Prop 10 Goes Down Hard in CA, But the Fight is Not Over

Posted By: Jim Wiard (deleted) Advocacy News,

We heard California residents loud and clear defeat Proposition 10 62% to 38%. 

Prop. 10 would have overturned the state’s Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act, which bans local governments from imposing rent control on any apartment built since 1995. The act also bans rent control on any single-family residence that is being used as a rental unit. 

Thank you for showing your support in defeating Prop. 10 as rent control has no place in addressing ongoing housing affordability issues. This is a big victory for California, the West Coast region, and our industry at large.

But the fight is not over. Rent control advocates in Sacramento are pushing forward with a local renter-relief ballot measure for 2020.

The National Apartment Association states this issue succinctly:

"As affordability issues develop in many urban metroplexes, state and local governments will understandably be on the hunt for policies to help curb price increases. They will find industry-led solutions making a difference in their local communities.
Whether it is LIVE Denver in Colorado, providing a stand-out example of what a public-private hybrid voucher program can accomplish, or NestQuest in Houston, working with the existing Section 8 program to help break the cycle of poverty, there are solutions appearing all over the country to address this affordability crisis. Bold new policies, such as Miami’s redress of city parking requirements, are leading us to a future where decent, affordable housing can be accessible to all."

So today we celebrate the victory, but tomorrow we remain vigilant and work together to protect our industry from destructive policies like rent control locally and across the nation.