Credential Holder of the Quarter: Jay Koster, CAM

Posted By: Sloane Cerbana WMFHA Updates,

Jay joined the residential property management industry in 2011, filling a role as maintenance and office assistant for a 107-door garden-style community in Kent, WA. He grew in the role until 2014, when he received a promotion to a 384-door community in Everett. From there, he would quickly grow as a leasing and administrative professional, before taking on a 73-door community as Property Manager in West Seattle. In 2016, Jay obtained his CAM designation, bringing greater knowledge and skill to the task at hand. In late 2017, Jay changed companies and took on the role of Property Manager for a 103-door luxury community in Seattle's University District, where he manages today.

What inspired you to get your credential? 

I was inspired to get my CAM designation to give back to my company. Back in 2011, I was new to the industry and my property manager at the time took a chance on me. In the years that followed, I learned that I had a passion for the business that I hadn't expected. I wanted to give back to the company that lit that fire within me by being able to dive deeper into the reports and financials and to take on a greater role in the success of my community.

How has your credential added value to your career?

Since I earned my designation, I've found that I'm better able to understand the perspective of my owner, more value to the residents and better anticipate the demands of my community. The financial aspect of my designation has helped me to truly comprehend not just what the budgets and requirements are, but why they are. It helps me to prepare my monthly reports, as well as to plan for the upcoming months. Having the designation has also helped my transition to a new company, making me more valuable to the hiring committees and showing dedication to learning and a commitment to success.