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Washington Apartment Outlook Virtual

Washington Apartment Outlook Virtual

Leading economic forecast event for the multifamily industry.

Thursday, September 16, 2021
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM (PDT)

Zoom link provided after registration.

* Registration open until 9/16/21 at 12:00 AM (PDT)

Event Details

Perspectives and Projections for 2022

Reserve your virtual seat for the industry's leading economic forecast event. The 15th annual Washington Apartment Outlook will provide attendees the latest information on economic trends in real estate from the state’s leading and most trusted experts. This information will be critical in helping your team properly forecast your business, build your budgets, and formulate winning strategies for success in 2022.

Economic Trends:

Matthew Gardner, Chief Economist for Windermere Real Estate

Market Trends:

 Dylan Simon, Executive Vice President at Kidder Mathews

Government Affairs Update:

Brett Waller, Director of Government Affairs for WMFHA

Aaron Douglas
Aaron Douglas Multifamily Broker | Podcast Host HFO Investment Real Estate
Albree Hebert
Albree Hebert Regional Director Thrive Communities
Alex Findlay
Alex Findlay Area Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Alexis Hickman
Alexis Hickman Administrative Assistant Indigo Real Estate Services
Alisa Kelley
Alisa Kelley Regional Manager Security Properties Residential
Alison Dean
Alison Dean President HNN Communities
Althea Dani
Althea Dani Community Manager Verse Seattle
Alyssa Olander
Alyssa Olander Community Manager The Century
Amanda Belknap
Amanda Belknap Director of Leasing The Madison Bellevue
Amanda Gunn
Amanda Gunn Regional Manager Rockwood Property Management
Amber Heim
Amber Heim Community Manager SCG Rollin Street Flats, LLC
Amelia Bisig
Amelia Bisig Community Director Uptown Kirkland Urban
Amy Curtis
Amy Curtis Investment Manager Indigo Real Estate Services
Amy Wade
Amy Wade Community Manager Charter Club
Ana Suarez
Ana Suarez Property Campus Manager AMLI - South Lake Union
Andre Morimoto
Andre Morimoto Vice President Kenedix West
Andrea Hernandez
Andrea Hernandez Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Andrea North-Hale
Andrea North-Hale Account Executive Commercial Cleaning Services ABODA by RESIDE
Andrew Kiepprien
Andrew Kiepprien Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts Property Manager Origin
Angela Liu
Angela Liu Community Manager Soma Towers
Angie Bentler
Angie Bentler Director of Asset Management Pacific Crest Real Estate, LLC
Ann Hart
Ann Hart Advisor, Commercial Insurance HUB International Limited
Ann McCamey
Ann McCamey Regional Manager Pacific Living Properties
Ann Meisenheimer
Ann Meisenheimer Vice President - Sales
Anna Vann
Anna Vann Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Anne Williams
Anne Williams Solutions Representative RealPage, Inc.
Anthony Pavia
Anthony Pavia Regional Manager Tarragon Property Services
April Ramsey
April Ramsey Regional Manager Stadium Place
April Syria
April Syria Executive Vice President Thrive Communities
Aran Church
Aran Church Senior Asset Manager King County Housing Authority
Ashley Bragg
Ashley Bragg Property Manager Ellie Passivhaus
Ashley Cantrell
Ashley Cantrell Community Manager Estates at Hillside Gardens
Ashley Foster
Ashley Foster Business Manager Reserve at Auburn
Ashley Frazier
Ashley Frazier Regional Maintenance Supervisor HNN Communities
Ashley Wik
Ashley Wik Community Manager Leilani
Audrey Riddle
Audrey Riddle IMPACT Program Ambassador Goodman Real Estate
Ava Barnes
Ava Barnes Property Manager Peak Living Property Services
Barb Schroeder
Barb Schroeder Director of Multifamily Department Kiemle Hagood
Belinda Zylstra
Belinda Zylstra Office Manager and Executive Assistant Greystar Real Estate Services
Bill Cook
Bill Cook King County Housing Authority
Brad Milne
Brad Milne Area Sales Manager HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Brandon Lawler
Brandon Lawler Associate Kidder Mathews
Brandon Winkler
Brandon Winkler Financial Analyst Greystar Real Estate Services
Brenda Wolf
Brenda Wolf Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Brendan Byrne
Brendan Byrne Regional Manager Blanton Turner
Brenna Fuller
Brenna Fuller Community Manager Arnada Pointe
Brian Hopkins
Brian Hopkins Community Manager 98th Avenue
Brian Killian
Brian Killian Regional Property Manager Holland Residential
Brian Tarr
Brian Tarr Property Manager Balfour Place
Brittany Cristel
Brittany Cristel VP of Property Management HNN Communities
Brittany Doust
Brittany Doust Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Brittney Wallingford
Brittney Wallingford Property Manager Avaya Trails
Caitlin Groves
Caitlin Groves DIrector of Operations and Strategy HNN Communities
Caitlin White
Caitlin White Senior Community Manager Central Park East
Caleb Barber
Caleb Barber Regional Manager Acero Ridgefield
Camille Buckley
Camille Buckley Government Affairs Analyst UDR, Inc
Cara Munson
Cara Munson Investment Manager Indigo Real Estate Services
Carisa Kemper
Carisa Kemper Community Manager Stazione 25
Carl Speerstra
Carl Speerstra Regional Vice President - West Coast Zumper
Carmen McFarland
Carmen McFarland Property Manager City Center Lynnwood
carrie Chase-McNamara
carrie Chase-McNamara King County Housing Authority
Carrie Distler
Carrie Distler Training and Development Manager HNN Communities
Cassandra Haavisto
Cassandra Haavisto Principal Northwest Select Real Estate Services
Cassie Pieters
Cassie Pieters Executive Assistant Kidder Mathews
Catrina West
Catrina West Community Manager Bell Jackson Street
Chad Neilson
Chad Neilson National VP of Operations One Way Carpet Cleaning and Restoration
Charity Chrisman
Charity Chrisman Area Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Chea Morgan
Chea Morgan Regional Property Manager McKenzie
Christian Brodin
Christian Brodin President Lexington Asset Management
Christina Chisholm
Christina Chisholm Regional Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Christina Koski
Christina Koski Senior Predevelopment & Lease Up Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Christine Griffin
Christine Griffin Property Manager Mirabella
Christy Broyles
Christy Broyles Regional Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Christy Throm
Christy Throm Vice President Greystar Real Estate Services
Claudia Lytton
Claudia Lytton Vice President of Operations Cushman & Wakefield
Colette Wong
Colette Wong Paragon Real Estate Advisors
Colleen Carr
Colleen Carr Vice President Allied Residential
Colleen English
Colleen English Regional Manager Pillar Properties
Corey Bowen
Corey Bowen Regional Manager Equity Residential
Corina Chamberlain
Corina Chamberlain Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Corissa Almli
Corissa Almli External Affairs Manager XFINITY Communities
Cosmica Ghosh
Cosmica Ghosh Community Manager Sundodger Apartments
Courtney Bush
Courtney Bush Avenue5 Residential
Craig Chang
Craig Chang King County Housing Authority
Crystal Esposito
Crystal Esposito Senior Business Manager Crestview West Apartments
Danny Parkman
Danny Parkman Community Manager Vida Apartments
Darren Reynolds
Darren Reynolds Director of Property Management Pilot Property Management
Dave Allan
Dave Allan Senior Asset Manager King County Housing Authority
David Branch
David Branch Property Manager Aspect at Totem Lake
David Foster
David Foster Business Development Manager TMG Property Management Services NW
David Mortensen
David Mortensen Managing Director PTLA Real Estate Group
David Ostrer
David Ostrer Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
David Trybus
David Trybus Community Manager AMLI - Arc
Deborah Reiswig
Deborah Reiswig Vice President Property Management Equity Residential
Debra Raglund
Debra Raglund Portfolio Manager HNN Communities
Denny Thostrud
Denny Thostrud CEO AFB Floors
Desmond Marzett
Desmond Marzett Community Manager Sonata at Columbia Station
Dezeri Hillaby
Dezeri Hillaby Community Manager Cambridge Court Apts
Diana Johnson
Diana Johnson Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Diana Norbury
Diana Norbury SVP of Multifamily Operations Pillar Properties
Dominique Chavez
Dominique Chavez Blanton Turner
Donald Bartlett
Donald Bartlett President/CEO Momentum Partners Inc
Donna Brunner
Donna Brunner Senior Director of Operations HFO Investment Real Estate
Donna Roberts
Donna Roberts VP of Operations Indigo Real Estate Services
Edward Leigh
Edward Leigh VP Investments Equity Residential
Elisha Davis
Elisha Davis Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Elizabeth Forkell
Elizabeth Forkell Regional Property Manager Simpson Property Group
Emelie Johnson
Emelie Johnson Sales Account Manager Conversion Logix
Emiko McKittrick
Emiko McKittrick Marketing Director Indigo Real Estate Services
Emily Bryant
Emily Bryant District Manager Apartment Advantage Staffing
Emily Foster
Emily Foster Regional Property Manager AMC, LLC
Emily Herrmann
Emily Herrmann Property Manager Pilot Property Management
Emily Schmitz Dabney
Emily Schmitz Dabney Admin Assistant Holland Residential
Eric Brett
Eric Brett Operations Manager - Via6 Greystar
Eric Graham
Eric Graham Sales Associate, Multifamily Marketing
Eric Rabon
Eric Rabon Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Erin Moran
Erin Moran Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Erin San Nicolas
Erin San Nicolas Community Manager Upton Flats
Eugene Hu
Eugene Hu Indigo Real Estate Services
Frank Dean
Frank Dean Principal The Billing Associates NW, LLC
Frank Hornung
Frank Hornung The Neiders Company
Genevieve Ail
Genevieve Ail Vice President - Client Strategy Group Avenue5 Residential
Georgina Bockel
Georgina Bockel NAtional Sales Manager Conservice
Gina Worden
Gina Worden Portfolio Manager FPI Management
Glen Scheiber
Glen Scheiber Senior Director of Development Holland Residential
Heather Edwards
Heather Edwards Marketing & Training Director Apartment Advantage Staffing
Heidi Anderson
Heidi Anderson Dir of Community Engagement and Partnership Mgr HNN Communities
Heidi Turner
Heidi Turner Owner Blanton Turner
Irina Thompson
Irina Thompson Business manager Nine and Pine Apartments
Isis Castro
Isis Castro Reserve at Renton
Issac Clifton
Issac Clifton Property Manager Rivet
Jamie Beatty
Jamie Beatty Community Manager Bell Marymoor Park
Jamison Harris
Jamison Harris Community Account Manager XFINITY Communities
Janee Bussey
Janee Bussey Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Janet Morgan
Janet Morgan Regional Director, Multifamily Marketing
Jason Loughridge
Jason Loughridge Training and Development Specialst Goodman Real Estate
Jaymie Barth
Jaymie Barth Community Manager Orion
Jean Heier
Jean Heier Regional Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Jenna Atchison
Jenna Atchison Senior Community Manager Orion
Jennifer Charles
Jennifer Charles Regional Manager Equity Residential
Jennifer Dent
Jennifer Dent Manager XFINITY Communities
Jennifer Dutson
Jennifer Dutson Renovation Specialist AFB Floors
Jennifer Farmer
Jennifer Farmer Regional Vice President Holland Residential
Jennifer Firth
Jennifer Firth Vice President Buy-Rite Flooring
Jennifer Grubb
Jennifer Grubb Regional Property Manager Holland Residential
Jennifer Pertzborn
Jennifer Pertzborn Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Jennifer Vivette
Jennifer Vivette Senior Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Jered Lerum
Jered Lerum Director of Business Development edison47
Jerrid Anderson
Jerrid Anderson Executive Vice President Kidder Mathews
Jessica Fowler
Jessica Fowler Multi Site Community Director Riverside 9
Jessica Schmaljohn
Jessica Schmaljohn Community Account Executive XFINITY Communities
Jill McNiesh
Jill McNiesh Senior Manager, Property Marketing Greystar Real Estate Services
Jo Kelly
Jo Kelly Property Manager Nickel Creek
Joan Watson
Joan Watson
Jodi Clybourn
Jodi Clybourn Community Manager Millennium Park
Joe Sergotick
Joe Sergotick Residential Development Professional XFINITY Communities
John Jones
John Jones Associate Vice President of Operations Avenue5 Residential
John McGuire
John McGuire Asset Manager JB Matteson
John Stoner
John Stoner Principal Pacific Crest Real Estate, LLC
Jordan Greek
Jordan Greek Vice President - Enterprise Sales LeaseLock
Joseph Wittgens
Joseph Wittgens Field Account Representative HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Julia Studebaker
Julia Studebaker Community Account Professional XFINITY Communities
Julianne Figliola
Julianne Figliola Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Julie Brawn-Whitesides
Julie Brawn-Whitesides Executive Vice President ConAm Management
Julie Rounds
Julie Rounds Community Manager Pacific Living Properties
Julie Ryan
Julie Ryan Assistant Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Kaitlyn Martinez-Chavez
Kaitlyn Martinez-Chavez Property Manager Emerald Crest
Kara Roy
Kara Roy Community Director FPI Management
Kara Sundqvist
Kara Sundqvist Regional Manager Tarragon Property Services
Karen Calagna
Karen Calagna Property Manager Hive
Kari Anderson
Kari Anderson Vice President Thrive Communities
Karli Hoffman
Karli Hoffman Vice President of Residential Property Management Tarragon Property Services
Karolina Simons
Karolina Simons Director of Residential Services Blanton Turner
Kathryn Hedrick
Kathryn Hedrick
Katie Neely
Katie Neely Regional Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Katie Phelan
Katie Phelan Executive Vice President 1UP Floors
Katie Sheremet
Katie Sheremet Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Kellee Rodriguez
Kellee Rodriguez King County Housing Authority
Kelli Cousineau
Kelli Cousineau Community Manager The M Apartments
Kelly DeVoogd
Kelly DeVoogd National Account Executive-Pacific NW The Sherwin Williams Co.
Kendall McReynolds
Kendall McReynolds Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Kendehl Rojanasthien
Kendehl Rojanasthien Vice President of Asset Management Thrive Communities
Kendra Porath
Kendra Porath Property Manager Astro Apartments
Kenneth Harrington
Kenneth Harrington Leasing Professional AMLI - Arc
Kevin Bye
Kevin Bye Field Account Executive HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Kiel Curtis
Kiel Curtis Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Kim O'Brien
Kim O'Brien Regional Manager - PNW MG Properties Group
Kimberly Dvorcek
Kimberly Dvorcek Senior Regional Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Kiril Urekeanu
Kiril Urekeanu Assistant Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Kris Buker
Kris Buker Regional Director Bell Partners
Kristina Wardean
Kristina Wardean Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Krystelle Purkey
Krystelle Purkey
Lacy Devela
Lacy Devela Senior Director FPI Management
LaDon Beck
LaDon Beck Indigo Real Estate Services
LaQuisha Dodson
LaQuisha Dodson Community Manager Homes at Wildwood
Larissa Ranz
Larissa Ranz Regional Manager Villas at Auburn
Laura Bach
Laura Bach Senior Regional Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Laura Kitts
Laura Kitts Director of Property Partnerships Zumper
Laura McGuire
Laura McGuire Asset Manager First Pointe Management Group
Laura Thomassen
Laura Thomassen Community Manager Bell Overlake
Lauree Scheiber
Lauree Scheiber Regional Manager Security Properties Residential
Lauren Trujillo
Lauren Trujillo Area Manager Equity Residential
Lea Dimalanta
Lea Dimalanta Community Account Professional XFINITY Communities
Leah Colley
Leah Colley Community Manager Reserve at Lacey
LeAnna Bell
LeAnna Bell Area Manager Weidner Apartment Homes
Liliana Zelenovic
Liliana Zelenovic Area Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Linda Lander
Linda Lander Senior Regional Portfolio Manager Security Properties Residential
Lindsey Chukueke
Lindsey Chukueke Regional Property Manager Via6
Lindsey Jolley
Lindsey Jolley Executive Portfolio Manager FPI Management
Lisa Ellis
Lisa Ellis Division President Avenue5 Residential
Lisa Michael
Lisa Michael Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Liz Barnes
Liz Barnes Vice President Apartment Advantage Staffing
Lizbeth Garza
Lizbeth Garza Digital Solutions Consultant Executive RentPath
Machell Sherles
Machell Sherles Senior Director FPI Management
Marc Larson
Marc Larson Asset Manager Palladium Real Estate Services
Margie Wiseman
Margie Wiseman Sales Manager HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Marina Singh
Marina Singh President & Founder Multifamily Elites
Marissa Burgess
Marissa Burgess Property Manager Pilot Property Management
Mark Haldi
Mark Haldi Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Mark Hutcheson
Mark Hutcheson Regional Property Manager Allied Residential
Marni Pierce
Marni Pierce director Greystar Real Estate Services
Mary Erbland
Mary Erbland XFINITY Communities
Mary Gonzalez-Hansen
Mary Gonzalez-Hansen Asset Manager King County Housing Authority
Matt Andrews
Matt Andrews Portfolio Manager / Vice President Allied Residential
Matt Elley
Matt Elley Vice President of Development AMLI Residential
Matt Laird
Matt Laird Senior Associate Kidder Mathews
Matt Tuell
Matt Tuell Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
McKenzie Tolliver
McKenzie Tolliver Regional Property Manager Avenue5 Residential
Megan Phelps
Megan Phelps Operations Education Director AMLI - Spring District
Megan Raff
Megan Raff Area Manager-Renovations Sales HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Melanie Frankart
Melanie Frankart Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Melanie Moreno
Melanie Moreno Community Manager Fulton's Crossing
Melanie Roberts
Melanie Roberts Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Melanie White
Melanie White Area Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Melinda Wiggs
Melinda Wiggs Regional Manager Tarragon Property Services
Melonie Shamley
Melonie Shamley Director, Real Estate Greystar Real Estate Services
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Sr. Property Manager The Meyden
Michelle Rautenberg
Michelle Rautenberg Portfolio Manager HNN Communities
Michelle Zaidi
Michelle Zaidi Community Manager North at Totem Lake
Mike Cassel
Mike Cassel
Mike Kohler
Mike Kohler Account Executive Interior Logic Group Property Services
Mike Simons
Mike Simons President Allied Residential
Mike Voorhees
Mike Voorhees Managing Director Security Properties Residential
Mindy Hart
Mindy Hart Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Natalie Cardenas
Natalie Cardenas Asset Manager Shelter Holdings
Natasha Amira
Natasha Amira Director of Asset Management Avenue5 Residential
Nicholas Crum
Nicholas Crum Regional Director Thrive Communities
Nicholas Hjelmgren
Nicholas Hjelmgren Community Manager Savoy at Lake City
Nick Colglazier
Nick Colglazier Regional Portfolio Manager FPI Management
Nick Tyree
Nick Tyree President Guided Fitness Inc
Nicole Damm
Nicole Damm Asset Manager King County Housing Authority
Nikki Bailey
Nikki Bailey Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Owen Fleming
Owen Fleming Director of Capital Projects HNN Communities
Patricia Anderson
Patricia Anderson Blue Rock Real Estate
Phil Cresswell
Phil Cresswell Regional Director Security Properties Residential
Rachel Phinney
Rachel Phinney Regional Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Rachele Potts
Rachele Potts Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Rafael Garcia
Rafael Garcia Regional Operations Specialist Avanath Realty, Inc
Randi Kisskeys-Sanchez
Randi Kisskeys-Sanchez Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Rebecca Kline
Rebecca Kline Senior Director Greystar Real Estate Services
Rebekah Gifford
Rebekah Gifford Community Manager Trestle Creek
Regan Kimes
Regan Kimes Roving Property Manager First Pointe Management Group
Renee Neumann
Renee Neumann Area Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Rhonda Babcock
Rhonda Babcock Director of Customer Success Moco, Inc. - The Information Source
Rhonda Farley
Rhonda Farley Executive VP of Asset Management First Pointe Management Group
Rita Rodriguez
Rita Rodriguez Senior Property Manager Valley Springs
Rob Pendleton
Rob Pendleton Regional Sales Director HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Robin Hanson
Robin Hanson Senior Vice President Avenue5 Residential
Roger Douglas
Roger Douglas Belfor Restoration
Rosa Almeida
Rosa Almeida Director of Compliance HNN Communities
Rose O'Dell
Rose O'Dell CEO and President Thrive Communities
Ruchelle Erwin
Ruchelle Erwin Regional Director Thrive Communities
Rudy Monzon
Rudy Monzon Field Account Representative HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Russ Pengelly
Russ Pengelly VP, Business Development ApartmentAdvisor Inc
Sabrin Kassem
Sabrin Kassem Portfolio Manager HNN Communities
Sandra Hernandez
Sandra Hernandez Community Manager Cascadia Pointe
Saniya Regmi
Saniya Regmi Overlook at Magnolia
Sarah Allworth
Sarah Allworth Regional Manager Taylor Land Two
Sarah Hart
Sarah Hart Regional Manager Sares Regis Group
Scott VanLaningham
Scott VanLaningham Business Consultant, Rentals Zillow Rentals
Shannon Hammond
Shannon Hammond Regional Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Shannon Howley
Shannon Howley Community Manager Reserve at Lynnwood
Shannon Mitchell
Shannon Mitchell Senior Area Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Shaun Hudson
Shaun Hudson Strategic Account Manager AFB Floors
Shauna McAllister
Shauna McAllister Area Supervisor Cushman & Wakefield
Shelley Scroggins
Shelley Scroggins Community Manager Madison Park Apartments
Shelly Smith
Shelly Smith Regional Manager Woodspear Properties
Sheri Druckman
Sheri Druckman Vice President of Business Development Sares Regis Group
Sherilyn Butler
Sherilyn Butler Regional Property Manager Lincoln Property Company
Sonni Dennison
Sonni Dennison Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Stacey Wold
Stacey Wold Community Manager Villas at Arlington
Stefanie Rice
Stefanie Rice Portfolio Manager HNN Communities
Stephanie Edmonds
Stephanie Edmonds Portfolio Manager HNN Communities
Stephanie Slendebroek
Stephanie Slendebroek Regional Manager FPI Management
Stephanie Stacy
Stephanie Stacy Vice President Avenue5 Residential
Steve Hamasaki
Steve Hamasaki Portfolio Manager / Vice President Allied Residential
Steve Jones
Steve Jones Regional Maintenance Supervisor HNN Communities
Susan Clausnitzer
Susan Clausnitzer Regional Director of Education ConAm Management
Suzanne Bachler
Suzanne Bachler Director of Community Management Essex Property Trust
Suzy Joyce
Suzy Joyce Community Manager Millwood Estates
Sydney Parmalee
Sydney Parmalee Director FPI Management
Tali Reiner
Tali Reiner Vice President Security Properties Residential
Tammy Murray
Tammy Murray Community Account Manager XFINITY Communities
Tanya Armitage
Tanya Armitage Community Manager Epicenter
Tara Long
Tara Long Field Account Rep HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Taylor Bruzas
Taylor Bruzas Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Taylor Dow
Taylor Dow Regional Manager Tower 801
Tila Castillo
Tila Castillo Community Director Tower 12
Tim Mass
Tim Mass Community Manager Broadstone Clarendon
Tim Walter
Tim Walter King County Housing Authority
Timothy Satterwhite
Timothy Satterwhite
Tina Boone
Tina Boone Vice President of Operations Allied Residential
Tina Lacerenza
Tina Lacerenza Portfolio Manager FPI Management
Tina Langdon
Tina Langdon Portfolio Manager PNW FPI Management
Tina Pletsch
Tina Pletsch Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Tisha Goodman
Tisha Goodman Regional Manager Rockwood Property Management
Todd Hildebrand
Todd Hildebrand Senior Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Tonya Stadlman
Tonya Stadlman SUHRCO Residential, LLC
Torri Magee
Torri Magee Director of Client Services Thrive Communities
Tracy Habrel
Tracy Habrel Director of Operations Walls Property Management
Travis Maxwell
Travis Maxwell Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Trisha Kenney
Trisha Kenney Property Manager Avaya Ridge
Troy Costello
Troy Costello Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Tynia Thoreson
Tynia Thoreson Regional Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Ula Jun
Ula Jun Portfolio Manager Blanton Turner
Valerie Cunningham
Valerie Cunningham Principal Designer Innovative Design Works, LLC
Valerie Hill
Valerie Hill Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Vanessa Siebern
Vanessa Siebern Vice President FPI Management
Vanessa Vincent
Vanessa Vincent Community Manager Langara
Vincent Wu
Vincent Wu Asset Manager King County Housing Authority
Visith Sengsirirak
Visith Sengsirirak Property Manager Pilot Property Management
Wen Xu
Wen Xu King County Housing Authority
Wendy Schutzler
Wendy Schutzler VP of Multifamily Sales AFB Floors
Wini Leung
Wini Leung Senior Director, Property Management Operations LMC, A Lennar Company
Winslow Lee
Winslow Lee Broker Kidder Mathews
Yazmin Mendoza
Yazmin Mendoza Sr. Property Manager Pilot Property Management
Zach Hammond
Zach Hammond Regional Account Executive Zumper
209 Other Registered Attendees

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