Move For Hunger Midyear Results

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You've donated almost 5,000 meals!

Move For Hunger works with WMFHA properties to deliver bags to residents who give notice to move out.  Residents can leave their non-perishable food items before they move and Move For Hunger ensures that food is delivered to the local food bank.

WMFHA members partner with Move For Hunger and Northwest Harvest to give back to the community. Since we started working with them in 2017, you all have collected almost 6,000 pounds of food - enough to serve almost 5,000 meals!

Here are our top communities that contributed food to Move For Hunger in the first half of the year:

Harbor Steps Apartments: 108 pounds = 90 meals

Centennial Tower and Court Apartments: 65 pounds = 54 meals

The Avenues Apartments: 33 pounds = 28 meals

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Move For Hunger is getting national recognition and was even featured on VH1's Do Something Awards show:

Keep up the amazing work you all are doing for the community!