Annual Day on the Hill Legislative Day

WMFHA Updates,

Be a Grassroots Advocate

On February 3rd, 40 WMFHA members converged on the Capitol Mall in Olympia to lobby our state legislators for the annual Day on the Hill Legislative Day.

Members met with their legislators to educate our lawmakers on issues of importance to the housing industry and to learn the political process.

Several bills affecting the housing industry have been introduced into the short-session Legislature this year, including an Omnibus Bill regarding portable screening reports, dissemination of eviction records to screening companies, and extending the period to return security deposits from 14 days to 21 days.

WMFHA also supports a new multifamily property tax exemption program for existing rental properties, encouraging property owners to set aside a certain number of rental units affordable to very low income residents.

WMFHA opposes a bill mandating source of income, including Section 8, as a new protected class in Washington.

Our members did an outstanding job of grassroots advocacy, supporting bills beneficial to our industry and opposing bills that would be bad legislation for our members and residents. Great job WMFHA legislative advocates!