Fitness/Wellness Amenities - Marketing Gold for Washington Properties

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Today’s generations are all about “self-care and socially share,” and communities of every size and description are capitalizing on that fact. Creating accessible fitness and wellness spaces that intrigue and inspire can return the investment up to 900%.

Not quite “if you build it, they will come,” facilities that have trending fitness or wellness amenities have the ability to market those features to attract new community members. Fitness is a sought-after option for multifamily housing, which drives lease rates, revenues, and long-term stability. With self-care driving billions of dollars of decisions, facilities highlighting their fitness distinctions are ahead of the game. Satisfied constituents share their experiences, and the cycle renews, bringing in more of the same.


Fitness At Home

From multifamily housing communities to hotels and hospitality, fitness options top the charts for destination “things to look for.” The latest fitness equipment and technology-infused training feed into the personal motivation behind self-care: addressing both personal fitness and socialization. Millennials and boomers alike care about a sense of belonging where they live, while preserving their own individuality – as the vast majority “want to be by themselves with others.” With cardio and strength, group training and individual fitness options that are “exclusive to residents, offering convenience and the opportunity to build a sense of community,” facilities are appealing to residents who want

“the option to work out and connect with others, all within the confines of their own residence – and with the cost rolled into the price of rent.”

Wellness At Work

Corporate offices are learning the same lesson, and many are using fitness and wellness trends to attract and retain high quality employees or, in the case of multi-tenant office locations, tenants. Even if they don’t use it often, the availability of a lunch-time workout, providing a break from the office, is compelling. HR departments can claim productivity and stress-reduction benefits alongside the health benefits of having fitness facilities available, with many adding massage chairs, yoga/meditation spaces and recreation (i.e. golf simulators) to on-site amenities.

“Workers who feel like their employers care about them may be more cooperative, productive, and happier overall. Announcing that you are opening a private gym specifically for employee use could boost employee morale – it’s a clear indication of the company investing in its employees.”

For some work environments, fitness and training facilities are a job necessity. Police officers and other first responders need high quality fitness options to keep in shape. In cases where communities invest in the right fitness features for their first responders, it can literally help save lives, not to mention attracting and retaining high quality employees in these high-churn roles.

Melissa Korda is a Commercial Fitness Design Consultant with Advanced Exercise.
  • 18 years in the Health & Fitness industry from private training to semi-pro, college and professional sports.
  • I am an Athletic Trainer, Titleist Golf Professional and Strength and Conditioning coach with a deep passion for athletics and healthy living, and that experience is what drives me to create engaging fitness solutions for Washington communities.
  • Around my work in fitness design, I try to play a little soccer when I’m not watching my 4 sons play football and basketball, golfing and watching any sports on TV.