Announcing 2021 Emerald Awards Nominees!

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Congratulations to the 2021 Emerald Awards nominees!

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Community Manager of the Year:

 1-150 UNITS
Aleda Humann, Arendal on Viking - ConAm Management
Bryan Hopkins, 98th Ave - Pinnacle
Brynna Rodewald, Sunset Electric - Greystar
Emma Goldenshteyn, Saratoga - Pinnacle
Eric Minugh, Ravello Apartments - Pinnacle
Gladys Batum-Puente, Swiss Gables - Epic Asset
Ian Curran, Multiple properties - Pinnacle
Jacob Holman, Belay - Thrive Communities
Jennifer Pohle, King Arthur's Court - Epic Asset
Justin Barta, Meridian Garden - Thrive Communities
Kara Roy, Align Apartments - FPI Management
Leslie Orcullo, Rubix - Pinnacle
Marina Singh, Blu - Avenue5 Residential
Sandra Hernandez, Cascadia Pointe - Pinnacle
Shannon Stine, Parkview - Pinnacle
Wendy Whipple, North Creek Heights - Pinnacle
Whitney Nakamoto, Bayview - Avenue5 Residential
151-300 UNITS
Andrew Roberts, Origin - Pinnacle 
Brittney Wallingford, Kently Pointe - First Pointe
Brittney Ziebell, Sofi Lakeside - FPI Management 
Drew Barger, Multiple properties  - Pinnacle 
Gabrielle Diaz, The Maverick  - Pillar Properties
Joe Bonilla, Discovery West  - HNN Communities
Kaeli Pugsley, Citizen and Oake  - Greystar
Katie Noethe, Multiple properties - Security Properties
Kelli Montgomery, Skyview 3322 - Pinnacle
Kendra Porath, Astro Apartments - Pinnacle
Laura Thomassen, Bell Overlake - Bell Partners
Lisa Jones, The Lakehouse - Avenue5 Residential
Maria Bernal, Summit - Avenue5 Residential
Megan Mier, The Hadley Apartments  - ConAm 
Melanie King,  Nickel Creek - Pinnacle
Nicole Crum, Alley 24  - Thrive Communities 
Nora Keith, Griffis Belltown - Griffis Residential
Raven Verbarg, Rosewood Club - Pinnacle
Regan Kimes, Multiple properties - First Pointe
Stacey Litt, 77 Central - Pinnacle
Tammy Gee, Vue Issaquah - FPI Management
Trevor McNichols, Bryson Square - Thrive Communities
Vanessa Dalit, The Row - FPI Management
301+ UNITS
Amy Simpson, Sparc  - Avenue5 Residential 
Crystal Danninger, The Encore - Epic Asset Management
David Springer-Trybus, AMLI Arc - AMLI Residential 
Denana Husnic, Indigo Springs - Decron Properties
Eduardo Porath, Griffis North Creek - Griffis Residential
Jordan Keating, Assembly 118 - Thrive Communities
Malli Maurer, Griffis Lake Washington - Griffis Residential
Paige Moore, Keeler's Corner - Avenue5 Residential
Paula Gamble, Multiple properties - Security Properties 
Shauna Mcallister, Club Palisades - FPI Management 
Tiffany O'Byrne, Avery on Pearl - ConAm Management
Wilson Cancino, LIV - Greystar
Ciara Jade Stevens, Colwell Building - Allied Residential 
Jennifer Evanger, Eagles Landing - First Pointe 
Jolene MacPherson, William J Wood House - Allied Res.
Katia Romero,  Lake Washington - FPI Management 
Kayley Kirmse, Multiple properties - Allied Residential
Korae Rutledge, Cedarwood - Mercy Housing
Michelle Delorme, Multiple properties  - Allied Residential
Nahrein Kassem, Promenade  - HNN Communities
Nicoelle Wilks, Burke Gilman Place  - FPI Management
Rebecca Wilson, Landmark - Greystar

Assistant Community Manager of the Year:

1-300 UNITS
Alisha Baker, The Madison at Bellevue - First Pointe
Andreya Derby, The Cove - Pilot Ventures
Ben Palacios, Bell Overlake  - Bell Partners
Bia Queen, Capitol City on the Course - Pinnacle
Brandy House, Summit - Avenue5 Residential
Brittney Ayshford, Modera South Lake Union  - MillCreek
Carly Rotolo, Echo Ridge - Berkshire Residential
Cimone Grace, The Row - FPI Management
DeeAnn Hollmann, Axis - HNN Communities
Evan Harder, The Bond  - Insite Property Solutions
Jason Harris, Vue Issaquah - FPI Management
Jen Norman, Landmark  - Greystar
Jessica Bamonte, The Diplomat  - Pinnacle
Katie Wade, Copper Creek  - Thrive Communities
Katy Jekich, AMLI South Lake Union - AMLI Residential
Mahdi Hooshyari, Evans Creek at Woodbridge - Avenue5
Makayla Harvey, The Galleria  - Avenue5 Residential
Maria Lynch, Astro - Pinnacle
Monisha Watkins, Bella Sonoma - FPI Management
Nadia Nazarchuk, Pinewood Square - Epic Asset
Rebecca Prengel, Dimension - Holland Partner Group
Steffani Garka, Eagles Landing - First Pointe Management
Zach Thoman, Alexan 100 - Avenue5 Residential

301+ UNITS
Auti Zarrin, Colby Creek  - Thrive Communities 
Brittany Taylor, Stadium Place - Pillar Properties
Chad Mains, Keeler's Corner - Avenue5 Residential
Danielle Colburn, Avery on Pearl - ConAm Management
Eric Brett, Via6 - Greystar 
Gabriela Camacho, The Mill at Mill Creek - Sack Mngmt.
Kia Lo, The Fairways - Pinnacle 
Rheanna Hare, Griffis Lake Washington - Griffis Residential
Rose Muñoz-Espinoza, Lake Washington - FPI
Tressa Clinton, Retreat at Bothell - Decron Properties

Leasing Consultant of the Year:

1-300 UNITS
Andrea Pierce, Viva  - Avenue5 Residential
Chase Baucom, JACK - Thrive Communities
Derek Pierre, Modera Redmond - MillCreek Residential
Emma Akervold, The Maverick - Pillar Properties
Horacio Ozaetta, Blu - Avenue5 Residential
John Roka, Timber Grove - Pilot Ventures
Jonathan Wilson, Heatherwood - HNN Communities
Kayla Caldwell, Aura Totem Lake - Avenue5 Residential
Linda Hych, The Woodmark - Greystar
Morgan Ludlow, The Rivet - First Pointe Management
O'Shea Taylor, Ridgegate - Avenue5 Residential
Pablo Perez, AMLI Spring District - AMLI Residential
Rebecca Chapman, Terra Tukwila - FPI Management

301+ UNITS
Angela Wells, Montair at Somerset Hill - Greystar
Claudia Delgadillo-Lopez, Assembly 118 - Thrive
Genisis Stanley, Club Palisades - FPI Management
Justin Brannon - Seattle Apartment Managers
Justine Henderson, Ballinger Commons - Security Prop.
Kristen Snide, Parkside - Lincoln Property Company
Larissa Harvey, Griffis Lake Washington - Griffis Res.
Mary Jo Escalona, The Retreat at Bothell - Decron Prop.
Michael Mendenhall, Stadium Place  - Pillar Properties
Terra Walker, Fulton's Crossing - Pinnacle

Rookie of the Year - Office

Boston Moore, Sedona - Epic Asset Management
Brianna Norris, Avery on Pearl - ConAm Management
Bryan McCants, The Arbors on Edgewood - Avenue5
Carolyn Harper, Griffis North Creek - Griffis Residential
Christianne Baker, 98th Ave - Pinnacle
Hannah Trimble, Sofi Lakeside - FPI Management
Jordan Blaine, The Merc - Avenue5 Residential
Julian Mora, The Lyric - Pillar Properties
Kaylee Bresler, North Creek Heights - Pinnacle
Kristin Mays, Griffis Lake Washington - Griffis Residential
Maria "Isabel" Cruz, Club Palisades - FPI Management
Melle' Newman-Adjiri, Multiple properties - Pinnacle
Pailey Cope, The POP - Insite Property Solutions
Regan Austin, Townhomes at Mountainview - Pinnacle
Shanay Linear, The Row - FPI Management
Tanner Mandelin, Ascend - Avenue5 Residential
Taylor Kramer, The Lodge at Peasley Canyon - Avanath
Trevor Wyke, Bell Overlake - Bell Partners

Portfolio Manager of the Year:

Amy Abernathy - Greystar
Celeste Mills - Allied Residential
Claudia Lytton - Pinnacle

Kristina Wardean - Avenue5 Residential
Matt Andrews - Allied Residential
Natalie Bell - Seattle Apartment Managers
Nick Crum - Thrive Communities
Yazmin Mendoza - Pilot Ventures

Maintenance Supervisor of the Year:

 1-150 UNITS
Aron Daruwalla, Landmark Court - ConAm Management
Benjamin Watts, O2 Apartments - Avenue5 Residential
Dan Smolinski, Willow's Court - Epic Asset Management
David Daw, Multiple properties - Pinnacle
Don Taylor, The Summit at Lake Union - First Pointe
Frank Tudela, Multiple properties - Greystar
Garry Lundquist, Multiple properties - Pinnacle
Ismet Kandzic, The Luxe at Meridian - Avenue5 Residential
John Knocke, Mirabella - Pinnacle
John Morrissey, Cedarwood - Mercy Housing
Jorge Rodriguez, Valley Springs - Pinnacle
Juan Salinas, Parla Apartment Homes - ConAm
Lorenzo Hicks, Samm - Thrive Communities
Noe Villanueva, Cascadia Pointe - Pinnacle
Stephen Fought, Capitol Heights - ConAm Management

151-300 UNITS
Aleksandr Chepurin, Bella Sonoma - FPI Management
Alex Ortega, Modera Redmond - MillCreek Residential
Alexey Bessarabov, The Row - FPI Management
Ben Oh, Sofi Lakeside - FPI Management
Bill Jones, Evergreen Villages - FPI Management
Candace Cabochon, Vintage at Mill Creek - FPI
Chris Taylor, The Danforth - Avenue5 Residential
Craig Fanger, Bell Marymoor Park - Bell Partners
Enrique Guerra, Vue Issaquah - FPI Management
Enrique Manzo, Kently Pointe - First Pointe
Francisco Miramontes, Maple Crossing - Avanath Realty
Garret Simmons, Riverpointe - Security Properties
Gary Botkin, Sedona - Epic Asset Management
Jacob Hadland, Multiple properties - First Pointe
John McGrath, Astro Apartments - Pinnacle
John Murch, Cypress - Avenue5 Residential
Jorge Esquivel, SKY Sammamish - Insite
Keegan Krahn, Griffis Belltown - Griffis Residential
Kevin Hanson, The Mercer - Avenue5 Residential
Manuel Padilla, CentrePointe Greens - Pinnacle
Marco Subero, Chelsea at Juanita Village - Thrive
Matt Ralph, AMLI Spring District - AMLI Residential
Mike Virdell, The Century - Pillar Properties
Paul Rustin, Heronfield Apartments - Pinnacle
Pavel Zaytsev, Union South Lake Union - Pinnacle
Pedro Tapia, Clock Tower Village - Avenue5 Residential
Roman Kurglov, The Lakehouse - Avenue5 Residential
Steve Arnold, Copper Creek - Thrive Communities
Vladimir Gavryliv, Nickel Creek - Pinnacle

301+ UNITS
Anatoliy Benzel, The Lodge at Peasley Canyon - Avanath
Jared Jackson, Multiple properties - Avenue5 Residential
Kohlton Steinman, Griffis North Creek - Griffis Residential
Mark Hindenach, Via6 - Greystar
Micah Kemp, Parkside - Lincoln Property Company
Regan Sindayen, Multiple properties - HNN Communities
Roy Sowerby, Club Palisades - FPI Management

Maintenance Technician of the Year:

1-300 UNITS
Amy Racin, Sofi Lakeside - FPI Management
Antonio Quintero, Skyview 3322 - Pinnacle
Charles Marr, The Summit at Lake Union - First Pointe 
Cole Granvold, Summit - Avenue5 Residential
Elba Camacho, Multiple properties - Pinnacle
Gabriel Cruz, The Arbors at Edgewood - Avenue5
Garcia Bakari, AMLI Bellevue Park - AMLI Residential
Gene Zink, Griffis Belltown - Griffis Residential
George Bungay, Bell Overlake - Bell Partners
Jacob Flores, Sofi Lakeside - FPI Management
Jerry Mendoza, Multiple properties - Coast
Josh Feston, Chelsea at Juanita Village - Thrive
Julio Amador, Multiple properties - Pinnacle
Lourdes Betancourt, Blu - Avenue5 Residential
Luis Lemus-Santos, Park 120 - Avenue5 Residential
Marcel Jordan, Residences at 3295 - FPI Management
Omer Husnic, The Lyric - Pillar Properties
Phillip Herrera, The Rivet - First Pointe Management
Roman Khrystychenko, Silver Springs - Avanath Realty
Sean Hogan, The Mercer - Avenue5 Residential
Thaddeus Spurgeon, Lux - Avenue5 Residential
Ventsislav Drandov, Union South Lake Union - Pinnacle
Vladimir Pogodayev, The Row - FPI Management

301+ UNITS
Austin Halpin, Ballinger Commons - Security Properties
Dennis Gonzalez, Via6 - Greystar
Enrique Orozco, Fulton's Crossing - Pinnacle
Enver Causevic, Array - ConAm Management
Kat Sauskojus, Atlas - Avenue5 Residential
Luis Bravo, Waterview Apartments - HNN Communities
Marcos Lujan, Colby Creek - Thrive Communities
Mekhrali Muratov, Indigo Springs - Decron Properties
Menberu Hailemariam, LIV - Greystar
Mohsen Abdoli, Urban Center - FPI Management
Nicolai Cristev, Avery on Pearl - ConAm Management
Pedro Sanchez, Multiple properties - AMLI Residential
Stephen Woodard II, Waterford at the Lakes - Thrive
Vladimir Konashuk, Club Palisades - FPI Management

Rookie of the Year - Maintenance

Brian Evaul, Multiple properties - Pinnacle
Brian Holsopple, The Galleria - Avenue5 Residential
Damion Cox, The Spencer - Insite Property Solutions
Jeremy Lim, The Meyden - Pillar Properties
Jose Padilla-Santiago, Lodge at Peasley Canyon - Avanath
Leroy Watson, Bryson Square - Thrive Communities
Lex Lee, Central Park East - Greystar
Mac Hardin, The Maverick - Pillar Properties
Randy Dean, Arterra - Avenue5 Residential
Victor Mauro, Rosewood Club - Pinnacle

Credential Holder of the Year:

Genevieve Ali, CAPS - Avenue5 Residential
Heather L. Edwards, CAS - Apartment Advantage Staffing
John Jones, CAM - Avenue5 Residential
Luke Murnan, NALP, CAM - Epic Asset Management

Community of the Year:

1-150 UNITS
1611 on Lake Union - Greystar
Arbor Village - Thrive Communities
Arendal on Viking - ConAm Management
Trillium Apartments - Pinnacle

151+ UNITS

AMLI Arc - AMLI Residential
Astro Apartments - Pinnacle
Atrium on James - Pinnacle
Bella Sonoma - FPI Management
Club Palisades - FPI Management
Discovery West - HNN Communities
Griffis Belltown - Griffis Residential
Griffis Lake Washington - Griffis Residential
Griffis North Creek - Griffis Residential
Madison Bellevue Apartments - First Pointe
Rooster - Thrive Communities
Rosewood Club - Pinnacle
Skyview 3322 - Pinnacle
Sofi Lakeside - FPI Management
Talisman - Greystar
The Madison at Bellevue - First Pointe
Vue Issaquah - FPI Management

Burke Gilman Place - FPI Management
Cottage Bay - Pinnacle
Evergreen Villages - FPI Management
Lake Washington Apartments - FPI Management
Landmark - Greystar

Curb Appeal Garden Style:

Aspen Creek Apartments - Epic Asset Management
Forest Creek - Pinnacle
Hampton Greens - Greystar
Liberty Ridge - Thrive Communities
Skyview 3322 - Pinnacle
The Hurricane - Foundation Group
Yarrowood Highlands - Avenue5 Residential

Ascend - Avenue5 Residential
Borgata Apartments & Townhomes - Thrive Communities
Evans Creek at Woodbridge - Avenue5 Residential
Griffis North Creek - Griffis Residential
The Arbors at Edgewood - Avenue5 Residential
The Diplomat - Pinnacle
Willina Ranch - Greystar

Curb Appeal Mid Rise/High Rise:

Elara At The Market - Avenue5 Residential
O2 Apartments - Avenue5 Residential
SKY Sammamish - Insite Property Solutions
Station House Lofts - Thrive Communities
Upton Flats - Pinnacle
Vale - Thrive Communities
Villaggio Apartments - Epic Asset Management
West Mall Place Apartments - Epic Asset Management

New Development of the Year:

1-150 UNITS
Allegro at Ash Creek - Pinnacle
Alloy - Redside Partners
Avaya Ridge - First Pointe Management
Blu Apartments - Avenue5 Residential
Flyway Retail + Living - Insite Property Solutions
Luna - Greystar
Metroline Flats - Pinnacle 
The POP - Insite Property Solutions

151+ UNITS
207 East Apartments - Avenue5 Residential
Alexan 100 - Avenue5 Residential
Aura Totem Lake - Avenue5 Residential
Bell Marymoor Park - Bell Partners
Blackbird - Thrive Communities
Geo - Thrive Communities
Hyde Square - Greystar
Modera Redmond - MillCreek Residential
The Postmark - Avenue5 Residential

Panorama - HNN Communities
View by Vintage - FPI Management

Renovated Community of the Year:

Alaire Aprtments - Thrive Communities
AMLI Bellevue Park - AMLI Residential
Griffis Lake Washington - Griffis Residential
Lock Vista - Greystar
Montclair Heights - Avenue5 Residential
Novela Apartments - Avenue5 Residential
Porchlight - Thrive Communities
Scout - Thrive Communities
South Park Yacht Club - Foundation Group
The Lakehouse - Avenue5 Residential
The Park in Bellevue - Avenue5 Residential

Community Service Award:

Andy Ruiz - Greystar
Heather Blume - Behind the Leasing Desk
Heidi Anderson - HNN Communities
The Fairways - Pinnacle

Industry Partner of the Year:

1UP Floors
A Plus Tree, Inc
Parcel Pending
Dana Jensen - Innovative Systems
Emma Williamson - BluSky Restoration Contractors
Larry O'Toole - Alliance Flooring
Marsha Newman - A Plus Tree, Inc
Melissa Schade - Conversion Logix

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