Credential Holder Spotlight: RoseMarie Peyton, CAM

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I come from the small town of Sumner WA. I have two wonderful kids that attend school in the Sumner school district. Prior to beginning my career in property management, I worked in retail management. I joined the team with Tarragon Property Services as a leasing agent and I quickly realized that property management was my calling. During my first year as a leasing agent I was determined to learn every aspect there was to learn about property management. I was very fortunate that my leadership team was as equally enthused as I was. They gave me all of the tools and knowledge they had to offer in order to help me reach my maximum potential. In the first year, I was promoted to an Assistant Manager and then promoted to a Business Manager at Washington Court in Sumner. I was beyond excited to not only hold a position that I loved waking up to daily but, to be able to do so in my home town was even more motivating. Shortly after that I became a multi-site manager and was thrilled to take on a new set of challenges. Finally, I was promoted back to where I began my career at Palermo at Lakeland as the property manager. The possibilities were endless and as I grew so did my value in mentorships in the industry.

What inspired you to get your credential?

I was inspired to get my CAM in order to gain a better understanding of the financial aspect of property management and to be better prepared to lead a team. My goals were to grow personally but also grow to become a mentor for my peers as well as an asset to Tarragon Property Services.

How have your credentials helped you the most?

Getting my CAM certification has added value to my career as I have a better understanding of multiple aspects of property management. I have become more knowledgeable in adding to the value of a property and work within budgeted guidelines. Being certified has opened up conversations with my peers and has allowed me to encourage them to set coals and to become certified. I hope to be a motivating mentor to my team so that they can reach their goals in career development. I will be forever grateful to those who believed in me and shared their industry knowledge.

Based on the knowledge you gained during the course, what advice would you give to your peers who want to grow their careers?

I would advise my peers to believe in themselves and learn as much as they possibly can from industry leaders. I promote the certifications amongst my teammates anytime we have discussions regarding my CAM certification.