Credential Holder of the Quarter: Katie Phelan, CAS

Posted By: Sloane Cerbana WMFHA Updates,


Katie Phelan was born into this industry. She was serving notices on her mother's hip by the time she was 3 years old and eventually began working as an industry supplier at age 16. Given her natural love of people and desire to do the right thing it was an instant perfect fit. Katie started working with 1UP Floors in 2016 and has never felt more at home. Every day she gets the chance to provide excellent service and share knowledge with her customers. In her spare time, Katie loves chasing around, scratch that... being chased by her two young boys Jaxson and Kane.

What inspired you to get your credential?

WMFHA's amazing Director of Career Development, Sloane. Sloane let me know about this amazing opportunity for suppliers to get some extra education via the CAS program. I was even lucky enough to receive a full scholarship. 

How has your credential added value to your career?

I was able to combine lessons learned during my CAS course with my 14 years of experience, making me even more of an industry expert. I now have additional insight into my customers day-to-day, allowing me to provide more insightful service.