WMFHA Staff and Lobby Team Meet with Democratic Legislators

Posted By: Ryan Makinster Advocacy News,

WMFHA Director of Government Affairs Ryan Makinster and Consultant Kathryn Hedrick recently met with Democratic members of the “pragmatic” caucus during the Jackson Legacy Fund Reception in Olympia.

As sponsors of the exclusive pre-reception social hour, WMFHA was able to discuss possible legislation as well as concerns with past legislation and legislation being considered for introduction. The conversation often turned to the many emergency laws and regulations enacted during the pandemic and more recently, at the local level, and the confusion it has caused in the marketplace as well as the difficulty in maintaining compliance with an ever changing set of rules. One solution discussed would be to put together a group of all stakeholders to have a deep conversation about the problems we are trying to solve and proposing future legislation to address the problem holistically rather than piece meal at the state and local as is currently happening.