Outstanding Service to WMFHA - Sheri Druckman

Posted By: Jim Wiard (deleted) Articles, WMFHA Updates,
Our most passionate volunteer and supporter with her unwavering service to the association and industry, her exemplary leadership skills and dedication, is Sheri Druckman, CAPS.

Sheri has served on our Board of Directors for six years and has held the Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, President, and Immediate Past President executive positions. In addition to her exemplary attendance and participation, she intentionally sets a positive example for other members in everything she does to promote the association’s mission and programs.

Not only is Sheri interested in the health of our industry, but she is also interested in building up the people of our industry. She makes advances in communication, taking valuable information to the boots on the ground in her company, and relays important information from the company back to the association. Sheri makes it a point to connect individually and authentically with people. In her relationships, she strengthens the organization’s engagement by getting new professionals and companies excited about the work we do and supporting their professional growth in the industry.

Sheri exhibits the ethical integrity that exemplifies our association’s vision, mission, and values. After each event or activity, she goes above and beyond to personally thank the association staff and give kudos for their work. She makes our team feel appreciated and motivates us to keep doing great work and striving for excellence.

If there is anyone in the state of Washington that is eligible for this award it is our sharp, compassionate, devoted - Sheri Druckman.

An example of how Sheri shows outstanding service is her enthusiastic participation in all things multifamily.  She serves on our Government Affairs Committee, regularly attends our Day on the Hill lobby day, and has served on numerous NAA committees for several years. Sheri attends all three large NAA conferences as a WMFHA delegate and proudly promotes WMFHA in her interactions with peers. 

Sheri is also an NAA Leadership Lyceum graduate. She makes it a point to share industry information related to government affairs and legislative matters with our Director of Government Affairs and annually personally donates to the NAA PAC.

Quick to share her expertise and knowledge, Sheri routinely speaks at association events and educational seminars. In 2019 she taught a packed room at our education conference about stress management. She also spoke at our economic forecast luncheon to a room of 800+ members. Whether it be an intimate space with our Board of Directors, in the studio at Multifamily Leadership, or at some of our biggest events each year, Sheri is always there to contribute and inspire others.

On top of all of that, Sheri provides outstanding service by leading by example. She is active, engaged, donates to our charity partners consistently, and doesn’t let any of our efforts go unnoticed. Her innate ability to recognize something special in every person makes us all feel important and valued. People are the building blocks of a strong industry, and Sheri is the glue that holds our bricks together.