NAA's 2018 Income and Expenses Survey

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The most comprehensive report for apartment housing operations data is available for pre-order today! 

What percentage is total operating costs going up and what is driving it? 
What is the health of the apartment industry as a whole compared to last year?
What revenue trends are surfacing?
What style of apartment is most profitable?
What is the standard income and expenses by property size?
What is the latest lease turnover rate?
Where is a comparable market and how does it relate to our region?

If you ever ask yourself these questions, now you know where to find the answers.

NAA's Income and Expenses Survey 

Read last year's Income and Expenses Survey Executive Summary here.

This report is the most comprehensive look at the rental housing operations data available, allowing you to make the best budgeting and forecasting decisions for next year. With detailed local data in over 90 single markets and national economic analysis, it gives apartment operators the financial tools they need to benchmark their performance against their peers. The report includes data for market-rate and subsidized properties. Pre-order your copy today!

Single market discounted (less than 20 properties) $85 for members

Single market (20 or more properties) $175 for members

Full report (includes all single markets) $625 for members