Tell Your Eviction Moratorium Story

Posted By: Brett Waller Advocacy News, COVID-19 Resource Center,

The state eviction moratorium is set to expire June 30, more than 15 months after being enacted. Despite extensive legislative action earlier this year, including implementation of statewide good cause termination requirements, and robust rental assistance accessible in the community, tenant groups and lawmakers are calling for an extension of the eviction moratorium. In short, some lawmakers and tenant groups do not ever want to see the moratorium end.

Even with more than $1 billion federal/state money available to cover back rent, more than 10 percent of residents who are behind in their rent have refused to cooperate in the application process. Moreover, the application process is challenging and often results in incomplete payments. Even the Kent Police Chief has said “Creating housing security during the pandemic is the humanitarian thing to do, but there have been unintended consequences that have come with that.”

The Governor needs to know any extension of the eviction moratorium will affect you and exacerbate the struggles you've experienced over the past year. 

In the space below, it's your opportunity to respectfully let lawmakers know that you recognize the pandemic has been difficult for everyone, and as he considers whether to extend Washington’s eviction moratorium, he needs to hear about the challenges you have faced over the past year during the pandemic.

Include in your letter:
  • Whether your tenants are - or are not - cooperating in applying for funding
  • If you have applied for funding but are still awaiting payment
  • If your tenants have left owing you money
  • If you suspect your tenants don’t qualify and are still claiming a COVID hardship
  • Any other specific information about your challenges over the past year