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King County Eviction Resolution Pilot Program

King County Eviction Resolution Pilot Program

Helping landlords and tenants avoid eviction proceedings due to COVID-19

Wednesday, March 24, 2021
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM (PDT)

Zoom Meeting

Event Details

Helping tenants and landlords avoid eviction proceedings due to COVID-19.


  • The eviction moratorium: what it covers and what it does not cover
  • The eviction resolution program: what it is, the services involved and how it works before and after the moratorium
  • The role of the DRC: what it can and cannot do

We will also break out by county and have representatives from Pierce and Snohomish counties available to answer questions.


  • Marilyn Littlejohn, Case Manager – King County Evictions Resolution Program

  • Garret Schmidt - Pierce County Center for Resolution
  • Maralise Hood Quan - Pierce County Center for Resolution
  • Felicia Staub - Snohomish County Volunteers 
Adam Kartak
Adam Kartak Community Manager Mosaic on Greenwood
Alacia Opfar
Alacia Opfar Community Manager Epic Asset Management
Albree Hebert
Albree Hebert Regional Director Cushman & Wakefield
Alexa Humann
Alexa Humann Community Manager Encore
Alison Dean
Alison Dean President HNN Communities
Allison Cafaro
Allison Cafaro Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Almi Perez
Almi Perez Community Manager Parc 3
Amanda Belknap
Amanda Belknap Director of Leasing The Madison Bellevue
Amanda Sommer
Amanda Sommer Senior Director Cushman & Wakefield
Amanda Wolf
Amanda Wolf Regional Director Hunt Pacific
Amanda Zayas
Amanda Zayas Community Manager Tria
Amber Heim
Amber Heim Community Manager SCG Rollin Street Flats, LLC
Amberlynn Walter
Amberlynn Walter Property Manager Chestnut Hills Apartments
Amelia Bisig
Amelia Bisig Community Director Uptown Kirkland Urban
Amy Brainin
Amy Brainin Community Manager Boulder Creek
Amy Curtis
Amy Curtis Investment Manager Indigo Real Estate Services
Amy Williams
Amy Williams VIce President of Epic Management Services Epic Asset Management, Inc
Andrea Hines
Andrea Hines Floating Community Manager Newport Crossing
Andrew Matusik
Andrew Matusik Property Manager Adirondack Lodge
Angela Bare
Angela Bare Property Manager edison47
Angie Bentler
Angie Bentler Director of Asset Management Pacific Crest Real Estate, LLC
Anh Phan
Anh Phan Community Manager Plum Tree Park
Annalise Kiaski
Annalise Kiaski Sr. Talent Acquisition Coordinator Essex Property Trust
Ashley Cantrell
Ashley Cantrell Business Manager Estates at Hillside Gardens
Ashley Foster
Ashley Foster Business Manager Reserve at Auburn
Audra Shumway
Audra Shumway Property Manager Kently Pointe
Audrey Riddle
Audrey Riddle IMPACT Program Ambassador Goodman Real Estate
Barbara Milton
Barbara Milton Community Manager Brookhaven
Becki Rabe
Becki Rabe Regional Property Manager GRAN, Inc
Bradley Klarkowski
Bradley Klarkowski Community Manager UV Residential
Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas Area Leasing & Marketing Manager Bridges at 11th
Brandy Kozisek
Brandy Kozisek Community Manager Villas at Kennedy Creek
Brian Tarr
Brian Tarr Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Brie Luten
Brie Luten Community Manager Carvel
Brittany Blackburn
Brittany Blackburn Community Manager Met 245
Brittney Cunningham
Brittney Cunningham Property Manager The Summit at Lake Union
Brittney Wallingford
Brittney Wallingford Property Manager Avaya Trails
Caitlin Groves
Caitlin Groves DIrector of Operations and Strategy HNN Communities
Cara Munson
Cara Munson Investment Manager Indigo Real Estate Services
Carisa Kemper
Carisa Kemper Community Manager Stazione 25
Carmen McFarland
Carmen McFarland Portfolio Manager City Center Lynnwood
Carol Beck
Carol Beck Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Carole Hepburn
Carole Hepburn Morningtree Park
Casey Sabo
Casey Sabo Community Manager River's Edge
Catrina West
Catrina West Community Manager Bell Jackson Street
Chelsea Brannan
Chelsea Brannan Regional Manager Saratoga Capital, Inc
Christina Chisholm
Christina Chisholm Regional Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Christina Ingersoll
Christina Ingersoll Regional; Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Christopher McEver
Christopher McEver Indigo Real Estate Services
Christyn Castaneda
Christyn Castaneda Asset Manager Ethos Community
Claudia Lytton
Claudia Lytton Vice President of Operations Cushman & Wakefield
Claudia Montejano
Claudia Montejano property Manager SUHRCO Residential, LLC
Colin Bluestone
Colin Bluestone Community Manager Apartment Management Consultants
Colin Webb
Colin Webb Property Manager CentrePointe Greens
Colleen Carr
Colleen Carr Vice President Allied Residential
Crystal Esposito
Crystal Esposito Senior Business Manager Crestview West Apartments
Darren Reynolds
Darren Reynolds Director of Property Management Pilot Property Management
David Bierer
David Bierer Community Manager Metro 112
Dean Foggitt
Dean Foggitt Brink Property Management
Debra Raglund
Debra Raglund Portfolio Manager HNN Communities
Denana Husnic
Denana Husnic Community Manager INDIGO SPRINGS
Dezeri Hillaby
Dezeri Hillaby Community Manager Merrill Creek
Drew Heerspink
Drew Heerspink Community Manager Park South
Edna Ortzliza
Edna Ortzliza Tecton Corporation
Elese Newman
Elese Newman Community Manager 95 Burnett
Elizabeth Forkell
Elizabeth Forkell Regional Property Manager Simpson Property Group
Elizabeth Warburton-Dailey
Elizabeth Warburton-Dailey Property Manager Cottage Bay Apartments
Emily Foster
Emily Foster Regional Property Manager AMC, LLC
Emily Herrmann
Emily Herrmann Property Manager Pilot Property Management
Emily Schmitz Dabney
Emily Schmitz Dabney Admin Assistant Holland Residential
Eric Brett
Eric Brett Operations Manager - Via6 Greystar
Eric Rice
Eric Rice Community Manager Century Plaza
Erin Randles
Erin Randles Community Manager Mariposa Apartments
Erin San Nicolas
Erin San Nicolas Community Manager Upton Flats
Frank Hornung
Graham Clark
Graham Clark Business Manager Apex West Hill
Heather Diambri-Marohl
Heather Diambri-Marohl Community Manager The Row
Heather Johnson
Heather Johnson Community Manager AMC
Heidi Anderson
Heidi Anderson Dir of Community Engagement and Partnership Mgr HNN Communities
Ian Curran
Ian Curran Community Manager Union Arms Apts
Irina Thompson
Irina Thompson Business manager Nine and Pine Apartments
Isis Castro
Isis Castro Reserve at Renton
Issac Clifton
Issac Clifton Property Manager Rivet
Jacky Nelson
Jacky Nelson Portfolio Manager edison47
Jaclyn Ponther
Jaclyn Ponther Community Director Mercy Housing
Jamie Beatty
Jamie Beatty Community Manager Bell Marymoor Park
Jan Angerman
Jan Angerman Desert Villas
Janai Knox
Janai Knox Area Director The Cove
Jane Bowling
Jane Bowling Project Administrator Allied Residential
Jaymie Barth
Jaymie Barth Senior Community Manager Carriage House Apts
Jeanne Rispoli
Jeanne Rispoli Community Manager Honey Creek Apartments
Jeff Carey
Jeff Carey Dobler Management Company Inc
Jen Santiago
Jen Santiago Asset Manager Palladium Real Estate Services
Jennifer Eymann
Jennifer Eymann Community Manager Bella Vista
Jennifer Heuschkel
Jennifer Heuschkel Community Manager Southwood Apartments
Jennifer Mydland
Jennifer Mydland Branch Manager and Managing Broker Utopia Management
Jered Lerum
Jered Lerum Director of Business Development edison47
Jeremiah Roberson
Jeremiah Roberson Owner ICON Real Estate Services, Inc.
Jeri Young
Jeri Young Director of Sales Bella Sonoma
Jessica Morgan
Jessica Morgan Regional Manager Redside Partners LLC
Jessica Oberdorfer
Jessica Oberdorfer Operations Support Specialist HNN Communities
Jessica Portch
Jessica Portch Community Manager Northshore Townhomes
Jim Wiard
Jim Wiard Executive Director WMFHA
Joanne Mendenhall
Joanne Mendenhall Director of Employee Engagement edison47
Julie Rounds
Julie Rounds Community Manager Pacific Living Properties Inc.
Julie Ryan
Julie Ryan Assistant Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Julie Strote
Julie Strote Senior Community Manager Callen
June Tozzi
June Tozzi Community Manager Langara
Justin Krous
Justin Krous Property Manager Verse Seattle
Kaily Irons-Fuda
Kaily Irons-Fuda Financial Manager Via6
Kamly Jubran
Kamly Jubran Community Manager Martinique
Karen Sexton
Karen Sexton Indigo Real Estate Services, Inc
Karli Hoffman
Karli Hoffman Vice President of Residential Property Management Tarragon Property Services
Karolina Simons
Karolina Simons Director of Residential Services Blanton Turner
Kassandra Oliver
Kassandra Oliver Community director Barkley Ridge
Katia Romero
Katia Romero Community Director Lake Washington Apartments
Kayla Stevens
Kayla Stevens District Manager Hunters Capital
Kellie Denman
Kellie Denman Wellington Place
Kelly Karakash
Kelly Karakash Community Manager mill creek residential
Kiana Sonnenfeld
Kiana Sonnenfeld Community Manager 624 Yale
Kiel Curtis
Kiel Curtis Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Kim O'Brien
Kim O'Brien Regional Manager - PNW MG Properties Group
Kimberly Weiss
Kimberly Weiss Regional Director Westdale Real Estate Investment & Mgmt.
Kiril Urekeanu
Kiril Urekeanu Assistant Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Kirsten Pitt
Kirsten Pitt Community Manager Solana Apartments
Kriste Buck
Kriste Buck Regional Manager MHE Realestate
Lacey Champlin
Lacey Champlin Community Manager Bridlewood
LaDon Beck
LaDon Beck Indigo Real Estate Services
Larissa Ranz
Larissa Ranz Regional Manager Villas at Auburn
Laura Bach
Laura Bach Senior Regional Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Laura Flippin
Laura Flippin Senior Community Manager Coast Property Management
Laura McGuire
Laura McGuire Asset Manager First Pointe Management Group
Lee Anderson
Lee Anderson Community Manager Karbon
Leta Blackwell
Leta Blackwell Community Manager Chateau
Linda Lander
Linda Lander Senior Regional Portfolio Manager ConAm Management
Lindsay DeBoard
Lindsay DeBoard Community Manager Allegro at Ash Creek
Lindsay Jacobs
Lindsay Jacobs Regional Associate Epic Asset Management, Inc
Lindsey Chukueke
Lindsey Chukueke Regional Property Manager Via6
Lindsey Spears
Lindsey Spears Portfolio Manager New Standard Equities
Lisa Michael
Lisa Michael Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Lissa Menza
Lissa Menza Admin Support Hokold Development LLC
Lori Many
Lori Many Community Manager Century Plaza
Lydia Barren
Lydia Barren Community Manager MG Properties Group
Marc Larson
Marc Larson Asset Manager Palladium Real Estate Services
Marion Durand
Marion Durand Director of Risk Management Security Properties Residential
Marissa Burgess
Marissa Burgess Property Manager Pilot Property Management
Mark Hutcheson
Mark Hutcheson Regional Property Manager Allied Residential
Mary Tan
Mary Tan Community Manager MG Properties Group
Matt Tuell
Matt Tuell Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Megan Nokes
Megan Nokes Community Manager Delridge Crossing
Melissa Dole
Melissa Dole Business Manager Tecton Corporation
Melissa Leathem
Melissa Leathem Community Manager Monterra
Melonie Shamley
Melonie Shamley Director, Real Estate Greystar Real Estate Services
Michael Hunter
Michael Hunter Property Manager Knol
Michelle Flis
Michelle Flis Assistant Community Manager The Seasons
Michelle Zaidi
Michelle Zaidi Community Manager Infinity
Mickelle Porter-Jackson
Mickelle Porter-Jackson Property Manager Mercy Housing Management
Mikey Clark
Mikey Clark Regional Manager Coast Property Management
Natalie Bell
Natalie Bell Director of Operations Maven Properties NW
Nick Colagazier
Nick Colagazier Regional Portfolio Manager FPI Management
Nicole Premus
Nicole Premus Community Manager Martha Lake
Nicole Ziegler
Nicole Ziegler Regional Manager Coast Property Management
Nohemi Ramirez
Nohemi Ramirez Property Manager Hall Equities Group
Olivia Carr
Olivia Carr Community Manager The Hamptons
Philip Vernet
Philip Vernet Community Manager Central Flats
Rebecca Diaz
Rebecca Diaz Resident Relations Specialist HNN Communities
Rebecca Dobler
Rebecca Dobler Owner RPDC Properties
Rebecca Wright
Rebecca Wright Property Manager Highland Green
Regan Kimes
Regan Kimes Roving Property Manager First Pointe Management Group
Renee Sherman
Renee Sherman Community Manager Creekside Apartments
Rheanna Hare
Rheanna Hare Assistant Community Manager Griffis Lake Washington
Rhonda Farley
Rhonda Farley Executive VP of Asset Management First Pointe Management Group
Rita Rodriguez
Rita Rodriguez Senior Property Manager Valley Springs
Sammie Pang
Sammie Pang Director of Property Management Northwest Commercial Real Estate Investments
Sandra Regmi
Sandra Regmi Community Manager Solara
Saniya Regmi
Saniya Regmi Overlook at Magnolia
Sarah Pace
Sarah Pace Regional Manager Hyde Square
Shannon Howley
Shannon Howley Community Manager Reserve at Lynnwood
Shannon Mitchell
Shannon Mitchell Senior Area Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Shannon Roberts
Shannon Roberts Community Manager Signature Apartments
Shannon Wittren
Shannon Wittren Asset Manager The Landing at Vancouver
Shawna Tolbart
Shawna Tolbart Regional Asset Manager Pacifica SD Management
Shelly Gil
Shelly Gil Regional Manager Woodspear Properties
Sherry Reed
Sherry Reed Senior Investment Manager Indigo Real Estate Services
Stacey Darden
Stacey Darden DIrector, Property Operations New Standard Equities
Stacey Wold
Stacey Wold Community Manager Villas at Arlington
Stefanie Rice
Stefanie Rice Portfolio Manager HNN Communities
Stephanie Ancrace
Stephanie Ancrace Community Manager Sunset View
Stephanie Moss
Stephanie Moss Regional Manager Mercy Housing Management
Stephanie Opene
Stephanie Opene Community Manager TraVigne on Eleventh Avenue
Stephanie Souffront
Stephanie Souffront Community Manager Discovery Landing
Stephannie Lowrance
Stephannie Lowrance Regional Property Manager Cambridge Management Inc
Steve Hamasaki
Steve Hamasaki Portfolio Manager / Vice President Allied Residential
Susan Good
Susan Good Compliance Manager Thrive Communities
Susan Hernandez
Susan Hernandez Assistant Community Manager Griffis North Creek Bothell
Sydney Parmalee
Sydney Parmalee Director FPI Management
Szandra Bedo
Szandra Bedo Vice President of Property Management Pacific Living Properties Inc.
Tanya Johnson
Tanya Johnson Community Manager Cedar Park
Tara Majerus
Tara Majerus Collections and Move Out Manager HNN Communities
Tashana Murphy
Tashana Murphy Community Manager Bella Terra
Tiffany O'Byrne
Tiffany O'Byrne Multi-Site Property Manager Avery on Pearl
Tina Christiansen
Tina Christiansen Principal Palladium Real Estate Services
Tina Pletsch
Tina Pletsch Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Todd Steinhardt
Todd Steinhardt Community Manager Vue 22
Tom Dodson
Tom Dodson edison47
Tom Lassen
Tom Lassen Williams Investments
Tonya Nelson
Tonya Nelson Regional Property Manager Milestone Companies
Tracy Fassler
Tracy Fassler Community Manager The Retreat at Bothell
Trinity Balles
Trinity Balles Community Manager Grammercy
Trisha Kenney
Trisha Kenney Property Manager Avaya Ridge
Tynia Thoreson
Tynia Thoreson Regional Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Valerie Hill
Valerie Hill Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Valorae Dorman
Valorae Dorman Community Manager Beaumont Apartments
Vanessa Mendoza
Vanessa Mendoza Community Manager Linden Flats
Visith Sengsirirak
Visith Sengsirirak Property Manager Pilot Property Management
Vy Le
Vy Le Resident Services Manager Mercy Housing Management
Whitney Helmold
Whitney Helmold Community Manager Echelon
Zuzie Hammond
Zuzie Hammond Property Manager Ridgedale Apartments
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