Ty Reiff's EdCon Reflection

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Ty Reiff, Project Manager from Allied Residential, was interviewed about his experience at EdCon featuring Maintenance Mania in 2019. Here is what he had to say:

What were your biggest takeaways from EdCon and the classes you took?

My biggest takeaway was the high quality of classes being held. You could tell that all the presenters took the time to prepare a thoughtful and well-rehearsed class for everyone to enjoy and learn from. I have personally been inspired to one day be a presenter and begin to enjoy speaking to large groups.

What classes did you take and were they helpful for your job? Will you be able to use what you learned?

In between speaking to suppliers at the trade show, and participating in Maintenance Mania, I attended 3 classes that I really enjoyed and learned from. Here is what I took away from each class:

At Your SERVICE: The impact of maintenance on resident satisfaction and retention
Speaker: Terry Spivey, Sr. Service Supervisor – Alliance Residential
  • The first class I attended was about the impact maintenance has on the resident journey, and I really enjoyed Terry’s perspective. It helped me understand the value we provide to a resident, that every interaction we have has a big impact, and ultimately if they will want to continue to call our property home. It’s more than just paying your rent, it’s about the entire resident experience.
Get Me Some Bids: Understanding the RFP Process
Speaker: Zach Howell, CAMT, UPCS, LEED GA, Principle – Bear Consulting
  • I chose to attend this class because a large part of my job is to prepare project scopes, collect bids, and select contractors. The class was very informative and presented well. It never hurts to hear how someone else goes through the process, and I feel confident that I can now go through the RFP process to the best of my ability now.

Rise and Fail: Experience growth and freedom when you lose the fear of failing!
Speaker: Jessica Fern, Director of Training and Development Manager – FPI Management, Inc.
  • The last class I chose to attend was with my entire portfolio, and it was a great class to take together as a team. The presenter was great, and her approach to handling “failure” was inspiring, and a fresh take on a topic that most people like to avoid. I agree with Jessica that viewing and understanding failure as just a setback or a change of direction to help us grow and learn from our “failures”.

I will use this mindset in my professional and personal life, and I hope to be able to inspire my team to do the same.


Did you talk to any of the suppliers you use? Meet any new suppliers?

Two of my most used suppliers, A Plus Tree Service and Buy-Rite were both at the trade show, and I had a great time talking to them. From my experience, they take great care of the property they are working at and are a breeze to work with from a maintenance manager perspective.

It was great seeing so many new suppliers who I was able to connect with and build relationships with companies I have not had a chance to work with yet.

Why is talking to suppliers outside of the property helpful to you?

When we are working at our property, we normally do not have time to check in with our suppliers and see what is new or connect with the reps on a regular basis. Normally we are calling people because we need a specific job done. By going to EdCon this gives us the opportunity to strengthen relationships with all the suppliers we use at the same time and place.

Of course, it’s not all serious business… It was great to see my Portfolio Manager, Kiel Curtis, put on the gear to climb up a tree with the help of Isaac Nosan from A Plus Tree. You can really tell that Isaac really cares about his job, and the trees he is working on.

Ty, you placed 5th overall at Maintenance Mania, did you have a good time?

I enjoyed the Maintenance Mania competition the most.  The comradery and support made my first time competing a wonderful experience.  I cannot remember a time that my voice was so strained from vocal support and enthusiasm.  And to place in the top ten - Ohhhh Yeah.

How are you going to train to get 1st place next year?

Allied has a few tricks up its sleeves for next year to make sure that our hard-working Maintenance team has a better chance at taking the top honors in these events.

Stay tuned to see us take the gold next year!

How did you design your car? Any ideas on how to make it faster next year?

My car made it across the finish line which was a step up from when I competed 2 years ago when my car didn’t make it down the track.  I used all the supplies I had on hand at the Peloton Apartments Maintenance shop to make my car. It was a lot of fun to be so creative at work and think outside the box.

Next year I think I will melt down all the copper plumbing pieces and hand cast a car like the one that won this year.  But only if I find myself with a lot of extra time on my hands.

What would you say to someone who is nervous about doing Maintenance Mania?

If you’re nervous just try to relax and ask one of the race officials who is timing you to explain the course and what you need to do. They will walk you through the course and make sure you understand what to do before starting.  And then just have fun! This event is really a great team bonding experience.