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EdCon featuring Maintenance Mania! 2022

EdCon featuring Maintenance Mania! 2022

Learn. Connect. Grow.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PDT)

Event Details

EdCon featuring Maintenance Mania! offers something for everyone in the multifamily industry!

Pre-registration is closed!

Maintenance Mania! details for competitors

Classes and Speakers


Day-of Registration (4/20): $119 Members | $149 Future Members


Choose your own multifamily career development adventure! With over 25 60-minute sessions throughout the day, you can plan a focused track or pick and choose to fit your needs. The sessions cover topics in leasing, management, and leadership, maintenance, soft skills, technology, industry trends, and more. 


Meet up with your colleagues, visit the tradeshow floor between sessions, and make new connections! Cheer on your team during Maintenance Mania! and plan to attend the after-party for even more networking.


The conference kicks off with industry inspiration and leaves plenty of time for you to absorb and take in all the information you gain. Offering flexibility, lots of options, and even some celebration, EdCon featuring Maintenance Mania! is the best industry trade show and conference of the year!

Photo Release:
Washington Multi-Family Housing Association (WMFHA) events may be photographed or video recorded. By participating in this event, you consent to your photograph/video recording being used for promotional purposes including but not limited to WMFHA promotional material, website and social media.

A.J. Summa
A.J. Summa Director, Real Estate Greystar Real Estate Services
Aaron Babbel
Aaron Babbel Maintenance Supervisor The Marq on Martin
Aaron Hansen
Aaron Hansen Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Aaron Honig
Aaron Honig Director of Construction Management FPI Management
Aaron Masters
Aaron Masters Maintenance Supervisor Meridian Garden
Abigail Deaton
Abigail Deaton Client Relationship Manager Catchall Environmental
Adam Outtrim
Adam Outtrim Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Adan Magana
Adan Magana The Commons
Addie Correa
Addie Correa Regional Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Addison Carr
Addison Carr Property Manager 2nd Street Apartments
Adrianna Lusk
Adrianna Lusk Community Manager Mod83
Aidin Edraki
Aidin Edraki Regional Maintenance Manager Avenue5 Residential
Aisha Nunley
Aisha Nunley Community Manager GRE-M
Aisha Nunley
Aisha Nunley Community Manager Junction 160
Alana Talley
Alana Talley Community Manager Vue Kirkland
Albree Hebert
Albree Hebert Regional Director Thrive Communities
Aleda Humann
Aleda Humann Community Manager Norland Trails
Alex Barnia
Alex Barnia Portfolio Manager Peak Living Property Services
Alex Findlay
Alex Findlay Area Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Alex Watts
Alex Watts Director of Regional Maintenance, PNW Greystar Real Estate Services
Alexandrea Johnson
Alexandrea Johnson Community Manager Thrive Communities
Alexandria Gerke
Alexandria Gerke Community Director The Pop
Alexis Hickman
Alexis Hickman Administrative Assistant Indigo Real Estate
Alexis Lanier
Alexis Lanier Community Manager Kendall Ridge
Alexis Wood
Alexis Wood Property Manager Overlook at Lakemont
Alicia Carrithers
Alicia Carrithers Marketing and Business Development Manager Pacific Fitness Products
Alicia Gonzalez
Alicia Gonzalez Property Manager Coast Property Management
Alicia Torres
Alicia Torres Business Development Manager Precision Concrete Cutting
Alicia Vennes
Alicia Vennes CEO Stars Staffing Group
Alisha Baker
Alisha Baker Property Manager The Madison Bellevue
Alison Antoku
Alison Antoku Property Management Sales Representative The Sherwin Williams Co.
Allison Cafaro
Allison Cafaro Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Allison Schumer
Allison Schumer Community Manager Avignon Townhomes
Alyssa Madrigal
Alyssa Madrigal Community Director Portsmith Apartment Homes
Alyssa Struve
Alyssa Struve Community Manager Park South
Amanda Jinkens
Amanda Jinkens Community Manager Yarrowood Highlands
Amanda McBroom
Amanda McBroom Property Manager Oslo
Amanda Olsoy
Amanda Olsoy Assistant Manager Coast Property Management
Amanda Wolf Erickson
Amanda Wolf Erickson Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Amanda Zayas
Amanda Zayas Community Manager Newport Crossing
Amber Boisineau
Amber Boisineau Community Manager Griffis North Creek Bothell
Amber Summers
Amber Summers Property Manager Aspire Apartments at Mountlake Terrace
Amy Abernathy
Amy Abernathy Regional Property Manager Mack Property Management
Amy Brainin
Amy Brainin Community Manager Simpson Property Group
Amy Laramore
Amy Laramore Senior Director, Asset Services Cushman & Wakefield
Amy Nation
Amy Nation Community Manager Grand View
Ana Chavez
Ana Chavez Community Manager Seasons
Ana Suarez
Ana Suarez Property Campus Manager AMLI - South Lake Union
Anders Redfern
Anders Redfern Maintenance Supervisor Sawyer Trail
Andrea Combs
Andrea Combs General Manager Clean Exteriors LLC
Andrea Hale
Andrea Hale Account Executive Commercial Cleaning Services ABODA by RESIDE
Andres Nunez-Contreras
Andres Nunez-Contreras Service Technician Park 120
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis General Manager Restoration Envy, LLC
Andrew Guest
Andrew Guest Maintenance Director Insite Property Solutions
Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts Property Manager Paceline / Geo
Andy Rockstead
Andy Rockstead Area Supervisor Terra
Andy Yeager
Andy Yeager Marketing Director Allied Residential
Anela Bucan
Anela Bucan Property Manager Epic Asset Management
Angela Sorenson
Angela Sorenson Community Manager Midtown 15
Angie Bentler
Angie Bentler Director of Asset Management Pacific Crest Real Estate, LLC
Ani Shivachev
Ani Shivachev Assistant Community Manager Shorewood Heights
Anique Param
Anique Param Community Director Align
Ann Hart
Ann Hart Advisor, Commercial Insurance HUB International Limited
Anna Vann
Anna Vann Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Annette Barbeau
Annette Barbeau Meadowbrook
Annie McRae
Annie McRae Community Director Leavenworth Haus
Anthony Gibbs
Anthony Gibbs Maintenance Supervisor Villas at Auburn
April Fisher
April Fisher Community Manager Enve
Armando Piña
Armando Piña Maintenance Supervisor The Carter on the Park
Ashley Foster
Ashley Foster Business Manager Reserve at Auburn
Ashley Lecaros
Ashley Lecaros Community Manager AMLI - Mark 24
Ashley Souto
Ashley Souto Marketing Manager HNN Communities
Ashley Wik
Ashley Wik Community Manager Leilani on Greenwood
Ashlie Niccum
Ashlie Niccum Community Manager City Views
Ashton Dall
Ashton Dall Maintenance Technician Walls Property Management
Batul Hashmi
Batul Hashmi Assistant Manager Lincoln Property Company
Becki Rabe
Becki Rabe Regional Property Manager GRAN, Inc
Benjamin Pritchard
Benjamin Pritchard Maintenance Supervisor Sunset Pond Apartments
Benjamin Ruff
Benjamin Ruff Regional Account Manager First OnSite Property Restoration
Benjamin Watts
Benjamin Watts Maintenance Supervisor The Danforth
Beth Wennergren
Beth Wennergren Senior Director FPI Management
Bethany Tuiasosopo
Bethany Tuiasosopo Assistant Community Manager Orenda at Othello Square
Betty Halbert
Betty Halbert South End Maintenance Tech Park 16
Bill Tarnecki
Bill Tarnecki Maintenance Supervisor The Knolls at Inglewood Hill
Bill Wojdak
Bill Wojdak President Genesis Credit Management
Bob Gil
Bob Gil Maintenance Supervisor Riverside Park
Brad Snodgrass
Brad Snodgrass Regional Sales Manager Finnmark Property Services
Brad Wuerer
Brad Wuerer NW Regional VP of Property Management Pacific Living Properties
Brandon Feder
Brandon Feder Business Development Manager BluSky Restoration Contractors
Brandy House
Brandy House Community Manager Pacific Walk Apartments
Brandy Kayser
Brandy Kayser Community Manager Ventana
Brandyn Carroll
Brandyn Carroll Project Manager Venturi Restoration
Brantley Bull
Brantley Bull Maintenance Manager Bell Totem Lake
Brendon Walsh
Brendon Walsh Maintenance Response Team Coordinator Allied Residential
Brett McCandlish
Brett McCandlish Maintenance Supervisor Bailey Farm Apartments
Brett Stevens
Brett Stevens Vice President Fairfield Residential
Brett Waller
Brett Waller General Counsel HNN Communities
Brian Biladeau
Brian Biladeau Community Manager Saratoga Capital, Inc
Brian Peterson
Brian Peterson Maintenance Technician Waterline
Brian Stanford
Brian Stanford Regional Sales Manager-West Traka Americas ASSA ABLOY
Brie Kuhn
Brie Kuhn Sales Associate WasteXperts Inc
Brittani Boyovich
Brittani Boyovich Community Manager Forest Hilll Village
Brittany Doust
Brittany Doust Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Brittany Flajole
Brittany Flajole Vice President, HR Thrive Communities
Brittany Fortman
Brittany Fortman Property Manager Bellwether Apartments
Brittany Gray
Brittany Gray Assistant Manager Bellwether Apartments
Brittany Johnson
Brittany Johnson Community Manager Winsley
Britten Haskin
Britten Haskin Facility Manager SUHRCO Residential Properties LLC, AMO®
Brittney Wallingford
Brittney Wallingford Property Manager Avaya Trails
Brittney Ziebell
Brittney Ziebell Property Manager Echo Mountain
Bruce Smith
Bruce Smith Director of Regional Maintenance Tarragon Property Services
Bryan Whitehead
Bryan Whitehead Maintenance Supervisor Honey Creek Apartments
Brycen Horton
Brycen Horton Maintenance Technician Alpine Ridge - Heritage Park
Caitlin Birkenbuel
Caitlin Birkenbuel Marketing Manager - MDU Ziply Fiber LLC
Caitlin McAdamn
Caitlin McAdamn Community Manager Park Metro
Caitlin White
Caitlin White Senior Community Manager Central Park East
Caleb Parrotte
Caleb Parrotte Project Director Venturi Restoration
Calvin Clevenger
Calvin Clevenger Service Supervisor Chelsea Heights Apartments
Calvin Fleming
Calvin Fleming Maintenance Technician Housing Hope
Camilla Maston
Camilla Maston Maintenance Supervisor Vive
Candace Cabochon
Candace Cabochon Maintenance Supervisor Farm by Vintage
Cara Delozier
Cara Delozier Community Manager Atlas
Carl Speerstra
Carl Speerstra Regional Vice President - West Coast Zumper
Carla Archambault
Carla Archambault VP of Strategy and Business Development Housing Connector
Carla Morin
Carla Morin Outside Sales Representative - Paint The Sherwin Williams Co.
CarLarans Coles
CarLarans Coles Leasing Professional Radius
Carlos Barajas
Carlos Barajas Senior Community Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Carlos Castellanos
Carlos Castellanos Maintenance Supervisor Dockside
Carly Christofferson
Carly Christofferson Property Manager Wellington
Carly Robbins
Carly Robbins Community Manager Latitude Apartments
Carmen McFarland
Carmen McFarland Portfolio Manager Indigo Real Estate Services
Cary Lundquist
Cary Lundquist Maintenance Supervisor East Union
Cassandra Garcia
Cassandra Garcia Portfolio Coordinator HNN Communities
Cassandra King
Cassandra King Community Manager Palladium RES
Cassidy Draper
Cassidy Draper Floating Community Ambassador The Pop
Catie Friedrich
Catie Friedrich Regional Portfolio Manager FPI Management
Catie Johnson (deleted)
Catie Johnson (deleted) Community Manager Inlet View
Chad Neilson
Chad Neilson National VP of Operations One Way Carpet Cleaning and Restoration
Charity Chrisman
Charity Chrisman Area Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Charles Smith
Charles Smith Maintenance Lead Brookhaven
Charlotte Skoglund
Charlotte Skoglund Area Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Chea Morgan
Chea Morgan Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Chelsea Brannan
Chelsea Brannan Regional Manager Saratoga Capital, Inc
Chelsey Hanson-Reeb
Chelsey Hanson-Reeb Executive Assistant Epic Asset Management, Inc
Chloe Stanfield
Chloe Stanfield Community Manager Chelsea at Juanita Village
Chris Burke
Chris Burke Community Manager Cooper Apartments
Chris Cannon
Chris Cannon Senior T.E.S.S Maintenance Supervisor Thrive Communities
Chris Gertz
Chris Gertz Regional Sales Manager CORT
Chris Najera
Chris Najera Maintenance Supervisor District Flats
Chris Paul
Chris Paul Service Supervisor Greystar
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts Corporate Resource Program Manager Epic Asset Management
Chris Skoglund
Chris Skoglund Maintenance Supervisor Atlas
Christie Butler
Christie Butler Business Developer Brightview Landscape Services
Christina Burkhardt
Christina Burkhardt Operations Analyst Cushman & Wakefield
Christina Ingersoll
Christina Ingersoll Regional; Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Christina Roberts
Christina Roberts First Choice Remodeling, Inc.
Christine Hess
Christine Hess Community Manager Driftwood Apartments
Christine Magpali
Christine Magpali Maintenance Coordinator Walls Property Management
Christopher Williamson
Christopher Williamson Maintenance Supervisor Cue
Christy Broyles
Christy Broyles Regional Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Christyn Castaneda
Christyn Castaneda Asset Manager Palladium RES
Ciara Arnold
Ciara Arnold Community Manager Thrive Communities
Cimone Grace
Cimone Grace Community Director - Multi-Site Cross Creek
Cimone Grace
Cimone Grace Community Director - Multi-Site Encore
Cindy Anthony
Cindy Anthony Community Manager Palladium RES
Cindy Johnson
Cindy Johnson Community Manager Vibe
Claire Shaw
Claire Shaw Regional Manager Fairfield Residential
Cole Sweeten
Cole Sweeten Maintenance Technician Walls Property Management
Colin Webb
Colin Webb Property Manager Cushman and Wakefield
Colleen Patterson
Colleen Patterson Community Mananger Dockside
Corissa Almli
Corissa Almli External Affairs Manager XFINITY Communities
Courtney Bush
Courtney Bush Avenue5 Residential
Courtney Callahan
Courtney Callahan Community Manager Hampton Greens
Craig Turrentine
Craig Turrentine Regional Account Manager First OnSite Property Restoration
Crystal Danninger
Crystal Danninger Senior Community Manager Epic Asset Management
Crystal Kursa
Crystal Kursa Property Manager Insignia
Curt Marzano
Curt Marzano Account Manager Pacific Fitness Products
Cynthia Mace
Cynthia Mace Portfolio Manager Insite Property Solutions
Daisy Scott
Daisy Scott Property Manager Huntington Park
Dakota Bennett
Dakota Bennett Assistant Community Manager Thrive Communities
Damion Cox
Damion Cox Maintenance Technician District Flats
Dan Beary
Dan Beary Regional Sales Manager Fetch
Daniel Becerra
Daniel Becerra Maintenance Supervisor Echo Lake
Daniel Philipov
Daniel Philipov MRT Allied Residential
Daniella Tobar
Daniella Tobar Community Director District Flats
Danielle Kershner
Danielle Kershner Community Manager Morningtree Park
Danielle Rutledge
Danielle Rutledge Senior Property Manager Ascend
Danielle Walsh
Danielle Walsh Arborist SavaTree
Danita Lott
Danita Lott Porter Housing Hope
Danny Romero
Danny Romero Porter Housing Hope
Danny Yeaman
Danny Yeaman Maintenance Supervisor Tarragon Property Services
Dave Barton
Dave Barton Field Account Representative HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Dave Castonguay
Dave Castonguay Outside Sales Associate Ferguson Facilities Supply
Dave Gaede
Dave Gaede Maintenance Supervisor Metropolitan Park
Dave Poirier
Dave Poirier Maintenance Manager Peak Living Property Services
Dave Voss
Dave Voss Pillar Properties
Dave Wendt
Dave Wendt Regional Maintenance Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
David Anderson
David Anderson CEO Puget Sound Signs & Graphics
David Bierer
David Bierer Community Manager Parkside by Lincoln Property Company
David Garcia
David Garcia Waterview
David Hossfeld
David Hossfeld Vice President SageWater
David Ostrer
David Ostrer Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
David Rodda
David Rodda Grandview
David Sandman
David Sandman Regional Maintenance Supervisor Greystar Real Estate Services
David Tillotson
David Tillotson Maintenance Integrations Specialist Avenue5 Residential
David Ward
David Ward Service Supervisor Hampton Court
David Webster
David Webster Renwood Apartment Homes
Dawn Hirschfelt
Dawn Hirschfelt Business Development Manager – Property Management Rodda Paint
Dawn Hong
Dawn Hong Sales Manager Puget Sound Signs & Graphics
Deanna Chase
Deanna Chase Community Director Tower 801
Debra Ragland
Debra Ragland Portfolio Manager HNN Communities
Deena Doerflinger
Deena Doerflinger MDU Account Manager Ziply Fiber LLC
Deisyray Marvin
Deisyray Marvin Account Manager 24ResTech
Denise Weems
Denise Weems Community Manager Mack Property Management
Dennis Willard
Dennis Willard Maintenance Technician Housing Hope
Denny Thostrud
Denny Thostrud CEO AFB Floors
Deon Rhodes
Deon Rhodes Maintenance Technician Housing Hope
Desmond Marzett
Desmond Marzett Community Manager GreyStar
Destiny Holland
Destiny Holland Business Manager Tarragon Property Services
Devante Matthews
Devante Matthews Assistant Community Manager The Queen Anne Collection
Devyn Gildea
Devyn Gildea Business Development Manager Precision Concrete Cutting
Dhafer Ibadi
Dhafer Ibadi Maintenance Supervisor O2
Diana Alfaro
Diana Alfaro Community Manager Crosspointe
Dianne Robinson
Dianne Robinson Field Sales Professional HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Dimitrius Spencer
Dimitrius Spencer Facilities Supervisor Lincoln Property Company
Dina Lange
Dina Lange Everett Area - Sales Rep. Rodda Paint
Don Aselin
Don Aselin Business Development Manager Monarch Tree Services
Don Jacobsen
Don Jacobsen Regional Director of Maintenance Thrive Communities
Don Jenkins
Don Jenkins Maintenance Training and Quality Assurance Manager Tarragon Property Services
Douglas Hunton
Douglas Hunton Maintenance Supervisor Cushman & Wakefield
Dustin Green
Dustin Green Community Manager Broadstone Vin
Eddie Zimmerman
Eddie Zimmerman Regional Director FPI Management
Eduardo Porath
Eduardo Porath Community Manager Griffis Lake Washington
Edward Baza
Edward Baza Maintenance supervisor Ridgegate
Edward Guyette
Edward Guyette Maintenance Supervisor The Shelby
Elizabeth Forkell
Elizabeth Forkell Regional Property Manager Simpson Property Group
Elizbeth Comeaux
Elizbeth Comeaux Business Development Representative Submeter Solutions
Emileigh Kinnear
Emileigh Kinnear Manager Habitat Properties LP
Emily Bryant
Emily Bryant District Manager Apartment Advantage Staffing
Emily Foster
Emily Foster Regional Property Manager AMC, LLC
Emily Jordet
Emily Jordet Property Manger Aspira
Eric Amado
Eric Amado Senior Admin Floating Team Lead Thrive Communities
Eric Graham
Eric Graham Sales Associate, Multifamily Marketing
Eric Johnston
Eric Johnston Maintenance - President Peak Living Property Services
Eric Overhage
Eric Overhage Sales Representative HandyTrac
Eric Rangel
Eric Rangel MRT Allied Residential
Eric Redick
Eric Redick Owner ER Flooring
Eric SIverson
Eric SIverson Ferguson Facilities Supply
Eric Styles
Eric Styles The Plumbing & Drain Company
Erica LaPorte
Erica LaPorte Maintenance Operations Manager Walls Property Management
Erik Dahl
Erik Dahl Senior Community Manager Greystar Management Services, LP
Erik Miller
Erik Miller Regional Property Manager AMC, LLC
Erik Rohde
Erik Rohde Senior Sales and Service Manager Genesis Credit Management
Erin Brewster
Erin Brewster Sales & Marketing Director Catchall Environmental
Erin Heathers
Erin Heathers Regional Manager Epic Asset Management, Inc
Erin Moran
Erin Moran Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Erin San Nicolas
Erin San Nicolas Community Manager Upton Flats
Esteban Giraldo Chacon
Esteban Giraldo Chacon Multisite Maintenance Supervisor LaVie at Queen Anne
Evelyn Wilson
Evelyn Wilson Terrace Manor
Fabio Nakamura
Fabio Nakamura WA Regional Maintenance Supervisor Pacific Living Properties
Farshad Fallah
Farshad Fallah Maintenance Supervisor The Corydon
Felicity Alexander
Felicity Alexander Community Manager Modera Redmond
Francisco Mendez
Francisco Mendez Maintenance Supervisor Anthology
Francisco Miramontes
Francisco Miramontes Maintenance Supervisor Park South
Frank Magana
Frank Magana Community Director Panorama
Gabriel Barry
Gabriel Barry Outside Sales Pacific Lamp & Supply Co.
Gabrielle Faso
Gabrielle Faso Executive Assistant Multifamily Elites
Garrett Acosta
Garrett Acosta Senior Account Executive Alliance Flooring Services
Garry Lundquist
Garry Lundquist Maintenance Supervisor GRE Management
Gary Botkin
Gary Botkin Maintenance Supervisor Epic Asset Managemet
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith Sales/Service Ninja 1UP Floors
Gil Schoonover
Gil Schoonover Community Manager Palladium RES
Glenn (Niko) Leonen
Glenn (Niko) Leonen Senior Maintenance Supervisor Ravenswood
Gloria Freeman
Gloria Freeman Territory Representative AFB Floors
Graham Poulter
Graham Poulter Maintenance Supervisor Coronado Springs
Greg Cerbana
Greg Cerbana Vice President - Public Relations and Govt Affairs Weidner Apartment Homes
Greg Floyd
Greg Floyd Senior Vice President HUB International Northwest LLC
Hailee Grant
Hailee Grant Property Manager Indigo Real Estate Services
Hailey Gorman
Hailey Gorman Executive Assistant Epic Asset Management, Inc
Haley Cross
Haley Cross Assistant Community Manager AMLI Residential
Halie Gerde
Halie Gerde Assistant Community Director The Pop
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith Property Manager Palladium RES
Heather Edwards
Heather Edwards Marketing & Training Director Apartment Advantage Staffing
Heather Fahey
Heather Fahey Director of Operations Insite Property Solutions
Heather Nelson
Heather Nelson Leasing and Marketing Manager Lincoln Property Company
Heather Saldana
Heather Saldana Field Account Representative HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Huong Phung
Huong Phung Regional Trainer Taylor Land Two
Ian Belen
Ian Belen Assistant Property Manager Metroplitan Park
Imelda Aguilar
Imelda Aguilar ART Coordinator, Admin Allied Residential
Isabella Carillo
Isabella Carillo Regional Manager SUHRCO Residential, LLC
Isabella Guitron
Isabella Guitron Community Manager Cascadia at the Lodge
Isabella Restrepo
Isabella Restrepo Marketing Specialist Traka Americas ASSA ABLOY
Issac Clifton
Issac Clifton Property Manager Rivet
Jack Terrill
Jack Terrill Service Supervisor Greystar Real Estate Services
Jake Skochopole
Jake Skochopole Property Manager The Merc
Jake Straight
Jake Straight Maintenance Supervisor West Edge
Jake Thornton
Jake Thornton Maintenance Supervisor Pebble Cove
Jaland Christopher
Jaland Christopher Community Manager Mack Property Management
James Foss
James Foss Maintenance Supervisor Epic Asset Managment
James Malvar
James Malvar Maintenance Technician AMLI Residential
James Ohrn
James Ohrn Area Maintenance Manager Avenue5 Residential
James Tirpak
James Tirpak Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Jamie Hannity
Jamie Hannity Director, Maintenance & Safety Security Properties Residential
Jamie Kennison
Jamie Kennison Senior Account Executive Alliance Flooring Services
Jamie Vos
Jamie Vos General Manager Security Solutions
Jamie-Paul Rizzo
Jamie-Paul Rizzo Distric Manager Avenue5 Residential
Jamil Chavez
Jamil Chavez Property Manager Greenlake Terrace Apartments
Janai Knox
Janai Knox Area Director The Cove
Janay Johnston
Janay Johnston Community Manager Greystar
Jane Ilieva
Jane Ilieva Community Director Lakeside
Jared Bauer
Jared Bauer Commercial Sales and Marketing Representative Servpro of Central Seattle
Jared Gonzales
Jared Gonzales Service Manager Neighborly Ventures, Inc
Jared Scouten
Jared Scouten Maintenance Supervisor Stencil Apartments
Jasmine Ballard
Jasmine Ballard Leasing Professional Greystar Management Services, LP
Jasmine Michael
Jasmine Michael Community Manager - The Woods (Lease Up) Pacific Living Properties
Jason Fairbanks
Jason Fairbanks Maintenance Supervisor Boardwalk
Jason Loughridge
Jason Loughridge Training and Development Specialst GRE Management
Jason Mueller
Jason Mueller Maintenance Supervisor The Carrington
Jason Simpson
Jason Simpson Business Development Manager Fikes Products
Jay Koster
Jay Koster Assistant Property Manager First Pointe Management Group
Jazzmine Eisen
Jazzmine Eisen Assistant Community Director LINQ Lofts + Flats & Flyway Retail + Living
JB Baker
JB Baker Senior Maintenance Supervisor Ballinger Commons
Jeanele Bolder
Jeanele Bolder Regional Trainer Pacific Living Properties
Jeanne Rispoli
Jeanne Rispoli Community Manager Honey Creek Apartments
Jedd McDaniel
Jedd McDaniel Director of Maintenance Allied Residential
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones District Sales Representative Astound
Jeff Sherburne
Jeff Sherburne Porter Housing Hope
Jenna Atchison
Jenna Atchison Senior Community Manager Allied Residential
Jennifer Dent
Jennifer Dent Manager XFINITY Communities
Jennifer Dutson
Jennifer Dutson Renovation Specialist AFB Floors
Jennifer Firth
Jennifer Firth Vice President Buy-Rite Flooring
Jennifer Gumeringer
Jennifer Gumeringer Regional Property Manager Pacific Living Properties
Jennifer Hansen
Jennifer Hansen District Manager Avenue5 Residential
Jennifer Hizon
Jennifer Hizon SUHRCO Residential Properties LLC, AMO®
Jennifer Lacapa
Jennifer Lacapa Community Manager Saratoga Capital, Inc
Jennifer Pertzborn
Jennifer Pertzborn Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Jennifer Staplin
Jennifer Staplin Director of Accounts - West Coast Multifamily Luminous
Jennifer Vivette
Jennifer Vivette Senior Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Jeremiah Beyl
Jeremiah Beyl Regional Account Manager First OnSite Property Restoration
Jeremy Haubrich
Jeremy Haubrich Assistant Community Manager Epic Asset Management
Jeremy Monaghan
Jeremy Monaghan Regional Maintenance Manager Mack Property Management
Jeremy Pool
Jeremy Pool Business Development Specifier Engineered Floors, LLC
Jerry Flynn
Jerry Flynn Maintenance Technician Lead Housing Hope
Jesse Chavez
Jesse Chavez Maintenance HighGrove
Jesse Cooley
Jesse Cooley Director of B.A.S. Programs North Seattle College
Jessica Bean
Jessica Bean Maintenance Technician Housing Hope
Jessica Fowler
Jessica Fowler Multi Site Community Director Riverside 9
Jessica Park
Jessica Park Community Manager Palladium RES
Jessica Portch
Jessica Portch Community Manager Origin
Jill Habrich
Jill Habrich Senior Account Executive Nexus Systems
Jill Marlatt
Jill Marlatt National Accounts-NW Region Behr Paint Corporation
Jill Simmons
Jill Simmons Community Manager Pebble Cove
Jim Delcamp
Jim Delcamp AMLI - Mark 24
Jim Geppert
Jim Geppert President Buy-Rite Flooring
Jim Winskill
Jim Winskill Principal Catchall Environmental
Joanne Woods
Joanne Woods Regional Manager Pacific Living Properties
Joe Bonilla
Joe Bonilla Senior Community Manager Discovery
Joe Vennes
Joe Vennes CFO | Owner Stars Staffing
Joey Carter
Joey Carter Porter Housing Hope
John Ellis
John Ellis Business Developer Brightview Landscape Services
John Jones
John Jones Associate Vice President of Operations Avenue5 Residential
John Jordan
John Jordan Maintenance Technician Park in Bellevue
John Mansfield
John Mansfield Vice President, Facility Management Coast Property Management
John McCormick
John McCormick Regional Sales Manager Waste Recovery Systems
John Murphy
John Murphy Sales Manager Pacific Breeze
Johnna Belarde
Johnna Belarde Property Manager Vox
Johnny McMurry
Johnny McMurry Recruiter Multifamily Elites
Jolyn Torp
Jolyn Torp Community Director Vermont
Jon Colwell
Jon Colwell Finnmark Property Services
Jon Hart
Jon Hart Assistant Community Manager AMLI Residential
Jon Ross
Jon Ross Leasing Manager Connection on Broadway
Jonathan Elvira
Jonathan Elvira Maintenance Technician Walls Property Management
Jonathan Murphy
Jonathan Murphy Community Manager, Trainer - Floating Team Allied Residential
Jordan Schlake
Jordan Schlake Washington Field Manager One Way Carpet Cleaning and Restoration
Jorge Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez Regional Service Manager Fairfield Residential
Jose Ibarra
Jose Ibarra Community Manager Palladium RES
Josh Feston
Josh Feston Maintenance Supervisor Chelsea at Juanita Village
Josh Hebert
Josh Hebert Community Manager Greystar
Juan Ceja
Juan Ceja maintenance supervisor Seasons
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez Property Manager The Danforth
Juanita Unger
Juanita Unger Program Manager Housing Connector
Julia Shebeko
Julia Shebeko Regional Manager FPI Management
Julia Studebaker
Julia Studebaker Community Account Professional XFINITY Communities
Julianne Figliola
Julianne Figliola Regional Property Manager Avenue5 Residential
Julie Combs
Julie Combs Community Manager Bayview
Julie Isom
Julie Isom Community Manager The Village at Ten Trails
Julie Pham
Julie Pham Marketing Associate Greystar Real Estate Services
Junior Olivieria
Junior Olivieria Finnmark Property Services
Justin Barta
Justin Barta Multi-Site Community Manager Mallard Pointe at Riverbend
Justin Krous
Justin Krous Property Manager The Postmark
Justin Paiz
Justin Paiz Maintenance Tech Sawyer Trail
Kala Short
Kala Short Community Manager Luxe at Meridian
Kara Kilman
Kara Kilman Talent Acquisition Advisor Greystar Real Estate Services
Kara Sundqvist
Kara Sundqvist Regional Manager Tarragon Property Services
Karina Ortiz
Karina Ortiz Community Manager Greystar
Karli Hoffman
Karli Hoffman Vice President of Residential Property Management Tarragon Property Services
Kasha Portrey
Kasha Portrey Manager Sunset Pond Apartments
Kasie Charles
Kasie Charles Account Manager Conversion Logix
Kate Talmadge
Kate Talmadge Community Manager West Edge
Katie Calhoun
Katie Calhoun Multi-Site Business Manager Tarragon Property Services
Katie Ferguson
Katie Ferguson Property Manager Boardwalk
Katie Phelan
Katie Phelan Executive Vice President 1UP Floors
Katie Russell
Katie Russell Seattle Service Administrative Supervisor Apollo Mechanical Contractors Facility Services
Katie Sheremet
Katie Sheremet Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Katrina Breen
Katrina Breen Community Manager Woodcreek
Katy Russell
Katy Russell Business Manager Tarragon Property Services
Kayla Plocher
Kayla Plocher Sales Representative - Floorcovering - S King Co. The Sherwin Williams Co.
Keanna Johnson
Keanna Johnson Community Manager GreenHouse Apartments
Keith Ponis
Keith Ponis Community Manager Coppins Well
Kelby Stern
Kelby Stern Territory Sales Representative AFB Floors
Kellie Weishaar
Kellie Weishaar Community Manager Wildreed
Kelly Brasfield
Kelly Brasfield Community Manager-Flex Team Cerasa
Kelly Burns
Kelly Burns General Manager Venturi Restoration
Kelly Guerrero
Kelly Guerrero Property Manager The Woodlands
Kelly Koontz
Kelly Koontz President Submeter Solutions
Kelly Stone
Kelly Stone Business Development & Marketing Fischer Restoration
Kelsey Cowell
Kelsey Cowell Assistant Manager White River
Kelsey Dean
Kelsey Dean Customer Success Manager - Amenity Boss Luminous
Kelsey Muller
Kelsey Muller Operations Manager Buy-Rite Flooring
Kelsey Sauskojus
Kelsey Sauskojus Main Street Flats
Kelsi Frederic
Kelsi Frederic Community Manager Woodland Apartments
Ken Kloeppel
Ken Kloeppel Account Executive Resource Management, Inc.
Ken Lewis
Ken Lewis Property Management Sales Great Floors
Ken Rogers
Ken Rogers Facilities Manager Housing Hope
Ken Schaff
Ken Schaff Service/Sales Ninja 1UP Floors
Kendall McReynolds
Kendall McReynolds Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Kendall Ross
Kendall Ross Community Manager Olin Fields
Kendra Boland
Kendra Boland Community Account Professional XFINITY Communities
Kendra Porath
Kendra Porath Property Manager Astro Apartments
Kerra Lampman Warnke
Kerra Lampman Warnke Community Director Tressa
Kerri Garrison
Kerri Garrison ART Community Manager Allied Residential
Kevin Bye
Kevin Bye Field Account Executive HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Kevin Hanson
Kevin Hanson The Mercer East
Kevin Hughes
Kevin Hughes Maintenance Supervisor Tarragon Property Services
Kevin Laramore
Kevin Laramore CEO RedRock Resurfacing
Kevin McKenzie
Kevin McKenzie Maintenance Supervisor Tarragon Property Services
Kevin Pugsley
Kevin Pugsley Training Manager Thrive Communities
Kevin Scudder
Kevin Scudder Key Account Commercial Manager Roto Rooter Services Co, Inc.
Khos Erdene Tsogbadrakh
Khos Erdene Tsogbadrakh Maintenance Service Manager Leilani
Kia Lo
Kia Lo Floating Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Kiana Tainatongo
Kiana Tainatongo Community Manager Promenade
Kiel Curtis
Kiel Curtis Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Kielan Stewart
Kielan Stewart Regional Account Manager, PNW Fast Water Heater
KiKi Flynn
KiKi Flynn Auburn-Puyallup-Covington Sales Rep. Rodda Paint
Kim O'Brien
Kim O'Brien Regional Manager - PNW MG Properties Group
Kim Stinde
Kim Stinde Vice President of Sales Get Covered
Kimberly Dvorcek
Kimberly Dvorcek Senior Regional Manager Epic Asset Management, Inc
Kimberly Edwards
Kimberly Edwards Vice President ConAm Management
Kimberly Lee
Kimberly Lee Regional Director--NW Region Apartment Life
Kimberly Morgan
Kimberly Morgan Property Manager Palladium RES
Kimberly Robinson
Kimberly Robinson Portfolio Manager FPI Management
Kimberly Travis
Kimberly Travis Ballinger Commons
Kimmy Donato
Kimmy Donato Customer Success Manager Luminous
Kimo Combs
Kimo Combs Owner Clean Exteriors LLC
Kiril Urekeanu
Kiril Urekeanu Assistant Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Krista Fracker
Krista Fracker Black Lake
Kristie Byrd
Kristie Byrd Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Kristina Wardean
Kristina Wardean Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Kristy Huffman
Kristy Huffman Community Director Junction
Krystle Stover
Krystle Stover Assistant Regional Manager Tarragon Property Services
Kyle Sherron
Kyle Sherron Field Operations Technician Insite Property Solutions
Lacy Devela
Lacy Devela Senior Director FPI Management
Laina Pickrel
Laina Pickrel Regional Manager Assembly118
Lance Yancey
Lance Yancey Maintenance Lead Housing Hope
Lara Holmes
Lara Holmes Director of Business Development Fikes Products
Larry Skay
Larry Skay Property Manager Epic Asset Mangagement
Latoya Henderson
Latoya Henderson Community Manager Creston Point
Laura Atallah
Laura Atallah Team Leader, Events Yardi Systems
Laura Kitts
Laura Kitts Director of Property Partnerships Cobu
Laura McGuire
Laura McGuire Asset Manager First Pointe Management Group
Laura Parada
Laura Parada Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Lauree Scheiber
Lauree Scheiber Regional Manager Security Properties Residential
Leah Sullivan
Leah Sullivan Community Manager Palladium RES
Lee Anderson
Lee Anderson Community Manager Brookside Village
Leslie Hovey
Leslie Hovey Property Manager Bailey Farm Apartments
Liliana Zelenovic
Liliana Zelenovic Area Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Linda Maggerise
Linda Maggerise Community Manager Greystar
Lindsay DeBoard
Lindsay DeBoard Community Manager Allegro at Ash Creek
Lindsay Jacobs
Lindsay Jacobs Regional Associate Epic Asset Management, Inc
Lindsey Chukueke
Lindsey Chukueke Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Lindsey Jolley
Lindsey Jolley Executive Portfolio Manager FPI Management
Lisa Catello
Lisa Catello Branch Manager The Liberty Group
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Lisa Squyres
Lisa Squyres Marketing Specialist 1-800 Water Damage
Lisha Howard
Lisha Howard Business Manager Renwood Apartment Homes
Liz Fuller
Liz Fuller Community Manager Palladium RES
Liz Luzitano
Liz Luzitano Community Manager Ambrose
Liz MacDonald
Liz MacDonald Office Manager Jet City Cleaning
Louis Reed
Louis Reed Senior Maintenance Supervisor Link Apartments
Lucas Danielson
Lucas Danielson Renovations Lowe's Pro Supply
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez Maintenance Supervisor LINQ Lofts + Flats
Luke Jarmer
Luke Jarmer Manager of Engineering Coast Property Management
Luke Zigler
Luke Zigler The Sherwin Williams Co.
Lynne Bain
Lynne Bain Community Director Vintage at Everett
Mac Hardin
Mac Hardin Pillar Properties
Mac Snow
Mac Snow Program Manager Puget Sound Energy
Machell Sherles
Machell Sherles Senior Director FPI Management
Mackenzie Siemans
Mackenzie Siemans Community Director Overlook at Magnolia
Madison Barr
Madison Barr Regional Trainer Coordinator Pacific Living Properties
Malcolm Smith
Malcolm Smith Community Manager Griffis Seattle Waterfront
Malcom McCalll Giles
Malcom McCalll Giles Business Field Sales Manager XFINITY Communities
Malli Maurer
Malli Maurer Operations Manager Griffis Residential
Mandi Hansen
Mandi Hansen Community Manager Water's Edge
Manuela Chapman
Manuela Chapman Community Manager Arterra
Marc Larson
Marc Larson Asset Manager Palladium Real Estate Services
Marcel Jordan
Marcel Jordan Maintenance Supervisor Amesbury Court
Marceline Capuyan-Balao
Marceline Capuyan-Balao Community Director A'Cappella
Marcia Marquez
Marcia Marquez Regional Manager SUHRCO Residential Properties LLC, AMO®
Marco Mazzoni
Marco Mazzoni Multifamily Program Analyst Puget Sound Energy
Marcus Alcaraz
Marcus Alcaraz Community Manager The Stinson
Marcus Thompson
Marcus Thompson Executive Portfolio Manager FPI Management
Margie Wiseman
Margie Wiseman Sales Manager HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Maria Izquierdo
Maria Izquierdo Property Partnership Manager Housing Connector
Marie Horner
Marie Horner Regional Manager FPI Management
Marie Pettie
Marie Pettie Safe Harbor Property Management LLC
Marina Singh
Marina Singh President & Founder Multifamily Elites
Marita McManus
Marita McManus Community Manager Saratoga Capital, Inc.
Mark Haldi
Mark Haldi Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Mark Hindenach
Mark Hindenach Regional Maintenance Manager Via6
Mark Hutcheson
Mark Hutcheson Regional Property Manager Allied Residential
Mark McLean
Mark McLean Corporate Account Manager-Residental West Coast AC PPG
Marsha Newman
Marsha Newman Vice President, Urban Forest Sales A Plus Tree, Inc
Matt Burgess
Matt Burgess WA Regional Maintenance Supervisor Pacific Living Properties
Matt Haffie
Matt Haffie WA Regional Maintenance Supervisor Pacific Living Properties
Matt Miller
Matt Miller Asst. Maintenance Supervisor Vantage
Matthew Stibbs
Matthew Stibbs Area Regional Manager Cushman & Wakefield
May Siu
May Siu Property Manager Parc on 11th/Parc on 12th
Mayra Miramontes
Mayra Miramontes Floating Community Manager Thrive Communities
Megan Phelps
Megan Phelps Operations Education Director AMLI - Spring District
Megan Raff
Megan Raff Area Manager-Renovations Sales HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Mel Barnes
Mel Barnes Community Manager Palladium RES
Melanie Bell
Melanie Bell Property Manager The Windsor
Melanie White
Melanie White Area Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Melinda Gilliam
Melinda Gilliam Talent Development Manger Security Properties Residential
Melinda Wiggs
Melinda Wiggs Regional Manager Tarragon Property Services
Melissa Meloni
Melissa Meloni Regional Manager Greystar
Melissa Piatt
Melissa Piatt Community Manager Allied Residential
Melonie Shamley
Melonie Shamley Director, Real Estate Greystar Real Estate Services
Melvin Ullmann
Melvin Ullmann Community Manager Haller Post
Michael Bell
Michael Bell Maintenance Supervisor Elan41
Michael Crain
Michael Crain Community Manager Brookfield Properties
Michael Ganter
Michael Ganter Technical Sales Representative Schönox HPS North America
Michael Hernandez
Michael Hernandez Maintenance Supervisor 77 Central
Michael Holmes
Michael Holmes Maintenance Supervisor Leeward
Michael Marion
Michael Marion Maintance Supervisor Affinity at Arlington
Michael Reilly
Michael Reilly President Club Fitness Equipment, Inc.
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Sr. Property Manager The Meyden
Michael Virdell
Michael Virdell Maintenance Supervisor Pillar Properties
Michael Walsh
Michael Walsh Sales/Service Ninja 1UP Floors
Michelle Daschuk
Michelle Daschuk National Account Director Respage
Michelle Marchello
Michelle Marchello Regional Property Manager GRAN, Inc
Michelle Niemeyer
Michelle Niemeyer Senior Marketing Manager Tarragon Property Services
Mikaela Smith
Mikaela Smith Staffing Coordinator The Liberty Group
Mike Andy
Mike Andy Sales Territory Account Manager AFB Floors
Mike Chesley
Mike Chesley Maintenance Supervisor Sylva on Main
Mike Gladfelder
Mike Gladfelder Director of Business Development Alliance Flooring Services
Mike McCreary
Mike McCreary President AO Services LLC
Mike Prue
Mike Prue Regional Sales Manager Lowe's Pro Supply
Mike Radice
Mike Radice Renton, Kent, Burien, DesMoines Sales Rep. Rodda Paint
Mike Simons
Mike Simons President Allied Residential
Mindy Hart
Mindy Hart Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Miranda Dymond
Miranda Dymond Property Manager Green Lake Village
Misty Cozzitorto
Misty Cozzitorto Regional Director Thrive Communities
Miyon Lee
Miyon Lee Director of Business Development WasteXperts Inc
Mona Turner
Mona Turner Renton Sage
Monica Stillwell
Monica Stillwell Customer Success Manager Luminous
Morgan Layne
Morgan Layne Senior Account Executive, Sales Yardi Systems
Morton Bissel
Morton Bissel Assistant Maintenance Supervisor Surrey Downs
Naomi Cassidy
Naomi Cassidy Assistant Manager AMLI - Arc
Natalia Lawski
Natalia Lawski Community Manager Redmond Place
Nataliya Gerasimchuk
Nataliya Gerasimchuk Regional Manager Fairfield Residential
Natasha Amira
Natasha Amira Director of Asset Management Avenue5 Residential
Nate Flesch
Nate Flesch Senior Account Manager Servpro of Seattle Northwest
Nathan Gunderson
Nathan Gunderson Maintenance Technician Bower Village
Nathan Kazlauskas
Nathan Kazlauskas National Operations Manager Venturi Restoration
Nathan Tesch
Nathan Tesch Owner / President / Sales Mono Rooftop Solutions
Nathan Tester
Nathan Tester Director of Technical Services AMC, LLC
Nathan Yasui
Nathan Yasui Maintenance Technician Walls Property Management
Nicholas Crum
Nicholas Crum Regional Director Thrive Communities
Nick Colglazier
Nick Colglazier Regional Portfolio Manager FPI Management
Nick Robertson
Nick Robertson National Account Manager Lowe's Pro Supply
Nick Tyree
Nick Tyree President Guided Fitness Inc
Nick Vierra
Nick Vierra Venturi Restoration
Nickolas Daskalakis
Nickolas Daskalakis Community Manager East Union
Nicole Crum
Nicole Crum TESS Team Manager Thrive Communities
Nicole Crumb
Nicole Crumb Community Manager Row on Third
Nicole Heins
Nicole Heins Community Manager Echo Lake
Nicole Shrum
Nicole Shrum Community Manager Saratoga Capital, Inc.
Nikki Johnson
Nikki Johnson Community Manager Edgewood Park
Nisha Wilson
Nisha Wilson Business Manager Tarragon Property Services
Olga Pusyak
Olga Pusyak Leasing Professional Epic Asset Management
Olivia Erickson
Olivia Erickson Portfolio Manager Peak Living Property Services
Paige Jaeger
Paige Jaeger Property Manager Woodland Estates
Paige Moore
Paige Moore Property Manager Keeler's Corner
Pake Schnetzky
Pake Schnetzky Community Director Vue Issaquah
Pam McKenna
Pam McKenna Managing Director Greystar Real Estate Services
Pamela Keske
Pamela Keske Property Manager The Ridgedale Apartments
Pat McKenna
Pat McKenna Sales Representative - Floorcovering - N King Co. The Sherwin Williams Co.
Paul Koria
Paul Koria Community Account Manager XFINITY Communities
Paul Rustin
Paul Rustin Maintenance Supervisor Heronfield
Paul Smith
Paul Smith Maintenance Supervisor Epic Asset Management
Paula Pagdilao
Paula Pagdilao Community Manager Gateway by Vintage
Paula Squillacote
Paula Squillacote Community Manager Saratoga Capital, Inc.
Pawel Kwiatkowski
Pawel Kwiatkowski Community Manager Simpson Property Group
Peter Middleton
Peter Middleton Field Account Representative HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Phil Cresswell
Phil Cresswell Regional Director Security Properties Residential
Phillip Barnet
Phillip Barnet Regional Service Manager Griffis Residential
Phillip Olson
Phillip Olson Maintenance Technician Walls Property Management
Phillip Reinert
Phillip Reinert Property Manager Brookstone at Edgewater
Preston Turner
Preston Turner Community Manager Elan41
Rachael Makings
Rachael Makings Community Manager Cove East
Rachel Bowers
Rachel Bowers Outside Sales Pacific Lamp & Supply Co.
Rachel Larson
Rachel Larson Community Director Regency Woods
Rachel Phinney
Rachel Phinney Regional Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Rachel Salter
Rachel Salter Community Manager St. Theodore
Rachele Potts
Rachele Potts Regional Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Ramon Santana
Ramon Santana Maintenance Manager Walls Property Management
Randy Sak
Randy Sak The Plumbing & Drain Company
Raquel Martin
Raquel Martin Community Manager Waterscape at Juanita Village
Raylean Colyar
Raylean Colyar Community Manager Ultris Madison
Rebecca Chambers
Rebecca Chambers Community Director The Ridge & The Shores
Rebecca Wright
Rebecca Wright Community Manager Circa Green Lake
Regan Kimes
Regan Kimes Roving Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Renee Neumann
Renee Neumann Area Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Rhiannon Parsons
Rhiannon Parsons Community Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Rich Rye
Rich Rye Sales, Marketing, Project Management 1-800 Water Damage
Rick Bogeart
Rick Bogeart Facilities Manager Housing Hope
Rick Haas
Rick Haas Operational Manager The Plumbing & Drain Company
Ricky Heredia
Ricky Heredia Community Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Riley Aunan
Riley Aunan Maintenance Technician Walls Property Management
River Hamel
River Hamel Maintenance Supervisor Highland Flats
Rob Pendleton
Rob Pendleton Regional Sales Director HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Rob Sanchez
Rob Sanchez Assistant General Manager Venturi Restoration
Rob Smiley
Rob Smiley Business Development AO Services LLC
Robbie Campbell
Robbie Campbell Property Manager Sparc
Robbie Nicpon
Robbie Nicpon Property Manager Epic Asset Management
Robert Downing
Robert Downing National Account Manager HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Robert Lansche
Robert Lansche Regional Sales Genesis Credit Management
Robert Reinhardt
Robert Reinhardt Maintenance Supervisor Cerasa
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez District Manager Center Steps
Robert Walker
Robert Walker Associate Account Manager Puget Sound Energy
Rodrick Tarter
Rodrick Tarter Branch Manager - Tacoma Great Floors
Rodrigo Vasquez
Rodrigo Vasquez Vasquez Landscapes
Roger Douglas
Roger Douglas Belfor Restoration
Roman Pankovets
Roman Pankovets Maintenance Supervisor Riverview
Ron Voigt
Ron Voigt Sales Rep AFB Floors
Russ Pengelly
Russ Pengelly VP, Business Development ApartmentAdvisor Inc
Sabrin Kassem
Sabrin Kassem Portfolio Manager HNN Communities
Sam Darko
Sam Darko Senior Maintenance Supervisor Pratt Park
Samantha Van Horn
Samantha Van Horn Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Samuel Chun
Samuel Chun President & CEO Copia Resources Inc
Sandor Batho
Sandor Batho Maintenance Supervisor Array Apartments
Saniya Regmi
Saniya Regmi GRE Management
Sarah Albright
Sarah Albright Regional Manager AMC, LLC
Sarah Pace
Sarah Pace Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Sarah Rosenberger
Sarah Rosenberger Senior Community Manager SUHRCO Residential, LLC
Scott Bauder
Scott Bauder Community Manager Mack Property Management
Scott Peterson
Scott Peterson Maintenance Technician Housing Hope
Scott Rawley
Scott Rawley Regional Sales Manager Multifamily Utility Company
Sean Teodoro
Sean Teodoro Property Manager Serra Vista
Sebastian Sanchez
Sebastian Sanchez Community Manager Cue
Shae Gamble
Shae Gamble Digital Marketing Specialist Security Properties Residential
Shana Martin
Shana Martin Community Director Yauger Park Villas
Shane Ganesh
Shane Ganesh Community Ambassador LINQ Lofts + Flats
Shane Johnson - 1
Shane Johnson - 1 Senior Vice President of Multifamily Moved
Shannon Dustin
Shannon Dustin Senior Vice President Pacific Living Properties
Shannon Hammond
Shannon Hammond Regional Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Shannon Howley
Shannon Howley Community Manager Reserve at Lynnwood
Shannon Mitchell
Shannon Mitchell Senior Area Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Shannon Rust
Shannon Rust Assistant Community Director Distric Flats
Shannon Souza
Shannon Souza Community Manager Palladium RES
Shar Eller
Shar Eller Sr. Technical Trainer ConAm Management
Sharon Angle
Sharon Angle Field Account Representative HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Shauna McAllister
Shauna McAllister Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Shea Whitcomb
Shea Whitcomb Vice President - Property Management Shore Property Management
Sheilagh Snyder
Sheilagh Snyder Multi-Site Community Manager Thrive Communities
Shelby Bosch
Shelby Bosch Leasing Consultant Collage Apartments
Shelby Guiberson
Shelby Guiberson Customer Service Specialist Buy-Rite Flooring
Shelby Sanders
Shelby Sanders Community Director Adagio
Shellie Moon
Shellie Moon Area Manager SUHRCO Residential, LLC
Shelly Monahan
Shelly Monahan Regional Property Manager AMC, LLC
Sheri Druckman
Sheri Druckman Vice President of Business Development Stellar Holdings, Inc.
Sherry Reed
Sherry Reed Senior Investment Manager Indigo Real Estate
Shirley Luxana
Shirley Luxana Leasing Ambassador District Flats
Sidney Mitchell
Sidney Mitchell Senior Community Manager Greystar
Staci Alden
Staci Alden Fitness Director Guided Fitness Inc
Stefanie Rice
Stefanie Rice Portfolio Manager HNN Communities
Stephan Poff
Stephan Poff General Manager The Plumbing & Drain Company
Stephanie DeMoss
Stephanie DeMoss Property Manager Atrium on James
Stephanie Porter
Stephanie Porter Property Manger Porter Construction
Stephanie Rudnick
Stephanie Rudnick Director of Operations Allied Residential
Stephanie Slendebroek
Stephanie Slendebroek Regional Manager FPI Management
Stephanie Stacy
Stephanie Stacy Vice President Avenue5 Residential
Stephen Arpin
Stephen Arpin Leasing Ambassador District Flats
Stephen Bohannon
Stephen Bohannon Maintenance Supervisor Edgewood Park
Stephen Sybrant
Stephen Sybrant Maintenance Supervisor Junction
Steve Anderson
Steve Anderson Assistant Community Director Tower 12
Steve Hamasaki
Steve Hamasaki Portfolio Manager / Vice President Allied Residential
Steve Jones
Steve Jones Regional Maintenance Supervisor HNN Communities
Steve Pineda
Steve Pineda Maintenance Mgr. Overlook at Lakemont
Steven Dela Cruz
Steven Dela Cruz Lead Tech Greystar Real Estate Services
Stevon Thomas
Stevon Thomas Maintenance Supervisor - The Woods (lease up) Pacific Living Properties
Sue Brewer
Sue Brewer Community Manager Allied Residential
Summer Martz
Summer Martz Community Manager Autumn Chase/Coast Property Management
Summer Smith
Summer Smith Property Manager The Shoresmith
Susan Berensten
Susan Berensten Community Director Briggs Village
Susan Conley
Susan Conley Business Manager Tarragon Property Services
Susan Mooney
Susan Mooney Senior Staffing Coordinator The Liberty Group
Sydney Chase
Sydney Chase Account Manager - ERP Coordinator Servpro of Seattle Northwest
Sydney Parmalee
Sydney Parmalee Director FPI Management
Tai Avila
Tai Avila Account Manager - Seattle Clean Source Property Maintenance
Tali Reiner
Tali Reiner Vice President Security Properties Residential
Tammy Murray
Tammy Murray Community Manager Simpson Property Group
Tammy Vaught
Tammy Vaught Sales Account Manager Finnmark Property Services
Tara Long
Tara Long Field Account Rep HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Tarah Plemmons
Tarah Plemmons Property Manager RiverStone Apts
Tatiana Strench
Tatiana Strench Property Manager Capitol City Apartments
Taylor Haglund-Nuanez
Taylor Haglund-Nuanez Community Manager Greystar
Taylor Morgan
Taylor Morgan Community Manager 708 Uptown
Taylor Noel
Taylor Noel Community Director Vintage at Tacoma
TBD TBD Community Manager First Pointe Management Group
Teddi Martin
Teddi Martin Sr. Community Manager Sequel
Terrill Petersen
Terrill Petersen Partner Success Manager Zillow Rentals
Terry Clinton
Terry Clinton Fischer Plumbing Co. Inc
Terry Spivey
Terry Spivey Sr Service Supervisor Green Lake Village
Tiffany Atwood
Tiffany Atwood Commerial Development Manager ServiceMaster of Seattle
Tila Castillo
Tila Castillo Community Director Tower 12
Tim Forrest
Tim Forrest Regional Maintenance Supervisor GRAN, Inc
Tim Fruen
Tim Fruen Maintenance Supervisor Yauger Park Villas
Tim O'Donnell
Tim O'Donnell Account Manager/Sales Manager RedRock Resurfacing
Timothy Satterwhite
Timothy Satterwhite
Tina Boone
Tina Boone Vice President of Operations Allied Residential
Tina Lacerenza
Tina Lacerenza Portfolio Manager FPI Management
Todd Hildebrand
Todd Hildebrand Senior Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Todd Martin
Todd Martin Maintenance Supervisor AMLI Residential
Todd Steinhardt
Todd Steinhardt Community Manager MG Properties
Toni Ellis
Toni Ellis Community Manager Monterra Apartments
Tracy Abdul
Tracy Abdul Regional Account Executive SageWater
Travis McKenzie
Travis McKenzie Marketing Technologist Tarragon Property Services
Trent Roos
Trent Roos Senior Account Manager Clean Source Property Maintenance
Trevor Day
Trevor Day Sales and Marketing Manager Submeter Solutions
Trevor McNichols
Trevor McNichols Senior Community Manager Alaire
Trey Leotti
Trey Leotti Assistant Community Manager Pike Motorworks
Trisha Kenney
Trisha Kenney Property Manager Southh Hill by Vintage
Trista Nardoni
Trista Nardoni Leasing Agent Coast Property Management
Troy Souza
Troy Souza Maintenance Supervisor Grand View
Ty "Toby" Johns
Ty "Toby" Johns Assistant Manager Allied Residential
Ty Miller
Ty Miller Owner MFE GC
Tyler Amsler
Tyler Amsler Sales Associate Alexan 100
Tyler Keith
Tyler Keith Maintenance Supervisor The Heights at Bear Creek
Tyler Patton
Tyler Patton Senior Maintenance Supervisor Pillar Properties the Lyric
Tynia Thoreson
Tynia Thoreson Regional Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Vadim Golgart
Vadim Golgart Maintenance Supervisor The Carillon
Val Rosmith
Val Rosmith Community Director Waterline
Valorae Dorman
Valorae Dorman Community Manager MG Properties Group
Vanessa De La Cruz
Vanessa De La Cruz District General Manager CORT
Vanessa Torres
Vanessa Torres Property Manager The Lakehouse
Vanessa Vincent
Vanessa Vincent Community Manager Langara
Vanessa-Kay Dalit
Vanessa-Kay Dalit Community Director The BLVD
Vaughn Zywie
Vaughn Zywie Assistant Maintenance Supervisor Citizen and Oake
Veaceslav Popescu
Veaceslav Popescu Maintenance Supervisor Yarrowood Highlands
Veronica Leinum
Veronica Leinum Property Manager Wilderness Village
Victoria Cowart
Victoria Cowart Director of Education and Outreach PetScreening
Victoria Tresner
Victoria Tresner Community Manager The Knolls at Inglewood Hill
Wendy Schutzler
Wendy Schutzler VP of Multifamily Sales AFB Floors
Wes Miller
Wes Miller Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Whitney Nakamoto
Whitney Nakamoto Property Manager Westhaven Apartments
Will Wilke
Will Wilke Outside Pro Representative Behr Paint Corporation
William Betterton
William Betterton Business Development Manager REHAB LLC
William Staggs
William Staggs Integrator Sales Consultant Schlage Lock Allegion
Yajayra Andrade
Yajayra Andrade Community Manager Jackson
Yohana Fasida
Yohana Fasida Community Manager Springfield Meadows
Yolanda Armijo
Yolanda Armijo Director of Training and Development Pacific Living Properties
Zac Nugent
Zac Nugent MRT Allied Residential
Zach Hammond
Zach Hammond Regional Account Executive Zumper
Zach Schneider
Zach Schneider Competitive Specialist XFINITY Communities
Zachary Mitchell
Zachary Mitchell Assistant Property Manager The Meyden
Zane Morr
Zane Morr MRT Allied Residential
553 Other Registered Attendees

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