The Seattle Primary – Results

Posted By: Ryan Makinster Advocacy News,

The 2023 election could be a watershed for politics in Seattle.  Due to growing frustration with the Council’s ideological, rather than solution oriented, policy decisions, the majority of Seattle voters want a change. Couple that with 7 seats up for grabs, with a majority of those being open seats, November will provide an opportunity for a more pragmatic and business friendly council to be seated in January.  WMFHA PAC will be considering candidates for financial support and will make recommendations to the WMFHA GAC and Board of Directors for endorsement consideration. Please stay tuned as we promote champions of our industry that our leadership has endorsed and that we hope you will support in the fast-approaching November election.


(i) denotes incumbent



District 1

Maren Costa                           33.15%

Rob Saka                                  24.07%


District 2

Tammy Morales (i)                  52.25%

Tammy Woo                             42.60%


District 3

Joy Hollingsworth                    39.96%

Alex Hudson                            36.46%


District 4

Ron Davis                                44.83%

Maritza Rivera                        31.81%


District 5

Cathy Moore                           30.74%

ChrisTiana ObeySumner        24.40%


District 6

Dan Strauss (i)                         51.74%

Pete Hanning                          29.33%


District 7

Andrew Lewis (i)                     43.00%

Bob Kettle                                31.52%