Top 10 Ideas for a Healthier Community

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Below are 10 ideas you can use to easily strengthen your community’s physical, mental, and social health. All while bringing the community together.

1. Bring in onsite and/or virtual fitness classes to residents

Many great companies offer a variety of fitness service options.

2. Partner with a local health professional to offer a mental health self-care workshop

This can easily be done in person, virtually, or both at the same time.

3. Hold networking events (in-person and virtually)

Open format events with snacks and drinks provided with different themes. A professional growth event can be a good place to start.

4. Monthly fitness challenges (great way to boost social media engagement)

Consistency and low barrier to entry are key. Walking challenges are a good place to start. Prizes for different levels of engagement is a great add on. Example: give a prize for the best photo on a local walk!

5. Schedule community dog walks

Great way to meet all the cute “fur babies” in your community while being active.

6. Post weekly wellness tips

Great for social media and email content. Nutrition tips from local professionals are a great spot to start.

7. Post weekly highlights of local businesses near the community or partnered with the community

Expand awareness and support local businesses with a quick highlight.

8. Get to know your community event

A community trade show to meet local businesses in person.

9. Healthy dish of the week

A quick highlight of a nutritious meal and link to recipe is great.

10. Charity of the month/quarter/year

Give back to your community by raising money or scheduling events with a charity. Even better, gather feedback from residents on what matters to them!

Nick Tyree is Co-Founder and President of Guided Fitness, a mountain ultra trail marathon runner, music enthusiast, and avid golfer. He believes that everyone deserves a life full happiness and optimal health. He also believes happiness can be found and maintained through the journey of fitness.