working in the financial industry to owning multiple businesses - so I understand all sides of business ownership. So I set out, along with my team at Freeman Lundt, to serve in inspired and more meaningful ways.

Today, I lead an extraordinary group of forward-thinking certified business brokers and lenders at Freeman Lundt who believe in paying it forward, doing things the right way, inspiring growth, and embracing diversity.

We help business owners, with an emphasis on minority, veteran, and women-owned companies, sell their 50 million dollars and under businesses for more money and exit on their own terms through our proven 4-step strategy, Valuation to Victory Process. We're with you every step of the way, from before you hit the market till after the close.

As an owner with three businesses (two in manufacturing and one in financial services) in my portfolio, I understand all sides. I rely on my unique and valuable experiences to calm the nerves of anxious business owners selling for the first time or exiting their companies.

I enjoy meeting new business owners and learning about their goals. Reach out to me if you want to talk about exit planning, business development, or even video games.

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Parent: LED Trail

3479 NW Yeon Ave Portland, OR 97210

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