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Tuesday, October 12, 2021 at 9:00 AM (PDT) to Thursday, October 14, 2021 at 1:00 PM (PDT)
Access to event platform provided in advance of the conference.

Event Details


Choose your own multifamily career development adventure! With 16 sessions throughout the days, you can plan a focused track or pick and choose to fit your needs. The sessions cover topics in leasing, management, and leadership, maintenance, soft skills, technology, industry trends, and more. 


Meet virtually with your colleagues and make new connections! Enjoy gamification features and online networking opportunities.


The conference includes industry inspiration and leaves plenty of time for you to absorb and take in all the information you gain. Offering flexibility, lots of options, and even some surprises, APTConnect is a great virtual education conference!

Each session you attend will earn you 1 Continuing Education Credit (CEC) as long as you attend the entirety of it.


Late (9/25 - 10/11): $99 Members | $119 Future Members
Session Sponsorships: $100

Session Sponsorships include:
  • Marketing in the APTConnect platform. You can provide a video to be placed on the session description page along with your company logo.
  • Logo in the slide deck template used by speaker
  • Introduce the session speaker, live on camera!
  • List of ALL conference attendees post event, not simply the session sponsored
  • Marketing on social media
To sponsor, log into your WMFHA account and click "Register Here" above.

Thanks to our session sponsors!

1UP Floors
ALN Apartment Data
Apartment Advantage Staffing
Brightview Landscape Services
Catchall Environmental
Fast Water Heaters
Nexus Systems
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith Maintenance Technician Windsor Crossing
Aayana Thatch
Aayana Thatch Assistant Community Director Encore
Adan Magana
Adan Magana Avenue5
Ailen Lucinario
Ailen Lucinario Community Director Coronado Springs
Albree Hebert
Albree Hebert Regional Director Thrive Communities
Aleksandyr Chepurin
Aleksandyr Chepurin Maintenance Supervisor Bella Sonoma
Alexandra Torns
Alexandra Torns Property Manager The Morrow
Alexandria Gerke
Alexandria Gerke Community Director The Pop
Alexis Wood
Alexis Wood Property Manager Overlook at Lakemont
Alicia Patterson
Alicia Patterson Assistant Property Manager Adirondack Lodge
Alisa Kelley
Alisa Kelley Regional Manager Security Properties Residential
Allison Schumer
Allison Schumer Community Manager Avignon Townhomes
Alma Gonzalez
Alma Gonzalez Community Manager Carnahan Glenn
Alyssa Olander
Alyssa Olander Community Manager The Century
Amanda Belknap
Amanda Belknap Property Manager The Madison Bellevue
Amanda Burt
Amanda Burt Lion's Gate Apartments
Amanda Gunn
Amanda Gunn Regional Manager Rockwood Property Management
Amanda Jinkens
Amanda Jinkens Community Manager Yarrowood Highlands
Amanda Riendeau
Amanda Riendeau Leasing Agent Windsor Crossing
Amanda Schindler
Amanda Schindler Community Manager Evans Creek at Woodbridge
Amanda Sommer
Amanda Sommer Senior Director Cushman & Wakefield
Amanda Thomson
Amanda Thomson Executive Portfolio Manager FPI Management
Amber Burgess
Amber Burgess Property Manager Riverside at Trutina
Amber Heim
Amber Heim Community Manager SCG Rollin Street Flats, LLC
Amy Curtis
Amy Curtis Investment Manager Indigo Real Estate Services
Ana Suarez
Ana Suarez Property Campus Manager AMLI - South Lake Union
Andrea North-Hale
Andrea North-Hale Account Executive Commercial Cleaning Services ABODA by RESIDE
Andrew Guest
Andrew Guest Maintenance Director Insite Property Solutions
Andrew Matusik
Andrew Matusik Property Manager Adirondack Lodge
Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts Community Manager Origin Apartments
Andy Rockstead
Andy Rockstead Community Director Terra
Anela Bucan
Anela Bucan Property Manager Casablanca
Angela Monroe
Angela Monroe Property Manager Avenue5 Residential
Angela Sorenson
Angela Sorenson Community Manager Uptown 7
Angelete White
Angelete White Community Manager Autumn Village
Anique Param
Anique Param Community Director Align
Anthony Gibbs
Anthony Gibbs Maintenance Supervisor Villas at Auburn
April Ramsey
April Ramsey Regional Manager Pillar Properties
April Richardson
April Richardson Senior Leasing Agent The Benjamin Lofts
Arissa King
Arissa King Assistant Manager The Verge
Ashley Cantrell
Ashley Cantrell Community Manager Estates at Hillside Gardens
Ashley Foster
Ashley Foster Business Manager Reserve at Auburn
Ashley Jacomimi
Ashley Jacomimi Leasing Professional Encore
Ashley Lecaros
Ashley Lecaros Community Manager AMLI - Mark 24
Ashley Silva
Ashley Silva Assistant Manager Northpoint
Ashlie Niccum
Ashlie Niccum Assistant Manager Orion
Audra Shumway
Audra Shumway Property Manager Kently Pointe
Austin Emery
Austin Emery Community Manager LionsGate North
Azure Surls
Azure Surls Leasing Agent Miramonte
Bailey Corsi
Bailey Corsi Community Manager Lock Vista
Barbra Larsson
Barbra Larsson Community Manager Allied Residential
Beate Van
Beate Van Assistant Manager Trax at DuPont Station
Ben Beehner
Ben Beehner Senior Property Manager Taluswood
Benjamin Watts
Benjamin Watts Maintenance Supervisor The Danforth
Benny Willmore
Benny Willmore Maintenance Technician Highline at Kendall Yards
Beth Wennergren
Beth Wennergren Senior Director FPI Management
Bill Clemens
Bill Clemens Community Manager Montair @ Somerset Hill
Brandy Kayser
Brandy Kayser Community Manager Ventana
Brandy Ramsey
Brandy Ramsey Regional Manager Goodman Real Estate
Branka Vujic
Branka Vujic Manhattan
Brett McCandlish
Brett McCandlish Maintenance Supervisor Bailey Farm Apartments
Brian Peterson
Brian Peterson Community Manager Anthology
Brian Theriault
Brian Theriault Community Manager Villages at South Station
Brice Becement
Brice Becement Hall Equities Group
Brittany Johnson
Brittany Johnson Community Manager Winsley
Brittany Roberts
Brittany Roberts Property Manager Avenue5 Residential
Brittney Cunningham
Brittney Cunningham Property Manager The Summit at Lake Union
Brittney Wallingford
Brittney Wallingford Property Manager Avaya Trails
Brittney Ziebell
Brittney Ziebell Property Manager Echo Mountain
Brooke Renshaw
Brooke Renshaw Community Manager The Heights at Bear Creek
Brooke Thomas
Brooke Thomas Leasing Professional Tressa
Bryan Carroll
Bryan Carroll Maintenance Technician The Benjamin Lofts
Bryan Whitehead
Bryan Whitehead Maintenance Supervisor Honey Creek Apartments
Bryon Jamtaas
Bryon Jamtaas Maintenance Technician Highline at Kendall Yards
Caitlin White
Caitlin White Senior Community Manager Central Park East
Camellia Kor
Camellia Kor Assistant Community Director The Pop
Cara Delozier
Cara Delozier Community Manager Atlas
Carl Knop
Carl Knop Maintenance Technician Camelot Apartments
Carlos Barajas
Carlos Barajas Senior Community Manager Helm
Carlos Barrientos
Carlos Barrientos Maintenance Supervisor Constellation
Casey Sabo
Casey Sabo Community Manager River's Edge
Cassandra Mitchell
Cassandra Mitchell Community Manager Carolina Court
Cassidy Draper
Cassidy Draper Floating Community Ambassador Insite Property Solutions
Chad Neilson
Chad Neilson National VP of Operations One Way Carpet Cleaning and Restoration
Chad Wright
Chad Wright Maintenance Supervisor Sky Sammamish
Chantel Emery
Chantel Emery VP of Operations and Human Resources Insite Property Solutions
Charity Chrisman
Charity Chrisman Area Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Charles Smith
Charles Smith Maintenance Lead Brookhaven
Chea Morgan
Chea Morgan Property Manager McKenzie
Chelsea Landon
Chelsea Landon Marketing Director Pacific Living Properties
Chenda Sanchez
Chenda Sanchez Assistant Community Manager Verandas
Chris Najera
Chris Najera Maintenance Supervisor Insite Property Solutions
Chris Schwab
Chris Schwab Training and Development Associate GRE Management
Chris Skoglund
Chris Skoglund Maintenance Supervisor Avenue5 Residential
Christina Chisholm
Christina Chisholm Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Cimone Grace
Cimone Grace Community Director - Multi-Site Encore
Cindy Johnson
Cindy Johnson Property Manager Terra Heights
Cindy Lee
Cindy Lee Property Manager Camelot Apartments
Claudia Lytton
Claudia Lytton Vice President of Operations Avenue5 Residential
Colleen Carr
Colleen Carr Vice President Allied Residential
Colleen Patterson
Colleen Patterson Community Mananger Dockside
Cortni Larson
Cortni Larson Assistant Community Manager AMLI - Mark 24
Courtney Callahan
Courtney Callahan Community Manager Hampton Greens
Crystal Byers
Crystal Byers Physical Asset Manager Rockwood Property Management
Crystal Esposito
Crystal Esposito Senior Business Manager Crestview West Apartments
Crystal Guerrero
Crystal Guerrero Property Manager Encore
Crystal Hammond
Crystal Hammond Regional Manager Pacific Living Properties
Crystal Kursa
Crystal Kursa Property Manager Insignia
Cynthia Mace
Cynthia Mace Portfolio Manager Insite Property Solutions
Cyrus Fayazi
Cyrus Fayazi Community Manager Pratt Park
D Brown
D Brown Service Supervisor The Bower
Dajinai Lasenby
Dajinai Lasenby Leasing Agent Merrill Creek
Damion Cox
Damion Cox Maintenance Technician The Spencer 68
Dan Klukas
Dan Klukas Leasing Agent Highline at Kendall Yards
Danice Cabias
Danice Cabias Assistant Manager Neely Station Apartments
Daniel Czegledi
Daniel Czegledi Maintenance Technician Windsor Crossing
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez Maintenance Supervisor The Regent at Bellevue
Daniella Tobar
Daniella Tobar Community Manager The 104 Apartments
Danielle Pete
Danielle Pete Sr. Leasing Specialist Monterra Apartments
Danielle Rutledge
Danielle Rutledge Senior Property Manager Ascend
Darcy Eakins
Darcy Eakins Community Manager Charbern
Dave Voss
Dave Voss The Maverick
David Tarble
David Tarble Community Manager Palouse Apartments
Deanna Parker
Deanna Parker Property Manager The Carillon
Debra Ragland
Debra Ragland Portfolio Manager HNN Communities
Dezeri Hillaby
Dezeri Hillaby Community Manager Cambridge Court Apts
Dianne Fernandez
Dianne Fernandez Community Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Diloc Ho
Diloc Ho Service Supervisor Twenty20 Mad
Donald Sobb
Donald Sobb Portfolio Manager FPI Management
Donalyn Phillips
Donalyn Phillips Community Director Salish Flats
Doug Frelin
Doug Frelin Regional Maintenance Manager Epic Asset Management, Inc
Duran Crain
Duran Crain Community Manager Twenty20 Mad
Dustin Green
Dustin Green Community Manager Cerasa
Dustin Horlander
Dustin Horlander Maintenance Tech Windsor Crossing
Ed Fong
Ed Fong Maintenance Technician Adirondack Lodge
Eduardo Porath
Eduardo Porath Community Manager Griffis North Creek Bothell
Edward Baza
Edward Baza Maintenance supervisor Ridgegate
Elese Newman
Elese Newman Community Manager 95 Burnett
Emma Akervold
Emma Akervold The Verge
Erin Pritchard
Erin Pritchard office manager The Royce Group, Inc.
Evan Harder
Evan Harder Community Director Sky Sammamish
Felicty Alexander
Felicty Alexander Community Manager Modera Redmond
Ferdie Gudinez
Ferdie Gudinez Service Supervisor Winsley
Gabrielle Diaz
Gabrielle Diaz Property Manager The Verge
Gary Botkin
Gary Botkin Maintenance Supervisor Excalibur apartments
Genisis Stanley
Genisis Stanley Assistant Community Director Bella Sonoma
George Fu
George Fu Maintenance Supervisor Pinewood Square Apartments
Gina Worden
Gina Worden Portfolio Manager FPI Management
Gloria Daskalakas
Gloria Daskalakas Community Manager The Regent at Bellevue
Greg Strom
Greg Strom Assistant Community Manager Delano Apartments
Hailey Gorman
Hailey Gorman CRS Property Manager Epic Asset Management
Halie Gerde
Halie Gerde Assistant Community Director The 104 Apartments
Heather Diambri-Marohl
Heather Diambri-Marohl Community Manager Haven
Heather Fahey
Heather Fahey Portfolio Manager Insite Property Solutions
Heather Rivas
Heather Rivas Business Manager Cedar Heights
Helen LaChance
Helen LaChance Community Manager Dearborn Apartments
Ingrid Conerly
Ingrid Conerly Community Manager AMLI - Wallingford
Ingrid Schafer
Ingrid Schafer Project Manager Allied Residential
Irene Sipe
Irene Sipe Community Manager Cambridge
Issac Clifton
Issac Clifton Property Manager Rivet
Jack Terrill
Jack Terrill Maintenance Supervisor The 104 Apartments
Jamaiya McNair
Jamaiya McNair Leasing Agent Coronado Springs
James Foss
James Foss Maintenance Supervisor Casablanca
James Guzek
James Guzek Community Manager Orchard Ridge
James Sizemore
James Sizemore Maintenance Supervisor Langara
James Tirpak
James Tirpak Regional Property Manager Greystar
Jamie Toppen
Jamie Toppen Regional Manager 207 East
Jamie White
Jamie White Landlord Sweet Olive LLC
Janelle Allen
Janelle Allen Stockbridge
Janet Ramos
Janet Ramos Community Manager Valdok
Jarrett Fontanes
Jarrett Fontanes Maintenance Supervisor Northshore Townhomes
Jasmine Ingram
Jasmine Ingram Assistant Community Manager The Regent at Bellevue
Jason Fairbanks
Jason Fairbanks Maintenance Supervisor Boardwalk
Jazzmine Eisen
Jazzmine Eisen Assistant Community Director The Spencer 68
Jeanele Bolder
Jeanele Bolder Regional Trainer Pacific Living Properties
Jeanne Rispoli
Jeanne Rispoli Community Manager Honey Creek Apartments
Jenna Atchison
Jenna Atchison Regional Manager Allied Residential
Jennifer Cox
Jennifer Cox Investment Portfolio Manager GRE Management
Jennifer Erickson
Jennifer Erickson Operations Specialist Greystar Real Estate Services
Jennifer Pertzborn
Jennifer Pertzborn Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Jennifer Semenov
Jennifer Semenov Property Manager BEAM
Jennifer Stevenson
Jennifer Stevenson Assistant Community Director Coronado Springs
Jennifer Vivette
Jennifer Vivette Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Jenny Richards
Jenny Richards Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Jeremy Haubrich
Jeremy Haubrich Leasing Consultant West Mall Place
Jessica Portch
Jessica Portch Community Manager Northshore Townhomes
Joanne Woods
Joanne Woods Regional Manager Pacific Living Properties
Jody Johnson
Jody Johnson Regional Property Manager Black Realty Management, Inc.
Jonathan Bras
Jonathan Bras Maintenance Technician Epic Asset Management, Inc
Jordan Boucher
Jordan Boucher Community Manager Neely Station Apartments
Joseph Watson
Joseph Watson Maintenance Supervisor Echo Mountain
Josh Patton
Josh Patton Maintenance Technician Highline at Kendall Yards
Joyce Kim
Joyce Kim Property Manager Gilman Square
Julianne Figliola
Julianne Figliola Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Julie Rounds
Julie Rounds Regional Adminstrator Pacific Living Properties
Julie Ryan
Julie Ryan Assistant Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Julie Strote
Julie Strote Senior Community Manager Greystar
Juniper Glihsmann
Juniper Glihsmann Community Director Bella Sonoma
Justin Dean
Justin Dean Maintenance Supervisor The Pop
Justin Mendez
Justin Mendez Assistant Manager Bitterroot Lodge
Kaeli Pugsley
Kaeli Pugsley Community Manager Vue25
Kailey Johnson
Kailey Johnson Director of Reputation Management Pacific Living Properties
Kaily Irons-Fuda
Kaily Irons-Fuda Financial Manager Via6
Kara Roy
Kara Roy Community Director The Residences at 3295
Kara Sundqvist
Kara Sundqvist Regional Manager Tarragon Property Services
Karrina Young-Neal
Karrina Young-Neal Community Manager Willows Court
Karyn Grindstaff
Karyn Grindstaff Director, Real Estate Greystar Real Estate Services
KaSheen Brown
KaSheen Brown Community Manager Ellis Court
Katie Crothers
Katie Crothers Property Manager Windsor Crossing
Katie Ferguson
Katie Ferguson Property Manager Boardwalk
Kayley Kirmse
Kayley Kirmse Community Manager Johnson Hill
Keith Ponis
Keith Ponis Community Manager Greystar - Equinox
Kelli Cousineau
Kelli Cousineau Community Manager The M Apartments
Kelly Coonley
Kelly Coonley Community Manager Signature Pointe Apartments
Kendehl Rojanasthien
Kendehl Rojanasthien Vice President of Asset Management Thrive Communities
Kerra Lampman Warnke
Kerra Lampman Warnke Community Director Tressa
Kevin Hanson
Kevin Hanson The Mercer
Khrystina Pedro
Khrystina Pedro Community Manager Arbor Pointe
Kiel Curtis
Kiel Curtis Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Kim Sample
Kim Sample President Black Realty Management, Inc.
Kimberly Board
Kimberly Board District Manager / Property Manager Woodcliffe
Kimberly Dvorcek
Kimberly Dvorcek Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Kimberly Travis
Kimberly Travis Ballinger Commons
Kiril Urekeanu
Kiril Urekeanu Assistant Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Kori Pomeroy
Kori Pomeroy Community Director View by Vintage
Krista Johnson
Krista Johnson Assistant Community Manager Twenty20 Mad
Kristie Byrd
Kristie Byrd Community Manager The Mercer
Kristin Duncan
Kristin Duncan Griffis Lake Washington
Kristin Lipp
Kristin Lipp Community Manager Capitol Hill Station
Kristy Huffman
Kristy Huffman Community Director Junction
Kurtis Converse
Kurtis Converse Regional Maintenance Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Kyle Notturno
Kyle Notturno Assistant Community Director Sky Sammamish
Kyle Sherron
Kyle Sherron Field Operations Technician Insite Property Solutions
Lacy Devela
Lacy Devela Senior Director FPI Management
LaDon Beck
LaDon Beck Indigo Real Estate Services
Larissa Ranz
Larissa Ranz Community Manager Villas at Auburn
Larry Skay
Larry Skay Property Manager Park 212
Laura Bach
Laura Bach Senior Regional Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Laura McGuire
Laura McGuire Asset Manager First Pointe Management Group
Lauree Scheiber
Lauree Scheiber Regional Manager Security Properties Residential
Leah Colley
Leah Colley Community Manager Reserve at Lacey
LeAnna Bell
LeAnna Bell Area Manager Weidner Apartment Homes
Leanna Hangen
Leanna Hangen Community Amassador The 104 Apartments
Leslie Hovey
Leslie Hovey Property Manager Bailey Farm Apartments
Leslie Orcullo
Leslie Orcullo Community Manager Altitude 104
Libby Patton
Libby Patton Property Manager The Benjamin Lofts
Linda Lander
Linda Lander Senior Regional Portfolio Manager Security Properties Residential
Lindsay DeBoard
Lindsay DeBoard Community Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Lindsay Fitzhugh
Lindsay Fitzhugh Community Manager Copper Creek
Lindsey Chukueke
Lindsey Chukueke Senior Community Manager Via6
Lindsey Schneider
Lindsey Schneider Property Manager The Maverick
Lindy Michlig
Lindy Michlig Community Manager Promenade at the Park Apartments
Logan McDonald
Logan McDonald Leasing Agent Highline at Kendall Yards
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez Maintenance Supervisor LINQ Lofts + Flats
Madi Malmborg
Madi Malmborg Assistant Community Director The Spencer 68
Madison Barr
Madison Barr Regional Trainer Coordinator Pacific Living Properties
Madison Miller
Madison Miller Leasing Professional Valdok
Mai Villar
Mai Villar Assistant Manager Arbor Pointe
Malli Maurer
Malli Maurer Operations Manager Griffis Lake Washington
Manuel Jimenez
Manuel Jimenez Maintenance Supervisor Woodstone
Manuela Chapman
Manuela Chapman Community Manager Arterra
Marcel Jordan
Marcel Jordan Maintenance Supervisor The Residences at 3295
Maria LeMaster
Maria LeMaster Property Manager Sylva on Main
Marie Horner
Marie Horner Regional Manager FPI Management
Mark Haldi
Mark Haldi Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Marlon Robbinson
Marlon Robbinson Leasing Manager Tressa
Mary Connolly
Mary Connolly Manager Trax at DuPont Station
Mathew Tenchka
Mathew Tenchka Operations Manager Security Properties Residential
Matt Andrews
Matt Andrews Portfolio Manager / Vice President Allied Residential
Matt Tuell
Matt Tuell Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Megan Livingston
Megan Livingston Property Manager Campo Basso
Melina Cooper
Melina Cooper Community Manager Solara
Melissa Meloni
Melissa Meloni Regional Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Melissa Piatt
Melissa Piatt Community Manager Fir Tree Park
Meranda Fritz
Meranda Fritz Community Manager Valley Vista
Michael Durnian
Michael Durnian Project Manager Allied Residential
Michael Hernandez
Michael Hernandez Maintenance Supervisor Allegro at Ash Creek
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Sr. Property Manager The Meyden
Michelle Delorme
Michelle Delorme Community Manager GRACE PLACE
Michelle Rautenberg
Michelle Rautenberg Portfolio Manager HNN Communities
Mike Chesley
Mike Chesley Maintenance Supervisor Sylva on Main
Mike McKinney
Mike McKinney Maintenance Supervisor Lakeview Village
Mike Roos
Mike Roos Community Manager Rockwood Lodge
Mike Simons
Mike Simons President Allied Residential
Moises Rodriguez
Moises Rodriguez Service Supervisor Valdok
Mona Turner
Mona Turner Community Director Renton Sage
Natasha Amira
Natasha Amira Senior Vice President of Operations Avenue5 Residential
Nathan Knopp
Nathan Knopp Maintenance Supervisor West Mall Place
Nicholas Crum
Nicholas Crum Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Nick Colglazier
Nick Colglazier Regional Portfolio Manager FPI Management
Nicole Crumb
Nicole Crumb Area Regional Manager GRE Management
Nicole Heins
Nicole Heins Community Manager Echo Lake
Nikki Bailey
Nikki Bailey Regional Property Manager Greystar
Noe Quezada
Noe Quezada Maintenance Adirondack Lodge
Olga Mezgova
Olga Mezgova Marketing Specialist HNN Communities
Olga Pusyak
Olga Pusyak Leasing Professional Casablanca
Paul Martinez
Paul Martinez Community Manager Delano Apartments
Paula Gamble
Paula Gamble Community Manager Westview Village
Payje Schultz-Leef
Payje Schultz-Leef Leasing Agent Adirondack Lodge
Phillip Reinert
Phillip Reinert Property Manager Brookstone at Edgewater
Preston Orourke
Preston Orourke Community Manager Audrey at Belltown
Rachel Phinney
Rachel Phinney Regional Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Randel Hillquist
Randel Hillquist Maintenance Supervisor Renton Sage
Randi Kisskeys-Sanchez
Randi Kisskeys-Sanchez Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Rebecca Chapman
Rebecca Chapman Assistant Community Director Terra
Regan Kimes
Regan Kimes Roving Property Manager First Pointe Management Group
Rheanna Hare
Rheanna Hare Assistant Community Manager Griffis Lake Washington
Ricky Heredia
Ricky Heredia Community Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Rima Edmonds
Rima Edmonds Regional Portfolio Manager FPI Management
Robbie Nicpon
Robbie Nicpon Property Manager Pinewood Square Apartments
Robert Frosco
Robert Frosco Service Supervisor Axle
Rocky Jeet
Rocky Jeet Regional Property Manager Cushman Wakefield
Roman Skumatov
Roman Skumatov Maintenance Technician Bitterroot Lodge
RoseMarie Peyton
RoseMarie Peyton Director of Training Tarragon Property Services
Roxane Loera
Roxane Loera Investment Portfolio Manager GRE Management
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas Leasing Consultant AMLI - Wallingford
Ryan Yetter
Ryan Yetter Community Manager Black Realty
Sabas Manriquez
Sabas Manriquez Maintenance Technician Promenade
Sam Darko
Sam Darko Senior Maintenance Supervisor Pratt Park
Samuel Reynolds
Samuel Reynolds Regional Manager Security Properties Residential
Sarah Hernandez
Sarah Hernandez Community Manager Sancerre Apartments
Schick Soto
Schick Soto Community Manager Mysa
Scott Lee
Scott Lee Assistant Manager Axle
Sean Teodoro
Sean Teodoro Property Manager Serra Vista
Shamia Buksh
Shamia Buksh Property Manager On the Green
Shana Martin
Shana Martin Community Director Yauger Park Villas
Shane Ganesh
Shane Ganesh Community Ambassador LINQ Lofts + Flats
Shannon Dustin
Shannon Dustin Vice President Pacific Living Properties
Shannon Rust
Shannon Rust Community Manager LINQ Lofts + Flats
Shar Eller
Shar Eller Sr. Technical Trainer ConAm Management
Shauna McAllister
Shauna McAllister Regional Property Manager Spring Lake Apartments
Shelby Moen
Shelby Moen Marketing Coordinator Pacific Living Properties
Shelleen Nolen
Shelleen Nolen Property Operations Manager Surrey Downs Apartments
Sheri Druckman
Sheri Druckman Vice President of Business Development Sares Regis Group
Sidney Mitchell
Sidney Mitchell Senior Community Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Sierra Scott
Sierra Scott Leasing Professional Terra
Sonya Flores
Sonya Flores Assistant Community Manager The Bower
Stacey Wold
Stacey Wold Community Manager Villas at Arlington
Stacie Frazier
Stacie Frazier Community Mangager Verandas
Stefanie Rice
Stefanie Rice Portfolio Manager HNN Communities
Stephanie Carpenter
Stephanie Carpenter Community Manager Desert Villas
Stephanie Fromont
Stephanie Fromont Regional Manager Black Realty Management, Inc.
Stephanie Slendebroek
Stephanie Slendebroek Regional Manager FPI Management
Stephen Sybrant
Stephen Sybrant Maintenance Supervisor Junction
Sue Brewer
Sue Brewer Community Manager Hostmark Village Cove
Susan Musselman
Susan Musselman Community Manager Heatherstone Apartments
Susan Washington
Susan Washington Assistant Property Manager Terra Heights
Sydney Parmalee
Sydney Parmalee Director FPI Management
Tammy Youngblood
Tammy Youngblood Assistant Property Manager Highline at Kendall Yards
Tara Eno
Tara Eno Community Manager The Bower
Tasha Witherspoon
Tasha Witherspoon Property Manager The Lyric
Taylor Morgan
Taylor Morgan Community Manager The Shelby
Taylore Burgin
Taylore Burgin Property Manager Augusta
TBD TBD Community Manager First Pointe Management Group
Terry Mathews
Terry Mathews Maintenance Technician Riverside at Trutina
Theresa Patterson
Theresa Patterson Senior Leasing Consultant Windsor Crossing
Tiffany Chmukh
Tiffany Chmukh Regional Manager The Landing at Port Gardner
Tim Fruen
Tim Fruen Maintenance Supervisor Yauger Park Villas
Tina Christiansen
Tina Christiansen Principal Palladium Real Estate Services
Tina Pletsch
Tina Pletsch Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Tisha Goodman
Tisha Goodman Regional Manager Rockwood Property Management
Tom Schwarz
Tom Schwarz Community Manager Guinevere
Trevor McNichols
Trevor McNichols Senior Community Manager Alaire
Trisha Kenney
Trisha Kenney Property Manager Avaya Ridge
Troy Costello
Troy Costello Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Tyler Keith
Tyler Keith Maintenance Supervisor The Heights at Bear Creek
Tynia Thoreson
Tynia Thoreson Regional Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Tyson Ocheltree
Tyson Ocheltree Property Manager 2000 Lake Washington
Vadim Golgart
Vadim Golgart Maintenance Supervisor The Carillon
Valerie Hill
Valerie Hill Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Vanessa Torres
Vanessa Torres Property Manager Avenue5 Residential
Vanessa-Kay Dalit
Vanessa-Kay Dalit Community Director The BLVD
Veaceslav Popescu
Veaceslav Popescu Maintenance Supervisor Yarrowood Highlands
Velizara Aleksandrova
Velizara Aleksandrova Assistant Property Manager Excalibur
Whitney Lawrence
Whitney Lawrence Community Manager Pacific Village
Wini Leung
Wini Leung Regional Property Manager LMC, A Lennar Company
Yadira Fuentes
Yadira Fuentes Community Manager Woodstone
Ylana Nelson
Ylana Nelson Property Manager Avenue5 Residential
Yvette Larkins
Yvette Larkins Assistant Community Manager Merrill Creek
Yvonne Otim
Yvonne Otim Admin Trainer First Pointe Management Group
101 Other Registered Attendees


October 12
9:01 AM - 9:50 AM Maintenance by the Numbers
10:00 AM - 10:50 AM Mastering your Maintenance Routines While Managing Through COVID
11:00 AM - 11:50 AM Front Line Heroes and Onsite Team Relationships
12:00 PM - 12:50 PM The Monster in Your Closet: Water Heaters
October 13
9:00 AM - 9:50 AM Organized Chaos
10:00 AM - 10:50 AM Gen Z: The New Wave of Renters
10:00 AM - 10:50 AM The Virtual Lemonade Stand
11:00 AM - 11:50 AM Front Line Leadership
11:00 AM - 11:50 AM Customer Service with a Smile, Not a Smirk
12:00 PM - 12:50 PM Renewals, Retention, and Rent Increases
12:00 PM - 12:50 PM Control the Conversation: Reputation Management
October 14
9:00 AM - 9:50 AM Incorporating DEI into Sourcing, Interviewing, and Hiring
10:00 AM - 10:50 AM The 12 Cs of Leadership
11:00 AM - 11:50 AM Next Gen Trends: Learning from Emerging Leaders
12:00 PM - 12:50 PM NOI Strategies Emerging from a Pandemic
1:00 PM Learn, Connect, Grow Executive Leadership Panel

For More Information:

Tricia Johnson
Tricia Johnson
Director of Events 4256569077