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9655 SE 36th St. Suite 100 Mercer Island, WA 98040 United States

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Organization Overview

Townhouse Painters has been in the business of repainting multi-family homes for 32 years.

We specialize in apartment, condominium and townhome projects and are able to provide our clients with exceptional quality and value because we paint large communities and are familiar with the scope and special requirements of these projects. We can achieve economies of scale that will provide cost savings along with quality workmanship.

We recognize that multi-family communities have unique requirements, including common property, multiple owners and residents with varying degrees of needs and expectations. We see and anticipate these needs and expectations on a daily basis and are prepared to handle them with frequent communications.

Townhouse Painters specifies the use of quality materials that are applied correctly by our experienced staff. We properly prepare surfaces to be painted and apply caulks, primers and paints that give your project a good looking and durable finish. We make quality a priority and make sure that our customers are getting the workmanship they deserve and expect.

At Townhouse Painters:

● We bring 32 years of experience painting multi-family homes to your apartment, condominium and townhome community.
● We strive to do the best job possible because we want to be invited back for your future painting projects.
● Once we start, we will work consistently and diligently until completion.
● We will have a full time, on-site supervisor with good communication skills who can be counted on to meet with a representative of the owners or residents on a daily basis.
● We are available to assist with posting individual notices on doors prior to starting on each building.
● We take care to cover the belongings, plants and cars of the owners, residents and associations.
● We will offer a 1 - year workmanship warranty.
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